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Easy Come, Easy Go

davelondon.jpgDear readers, the Glam Mistress is in a bad mood today, spawned by crappy decisions at her place of employment. The Mistress can't help but wonder if a lobotomy is a requirement to become management.

But I digress.

Kids, we're starting a special new feature today called looking back, looking forward. Each Friday, I'll highlight a new glam band making waves in the music industry. As an added bonus, we'll have a quote from an artist who was hot during the heyday of the Sunset Strip.

Today, our first quote is from guitarist Dave London of the band Rated X.

The boys didn't have a major label deal but they played at all the big clubs and helped pack in the crowds. Dave is also affiliated with the glam band Vaudville. Check him out at  

Of his favorite Sunset Strip memory, Dave says:

"...This might be hard to believe, but we drank A LOT. Not just beer mind you, hard booze. So remembering details is not really 'in memory'. I do remember that there were a lot of women, and I remember having soooooo much fun, acting tough and looking cool...I can't even believe I was lucky enough to have a part of it."

The Glam Mistress thanks Dave London for his quick and honest reply.

Now, looking ahead to the future.

Twilight of the Idols performer Brendan C. Evjen dropped me an email, asking me to check out his music. I'll call it new-wave glam. I am very impressed and I think you will be too. Hear some tracks at or

Twilight of the Idols doesn't sound like Poison, but the music is fresh and unique. Brendan has worked with some really big names in the music industry, including Grammy winner Chris Vrenna and A Perfect Circle producer Ken Andrews.

Brendan assures me he's ready to hit the road. If Twilight of the Idols stop in Ohio, you can bet the Glam Mistress will be there with bells on!












Reader Comments (2)

I checked out that new band,
Twilight of the Idols!!! They are really good!!!

Like Hairball John says..
The Past Is Back To Kick Your Ass!!!
March 2, 2007 | Unregistered CommenteraXe mAn
I will check these bands out soon. Thanks.
March 2, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterMetal Mark

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