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Congrats to Judas Priest and AC/DC - Grammy Winners!

Judas Priest won the Best Metal Performance Grammy for "Dissident Aggressor" from A Touch of Evil-Live. Slayer, Megadeth, Ministry and Lamb of God were also nominated in this category.

Hard rock icons AC/DC also won a Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance. They got the statue for "War Machine" from Black Ice. They beat Nickelback, Alice in Chains and Linkin Park. It's only fitting to post a couple vids to celebrate.I just wish these awards were on the main broadcast and not during the special awards in an afternoon ceremony. Oh well, I guess. We'll take what we can get.

"Dissident Aggressor"

"War Machine"

By the way, you can check out all the Grammy winners online.

Reader Comments (19)

pretty bad choices in my opinion especially AC/DC "Black Ice" is self plagiarism , while Alice in Chains song is so much better than badly average "War Machine" but it is no surprise Grammys have became a joke in recent years
February 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterPeter
Pretty bad choices? Judas Priest and AC/DC are icons.
February 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJohn
I can agree that War Machine is a weak AC/DC song but a weak AC/DC song is still a million times better than anything Nickelback, Linkin Park or Alice in Chains has ever released.
February 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSnoot
With ya there, Snoot!

But c'mon people, AC/DC was robbed when they didn't get the Grammy for best Rock Album.

I mean, really, Green Day?

As good as they are, if you go in for that sort of thing, they are no comparison to AC/DC. They are more like AC/DC's bellhops.

But y'know, it's kind of a reverse award, really, as it actually kind of feels like more credibility for AC/DC to not win this category, as the Grammy's have consistently proven to be an absolute sham more and more every year of it's existence.

In fact, it's kinda too bad they won one for "War Machine". Ya kinda wish they woulda been passed over for that, too. More cred, again.

But hats off to Judas Priest who I really do like, but have sold out more than once with certain albums, where I figure AC/DC has never sold out, no siree, not one bit. So, I don't get hung up on the cred thing as much when it comes to Priest for some reason...

Let's hope this Grammy AC/DC has finally won will make a nice door stop for Angus' house in Australia.
February 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
When in the show as this? i go to sleep and i miss the part i watch for.

Green Day are media darlings make an album about how the u.s. sucks as a country and you win a grammy. go figure.
War machine is a go song and preist definitly deserve an award. better than any other nominee for sure.
February 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterShadow
Wow - does anybody actually still care about the Grammy's? They have been largely irrelevant for years, if not longer. I do agree that the Priest and AC/DC wins are better than nothing, but the fact that "Highway to Hell" or "Back In Black" or "Livin' After Midnight" never won a Grammy says it all, in my opinion.

The Grammy's were dead to me after they gave the very first metal grammy to Jethro Tull over Metallica's "...And Justice For All". 20 years later, and it's still a joke!
February 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGator
yeah AC/DC and their never changing music, sorry but Alice in Chains new CD runs circles around "Black Ice"

the same with Judas Priest , they are legends and freakin' awesome band but still they got Grammy for song they've written 30 years ago , Megadeth should take that one for their new material which happens to rock.
February 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterPeter

Right you are. Green Day went from Santa Monica has been laughing stocks to total sell-out Broadway Show Tunes Purveyors in a Rock'n'Roll nanosecond.

But "War Machine" is just so-so when compared to "Rock And Roll Train" or "Big Jack" are vastly superior. Why weren't they voted for every category of Rock and Roll and Metal. It's a travesty!

Priest? That song is "live", which is cool but shouldn't this award be more about something that came from this year in terms of something written this year. The fact that a song from back in the day, that wins because it's a live version on a current live album just shows a complete lack of understanding of what these awards should be about.

And that's current Rock and Roll and Metal! Unless, it's lifetime achievement awards which the Grammys spend a great deal of the show covering their as*es with righting ancient previous wrongs.


As much as I think Metallica is a borefest, it is a total joke that the Grammy didn't go to them, but by then washed up dinosaurs Jethro Tull back in the day.

Whoever makes up the voting body of the Grammys sure as hell does not know Rock'n'Roll. I guess they are old f*cks who are just completely clueless about modern music, plain and simple. They've got to get more savvy people together for this thing. It is an absolute travesty for sure, as exemplified by talentless Taylor Swift winning.

Kinda with ya, Peter.

At least in terms of Priest getting it over Megadeth or any other Metal or Glam Metal, which is a far more superior genre of Metal over the more boring Straight Metal genre of Megadeth, the one exception being "No More Mr. Nice Guy", which was originally a Glam Metal song.

