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Reunited...And It Feels So Good! (?)

Van Halen attention.

A VH reunion is in the works, but the lineup might surprise you. Instead of Michael Anthony on bass, Eddie Van Halen's 15 year old son is said to fill the spot on a upcoming tour.

And still, no singer.

Eddie Van Halen wants David Lee Roth, but I don't think Roth wants Van Halen.

In a recent interview, Diamond Dave likened the Van Halen reunion to NASCAR...asking if fans just want to see the winner, or the crash.

Just this morning, Sammy Hagar (who initially replaced Roth) said he thinks an original Van Halen lineup reunion is a bad idea. Van Halen is nominated for a spot in the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame, and Hagar doesn't think the feuding bandmates can even make it through the televised ceremony without throwing punches. Get our your score cards kids, this could be the big one!

Are rock egos so big that musicians can't put aside their differences and get along for a 2 hour show? I mean, give me a break. Every day, millions of people get up and go to work with people they don't like!

Here's some other famous feuding glammers:

Motley Crue (but the "Route of All Evils" tour was a big success)
RATT (the entire band hates Stephen Pearcy, conversely, he hates all of them. The lawsuit says so!)
Skid Row (Sebastian Bach went nuts)
Warrant (Jani Lane went nuts. Warrant minus Jani Lane is NOT Warrant)

Sight. Can't we all just get along?

The Rock Hall induction ceremony is slated for March 12, 2007 in New York City. The five official inductees will be announced next month via press conference. Sources close to voting members of the Rock Hall say Van Halen took the majority of the votes. Score one for the Glammers!




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