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Life is Craise

tommyland.jpgNow to the promised review of Tommyland, the bestselling autobiography of our friend and Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee.

Not nearly as good or thorough as The Dirt, Tommyland has a unique voice that gives readers insight into the mental meanderings of Lee's lifestyle, habits and attitudes. While some stories in Tommyland overlap with those in The Dirt, most accounts are of Tommy's time in jail, his sexual exploits, kids,  and his passion for music. In fact, a lot of time is simply devoted to music. Tommy invents new words to express how he feels about a certain subject. I don't know if this is born of creativity or a lack of proper vocabulary, but it makes the book interesting in its own way (read Tommyland, and you'll understand the title of this blog entry).

A big drawback of the book are the countless footnotes. Meant to add humor, they often detract the reader's attention, breaking up the normal cycle of reading and properly digesting a work. Otherwise, I'd say this an above-average rock biography.

Another indication that glam is coming back. A Christmas Eve trip to Kmart netted toys for family pets and a surprise glam find! In the toy aisle, a Bratz brand tank top with the word "GLAM" spelled out in rhinestones. If that doesn't mean something huge, then I don't know what does.










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