Oh, and the always cute "Peace Sells..." is better than most Straight Metal you guys so foolishly embrace.

And you are dead wrong about Alice (who died when Staley did, and fortunately, I saw 'em way back when with Staley at the Cat Club in NYC fresh off "Jar of Flies").

AC/DC's "Black Ice" runs circles around Alice Not Same's CD du jour because AC/DC rules. And you fools that think it sounds the same as all their other stuff must be tone deaf from the boring, relentlessly monotonous, hookless, unmelodic crap you guyz have been brainwashed into thinking is legit as you keep torturing your ears and minds with it, as well.

And if it turns out you're really more about psuedo Alternametal, like Alice, which is no longer really Metal, if it ever was really should confine yourselves to the more generic sites.

This site is about Glam! Dammit! You might not think AC/DC as Glam Metal but go back to "Let There Be Rock" era stuff like "Problem Child" and Angus' Black Velvet shorts and tell me it's somethin' different. But it's okay, the rest of the sheep are in denial on this.

Hell, back when AC/DC came out, me and the Pasadena boys, including Purnell from Hagerstown thought theze boyz were PUNK, anywayz!

Alice, Shmalice!

You gotta go back to the School of Rock, son!
February 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Alioe in chains is grunge not metal!
February 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterShadow
Just like the comic book sez, "Only The Shadow knows."

Alice In Chains isn't even really Rock'n'Roll, particularly without Staley. Same with jokesters Pearl Scam, Bruce Bedspringsteen, Food Fighters, Ungrateful Dead People, Soundgardener, Carlos Scamtana, Quarterback, Anthrhacks, Brownday, Creek, System Of A Up, Suicidal Tendonitis, Avoidvod, Pawtry, Incuteus, Queensryghtthenleft, Teslyuck, Shinedowner, Bon Anchovy, Exitus, Cepacoltura, Black Croaks, Tom Petty Theft, Mush, Metallic*cks, Iron Handmaiden, Megameth, Sleigher, Eric Napaton, Underkill, Scaryl Crowsfeet, King Cubic Zirconia, Womanowar, Daywish, Sonata Antarctica, Helloweak, Unkreator, Sodomandgomorrah, Gabba Rachael Ray, Stratohilarious, Blind Security Guardian, or any of the other pre-approved borefest/sellout non-comedy troupes or solo "artists" who take themselves just a tad bit way too seriously for their own and our own good that are also mistaken for legit by most of the misguided closet FoxNews loving, Classic or Hard Rockers and Metal Meatheads who have no business being on here hogging up space wasting our time talking about their ignoramus Hardsnore Metal or "Classic" Rock only they deem fit for your very unknown mass misconsumption, etc., etc...
February 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Damn MB, I thought Allyson was a bit pessimistic, but seriously, is there any artist/musician/spiritual guru (call it what you will) that you respect and appreciate? besides yourself, that is?
February 4, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterfletch
Lots. And a lot more than myself. And definitely more than you.
February 5, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
metalboy! I can't figure you out. (thank goodness). You seem to be hilariously funny; but conversely, outrageously mean. You love the artists, but rip 'em to shreds. You share a similar passion with the posters; yet rip 'em to shreds, too. You claim to be the ultimate fan, but have a mocking overtone (actually, no overtone); an in-you-face bullying quality for other fans. You claim to be supportive, yet you exploit naivete, trust and honesty. you act as an individualist, but seem to form many of your opinions from the same ones you mock- or more realistically from people who have a definite ax to grind (not necessarily with me) but I'm a very easy target. I speak my mind when a lot of people refuse to. And then their "oh shit" factor kicks in when they are confronted with what they said or did. What then is easier: to deny it and point fingers at me or accept a dose of brutal honesty.

But (AND LISTEN GOOD, HERE IS THE BUT), by opening up my mouth and singing a song was NEVER about tryng to destroy someone, or humiliate someone, or even to hurt someone- but I admit (in hindsight, not foresight) that sometines those things happened- and I still refuse to chalk it up to a casualty of war and say, "oh well".

I continue to ask myself (and others who I respected and appreciated); how can I sing it better. how could I have sung it differently. how can we do this together. HOW COULD I HAVE SONG THIS WITHOUT HURTING HIM/HER.

Recently, I found out that a 'friend' is in a lot of trouble. I taught this friend a whole lot about the music business and how to rock in it. My idealism says the allegations are untrue. Reality laughs at me. But I take on so much of his responsibility for his fucked up behavior and question myself as to where I fucked up in teachnig him how to rock.

