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It's Not All Black Metal

wigwam.jpgHave you heard of the glam band Wig Wam? They produce modern music with a distinct 80s sound. The Norwegian rockers remain dedicated to bringing back glam, and with good reason. They live dangerously close to the advances of black metal and still they persevere.

Perhaps most glam is that the band members have assumed names akin to their identities, ala the Spice Girls. Seriously, the band members go by "Glam," "Teeny," "Flashy" and "Sporty."

Their website, is very tongue-in-cheek, something along the lines of Metal Skool and yet these musicians have carved out a very unique sound, paying homage to a true melodic institution.

It's pretty ironic that the land which spawned Mayhem and Gorgoroth would birth Wig Wam. If you'd like to sample a tune or three, head over to I like this band so much, their song "Gonna Get You" is the featured track on






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