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heavy.jpgWhile watching Metal Mania over the weekend, I came across a very obscure video. The band was Heavy Bones and the song "4 A.M. T.M."

I would say it was a fairly low-budget affair, just four guys performing on an empty stage. The first time I watched, I dismissed the quartet as less than impressive. One day later I re-watched the video through the power of TiVo. On second glance, I decided the band was pretty talented and probably went by the wayside as depressing dirge-like music became the order of the day in the early 1990s.

Heavy Bones was vocalist Joel Ellis and guitarist Gary Hoey. Bassist Rex Tennyson and Quiet Riot drummer Frankie Banali rounded out the lineup, producing a very mature metal sound.

Banali's physical appearance in the video baffles me. Actually, his metamorphosis as a whole amazes me. His facial features seemed to change with every album and every band. It's my humble opinion that he looks better today than he did two decades ago, but I digress.

Now, Quiet Riot is coming to my neck of the woods soon. They are booked to perform at Rhinos Live on March 9. This is the sister club to the Rhinos I wrote about yesterday. I can only assume the same policies exist for this club, but it will be interesting to see if the mayhem that is Quiet Riot is reigned in by all-too conservative ownership.

If you own a rock club, are you conservative? I'm pretty sure the dichotomies don't mesh. Maybe it's the geographical climate? Cincinnati - Ohio's Queen City - is one of the most conservative in the immensely important political bellwether state.

I hope to attend the Quiet Riot show, and I want to meet Frankie Banali in person.  For whatever reason, he's always fascinated me and I think he might be a genius. Hopefully, I'll get a quote to post with my review of the show.



Reader Comments (2)

It will be interesting to see if Quiet Riot actually plays this show, considering Alex Grossi's recent experience with Rhino's sister club.
February 21, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterHeather
the bass player, rex Tennyson, was a member of Hellion

he quit Hellion to join this band

there was a rumor that the singer of hellion was a witch and cursed anybody that left Hellion.....

...enough said.
April 25, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterneckwatcher

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