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Who's The One?

Last night I was driving home from work and Winger's "Who's the One" came on Sirius Hair Nation.

I'd completely forgotten about this wonderful track. In fact, it's possibly Winger's best song (except for "Down Incognito!") I love Kip Winger's voice on "Who's the One." It has a rich tone - and really matches the guitar solos note for note. Plus, the video has a lot of hot shots of the band when they still had really long hair.

If you don't recall, both "Who's the One" and "Down Incognito" are featured on Pull - a wonderful Glam album that got totally lost in the grunge shuffle. I think the album is so great, in fact, I'd put it in the top 10 of all albums released by Glam bands.

Watch the video below...and relive the beauty that is Winger.

Reader Comments (8)

Pull wasn't a GLAM album

Glam is make up, sex drugs and partying...

Where is that in Pull?
December 9, 2008 | Unregistered Commentergg allin
Who's the One is a great song!
December 9, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterlajustice77
The whole Pull album is great. I believe it is one of the best albums of that era. I agree with gg, I don't think I would call it glam though.
December 9, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterBrandon
I recently rediscovered this song also, Kip played a great live version on Rockline.Timeless subject matter.
Glam or not, still a great song. BTW Kip's new solo album has a couple of good songs on it
December 9, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterGlenn
I don't consider this glam, more AOR than anything. They'd switched producers, dumping Beau Hill in favor of Mike Shipley. This would be the last time the band hired an outside producer, Kip has been doing it since.

If you want to hear a 'fun' version of the song, listen to it on "Winger--Live" CD or DVD. You can hear the audience sing along. In fact, the song kind of reminds me of my wasted youth at camp, singing around the campfire. That was during the 1970's, by the way...and this song kind of captures the essence of the songs of that era.

December 9, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterChessie
December 9, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterALEXX
"Who's The One" was one of the best songs off of the "PULL" album. Technically, it's a fairly easy song - especially by Winger's standards. Kip himself said that the song was born out of four chords that Reb was absentmindedly strumming during a writing session for the album. With that being said, the lyrics in the song are what make it great. I find it especially surprising that the lyrics are just as applicable in our current world situation as they were in 1992-93 when the album was written.

All in all, PULL is one of the finest albums to come out of the 80's. The great thing is that Winger followed this album up 14 years later with "Winger IV" - another really great effort for the band.

Anyone and everyone should see this group live as well. They still put on a great live show and their talent is still as evident today as it ever was.
December 9, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterBobbie
I know I belong at this website when the topic of Winger comes up and people don't crack Beavis and Butthead jokes and bury the band.

Winger is one of my favorite bands, period. PULL was by far their greatest effort, though I like every single track that they ever recorded.

It's truly too bad that they got tagged as a joke band. These guys are tremendous musicians who have written some great songs, unfortunately, most of the songs have been swept under the rug.

I went out of my way twice to see these guys recently. They sound incredible and just are flat out tremendous. I'm not much into ballads or power ballads, but every one that Winger wrote was really good.

I'm not sure how Winger IV sold, but I certainly hope that they as a group, will continue to make new music.

As for Pull, it's not glam, but certainly Winger would have been a strong representation of Glam through there sound, up until PULL.

I feel Winger, artistically, is cursed by the same curse that I've heard Jani Lane and Warrant complain about. Warrant is known as the Cherry Pie band and Winger is known as the band that had "Seventeen". Both, made them a ton of money, but also stereotyped them as corn ball artists. But, in reality, in regards to Winger, I'd put their music catalog against anyone's as far as writing great songs.

I've given up trying to tell people how great Winger is, but it sure is nice to have a forum to talk about them.
December 9, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterTodd

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