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Arcade Fire

arcade1.jpgBlogging is an interesting social experiment. Most days I have no idea what I'll write about when I wake up. Usually by ten,  I've selected a topic. Last night, a friend and co-worker reminded me of a band I haven't thought of in a long, long time.

Stephen Pearcy started Arcade when he left RATT in the mid-nineties. Pearcy teamed up with ex-Cinderella drummer Fred Coury, and added Donny Syracuse on guitar and Michael Andrews on bass. They also invited former Sea Hags guitarist Frankie Wilsex  join the fun.  Together, the  musicians landed a major label deal with Epic and recorded two albums. Unfortunately, the big label deal didn't come with big label support and Arcade failed to develop a huge following.

Right now, you can purchase Calm Before the Storm on iTunes for under ten bucks. The album is, essentially, an amalgamation of both Arcade albums. Pearcy wanted to name the band's debut release Calm Before the Storm, but settled on a self-titled debut.  

I saw Fred Coury perform live with Cinderella over the summer when the band teamed up with Poison for the joint "20th Anniversary" tour. It was great fun, but about 110 degrees and I was worried that my husband and I would melt if we moved, let alone dance.

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