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Thank you, Santa!

hairmetal.jpgI know I promised a review of Tommyland today, but that was before I looked inside Santa's bag and found the jolly one brought me a copy of American Hair Metal by Steven Blush. Oh, what a lovely collection of hair metal photos! The book, which is more photography than copy, chronicles the rise of Sunset Strip metal. In all, it took me about 15 minutes to read. Beside each photo is a classic quote from our favorite glam rockers. This was the book I wanted to write, but Blush beat me to the punch. American Hair Metal is also a good quick reference guide. The last 10 pages or so include information on key bands, where they formed, members names, label, and key songs and a short bio.

I also like that the book opens with a picture of Aqua Net hairspray. Makes sense to me.

Now, for the song obsession of the week: "For the Love of Money" by the Bulletboys. Yes, I realize this  is a bold move. The Bulletboys were formed in the late 80s with singer Marq Torien (he was the first vocalist for Ratt)  at the helm, but officially disbanded in 1993. The O'Jays cover appears on the band's  1988 debut, and also features "Smooth Up in 'Ya"

Now, the methodology behind the selection. First, I like the song. Second, the O'Jays were influenced by James Brown, who passed yesterday. The blues and soul had a significant impact on glam metal. Therefore, our glam selection of the week pays tribute to the late,  great James Brown.






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I got the book "American Hair Metal" recently! It is a great book! I love it!
It is a must own for Glam/Hair Metal fans!
April 6, 2007 | Unregistered CommenteraXe mAn

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