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Live is Beautiful: The Bring Back Glam! Review

During the summer of 2007, SIXX: AM released The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack. The concept album served as the musical equivalent to the actual Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx. Now, SIXX: AM has released Live is Beautiful (Eleven Seven), straight from the road during Crue Fest 2008. The album is available exclusively at Best Buy.

The track listing for Live is Beautiful is the set list used during Crue Fest. The tracks:



X-Mas in Hell
Pray for Me
Heart Failure
Dead Man's Ballet
Accidents Can Happen
Life is Beautiful

If you attended Crue Fest, then you know that SIXX: AM sounded just about as tight on the road as they do in the studio. This is thanks in no small part to the amazing voice of James Michael. There are a few spots on Live is Beautiful when Michael's voice goes ever-so-slightly out of tune, but I just chalk it up to straining for live performance. You know, to project as loud as possible.

I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed DJ Ashba's playing during the SIXX: AM set. There are a couple short solos featured on the live album and it makes me think right back to second row at Crue Fest. Good times.

To prove that the album is exactly like an "average" night on the Crue Fest tour, there's no special antics by Nikki Sixx. He simply blends as a member of the band instead of a superstar.

Overall, I'd say Live is Beautiful is a quality release - especially if you are a big SIXX: AM fan. I wish the crowd reaction was a little better - but I prefer the album as is and not heavily doctored in post-production.

Later this week, an interview with SIXX: AM guitarist DJ Ashba. He talks about Live is Beautiful, recording a new album and Crue Fest 2. Don't miss it!







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