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Me. Wise. Magic.

vanhalen.jpgSo, it looks like it's really going to happen. A Van Halen reunion of sorts with David Lee Roth at the helm and Wolfgang Van Halen on bass.

The news hit the entertainment wires a few days ago. I wanted to let the dust settle before  I wrote about the issue. reports that the band signed a contract for a 40 city amphitheatre tour this summer. Live Nation will produce the tour, which, I assume will be a complete sell-out.  

It's been more than 20 years since Diamond Dave left Van Halen, embarking on a solo career. After ditching Roth, Van Halen invited Sammy Hagar to lead the group. After a successful decade or so, the Van Halen brothers got sick of Hagar so he, too, was out.

Then there was the unsuccessful album with former Extreme frontman Gary Cherone. He didn't last too long either.

roth.jpgNow, Van Halen is about to be inducted into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame. There's so much bad blood between these guys, the rock hall is letting the band perform twice at the induction ceremony, once with Hagar, and once with Roth.

I guess it really is the The Best of Both Worlds.

You can see the Rock Hall train wreck in March, the "reunion" sometime when the barometer rises and the trees are lush and green.

Now, for all the naysayers and yeasayers, I'll admit it: if the concert stops anywhere in Ohio, I'll be there. As a matter of fact, the second the tickets go on sale, I'll be sitting at the computer, ready to purchase the best seats possible.

As a blue collar girl at heart, I love a good fight.



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Hi Allyson

I stumbled across your blog from Sleez Rock to Big R Radio. It's been cool reading your entries and bringing back memories. I'm a 32 year old father, husband, christian and sales rep in the Health Food busines...but i still listen to 80's Hard Rock almost exclusively. My favorite bands are Def Leppard, VH, Adams, Bon Jovi, Firehouse, get the picture. Keep up the great posts!
February 20, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterJason Spring

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