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Love in an Elevator

pieslice.jpgIs Muzak metal? Maybe.

When I was eating dinner last night at Buffalo Wild Wings (it's hard for a vegetarian to eat at a place like that) I couldn't help but notice the ever present, annoying music.

I figure it was canned Muzak because BW3 is a corporate giant.

While eating my Gardenburger I was subjected to "Man in the Box" (Alice in Chains), "Celebrity Skin (Hole), and "Don't Look Back in Anger" (Oasis).


Apparently, it was pop-grunge night at BW3.

So, a little Internet research leads me to, and I learn there's a package available called "Ink'd." Apparently, this is Power Rock/Metal.

I've never heard GWAR in my dentist's office. Then again, I've never heard Peter Cetera in a tattoo parlor...or a bar for that matter.

More research reveals the "alternative" channel is called Feedback. Of course it is.

Also available, "Varsity" for Pop Hits, Rock Show for Classic Rock, and Half-Pipe for Skate Punk/Hip-Hop.

Does the intersection of Metal and Muzak mean that the world's most perfect music is becoming mainstream once again? Does this prove that the 80s were NOT a fluke and that Metal can once again enjoy mass appeal? I'm not sure, but I wish BW3 would pipe in a little Cinderella every now and then. A person can only handle so much grunge before reaching the vomit stage.

Also, the song obsession of the day is Warrant's "Cherry Pie" in honor of Pi Day. Happy 3/14 everyone...go memorize  Pi and amaze your friends. Eat a slice of cherry pie. Bask in the irony.



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