If you don't respect and appreciate me, why comment about my posts? Leave me alone. go manipulate someone else. You seem to do that quite well. I'm an easy target. I rock in a world that wants perfection; knowing full well that perfection does not exist. moreover, I act goofy. I say/post goofy things. I don't deny it. I embrace it. I have a self-depricating quality that I don't hide, but share it with others for them to enjoy (or exploit) (or mock- as you so eloquently do) so they feel better about themselves and their lives. I point out behaviors in others; not to make myself feel better, but because I've recognized the slippery slope it could lead; case in point: Bret Michaels and Rock of Love 1,2, and 3. (mostly 2 and 3).

I don't jockey for position in GA audiences. Usuaully instead, I let people in front of me if they are clammoring for a better seat; ergo my point about turning down opportunities. I don't necessarily begrudge their decision. I begrudge the belief that they are "better" than you or I, because they "won" (or jockey'ed for) their "better" position over someone else and that "belief" is an uphill battle to fight- hence me reminding people that "I was unfront at the barricade first and moved aside so that you could get a better position for the show."

Actually, ironically, one of the ones who taught me about that was Sebastian Bach when I hung out with him after a show. He noticed during his show how a lot of people in the audience were pushing to get to the front of the stage and he threatened to stop the show if the pushing didn't stop. He later told me over a "beer" (yeah- that's it) that he notices and appreciates audience memebers more when they are rocking out and having a good time, then the ones who are clawing to get to the front of the stage to give him a high five. I was at that show with a few colleagues and they were the ones pushing and shoving people away for them to get up front and I've often refletced on Bach's words of wisdom (I know, that's oxy-moronic) and said, Hmmmmmm....
February 5, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterfletch
i don't agree about maiden, they maybe a bit prog rock but they are metal. Aces High? The Prisoner The Trooper? anyone? anyone?
February 5, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterShadow
Dude, it's so funny you highlight Maiden here. By sheer coincidence I just watched the conclusion of that Iron Maiden doc on VH1 Classic, "Flight 666". Only The Shadow really knows but, personally, I prefer the pre-Dickinson Maiden over the Dickinson fronted Maiden, not solely based on my opinion about Dickinson's voice (I like Paul Di'Anno's voice better), but the output after the point Paul Di'Anno departed as lead vocalist, unfortunately by his own hand.

For some reason, and totally coincidentally, the stuff just seems more pedestrian, monotonous and grating to me once Dickinson came on. Again, it's not just Dickinson's presence (I think he's a heckuva singer) that's responsible for the lowering of the quality of their output, it just happened to coincide with the arrival of Dickinson.

The real culprit, more than anyone, is obviously founding leader and bassist, Steve Harris, who's misguided direction and songwriting is generally daft and even more hamfisted, heavyhanded and hilarious than Spinal Tap.

Harris had been mailing it in more and more with each passing year, religiously serving up his mediocre Metal formula as his employees happily toiled over their guitars and drums, all sweaty in their pseudo earnest corporate rocker glory all the way to the bank.

Yet this is when their popularity really accelerated. "Run To The Hills", "The Trooper", "The Number Of The Beast", are all kind of yawners.

That said, I will now contradict myself, as my fave Maiden tune is "2 Seconds To Midnight", which comes as close to Glam as they'll ever get. It's just damned catchy and unexpectedly so, in ways "catchy" would not normally describe their music. "2 Seconds..." is actually one of my fave Metal songs period, no matter how you slice it.

It is interesting to note that the band is thought of as "greasers" by the British alternative/indy/hip rock cognicenti, yet Maiden's lyrics are pulled from Tennyson ("The Trooper"), "Dune" Author Frank Herbert("To Tame The Land"), or the likes of writer G.K. Chesterton, quoted at the beginning of their song, "Revelations".

This, in contrast to the stage cavortations of band mascot, Eddie, really sums up the Metal enigma that is Iron Maiden. At once, idiotically, unintentionally comedic while at the same time wanting so much to be "earnest" and taken seriously, I suppose.

Whatever the hell they are, they are certainly caught up in an unfocused vortex, totally rudderless in their relentless pursuit of Metal Mediocrity and successfully achieving it, dragging millions of unwitting fans with them along the way. Fans that really don't demand much from their Metal really. Fans that want Greaser Metal, no more, no less.

Contrarily, you may find it interesting to note, however, that one of my favorite Glam Metal albums of all time is "Tattooed Millionaire", Dickinson's 1990 solo album. Go figure it would be Dickinson and that he would create, whether intentionally or not, one of the finest Glam Metal records of all time.

I would surmise that he didn't realize that by making a more pop and accessible album that this effort would result in a Glam Metal classic. In other words, he did't realize he was going Glam and probably would never admit to it. But our ears know better.

p.s. Fletch: You just proved to everyone here you are indeed nuttier than moi with that last diatribe of yours. You really are quite wack. Remember, you initially brought this upon yourself because you expressed skepticism about me and my Metal Motives, which are nothing but the noblest of intentions, without warrant. No harm. No foul. Let me buy you a sody-pop at M3, bro. Lemme know you're comin'. I'll get everybody from this site together for a little impromptu Glam Metal Soiree. Cool you got to hang out with Bach. His killer voice is stuff of legend, tho it takes a rare artist to be adored 100% solidly, as it is not possible with him because so much of Skid Row's stuff is inconsistently sub-par. Dude, you claim you cannot know how I can praise a band one minute and shred them the next. Easy. If they put out a killer album, I love 'em. If they put out a mediocre album that just reinforces to me how most bands are inconsistent in their output. What?!, I'm supposed to just roll over if your "legendary idols" don't live up to their hype on a consistent basis?
February 6, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
MB: thanks for the soda pop offer, but these days, I try to avoid drinking other people's kool-aid; or in this case, soda. Besides, I've seen too many episodes of Law&Order SVU so I tend to avoid potential drinks that might contain Rohypnol.

But it is a kind offer, nevertheless. Also, I recently saw again, "The Hand that Rocks the Cradle" and "Fatal Attraction" so it also reminds me to avoid persons with the (sic) noblest of intentions. As far as the soiree, it's quite tempting, but I've been involved in enough soiree's to know that pointing fingers at everyone but oneself is, at least, unproductive, and at most, very unproductive. (sorry, couldn't think of the right word). I mean, didn't Courtney Love attend Whitney Houston's soiree?

I do agree with you about "Tattooed Millionaire"...kick ass! and though I love me some skid row every now and then, you once again, hit the nail on the head with this critique. I can't even listen to the entire "best of" CD, which SR having a 'best of' is again oxy-moronic.

I'm sorry for being skepitcal. Aren't you ever skeptical? Geez! I mean, your stories are quite interesting, sometimes comical, but tend to be a bit schizophrenic, perhaps borderline, narcissistic and bi-polar. And as for the "quite wack" comment and being nuttier that you...I'm gushing. Thanks, because remember, people didn't get Picasso, at first, either. And, please get a sense of humor...I write these words of wit to be funny.

See don't you feel better about yourself, now?
February 6, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterfletch
Pure uncomedy, Fletch.

I do hope you'll raise a glass with us at M3. We'll provide you with a buxom taste-tester, unless your wife objects, if that will make you feel better about drinkin' the Kooler-than-U-Aid.

And don't mind the surveillance cameras. The Dream Police are very curious about your movements at this point, I'm afraid.

Look, man, I ain't lookin' to point fingerz at no soiree, sonny. We're talkin' good times, here, bro. If you recall, you are the one who started the fingerpointing, psycho! I'm willing to overlook it and just let us Rock On, you kooky Metal Detective (as opposed to Metal Detector, since you ain't gonna find nothin' on me with your amateur gumshoe techniques, or Glamshoe tekgeeks, as we would call them in Glammspeak).

Also, Picasso is over-rated except for his Blue Period and you haven't written anything funny yet.

P.S. At least we agree on "Tattooed Millionaire"! And I thought of another song from Skid Row that I think is actually one of their best. It'll be interesting to see what you think of it. It's the song, "Forever", which they never released until it got put on "40 Seasons: The Best of Skid Row", go figure, as it is a standout in my book. Man, that opening reccuring guitar riff is just kick-absof*ckin'lutely-a*s! Do you agree?
February 8, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
wow MB, I can't beleive you didn't even at least crack a smile (poison pun) in my latest posts. The Picasso comment was, BTW, bootlegged from Roth. I once made this quip to a friend of mine, to which he sarcastically replied, "I 'still' don't get Picasso." And then I laughed at his reply; mentally noting how absurd a comment like this truly is.

And, a lot of the other self-proclaimed observations were also bootlegged from several other people- probably from many of the posters/readers of this site. (and they know who they are!)

I so get your point about detective versus detection. I came to that realization almost 40 seasons ago, so speaking of SR and to answer your question, the song is OK. I beleive SR and/or Bach was trying to write somewhere between Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi, but it falls short- especially lyrically. The 'Forever" song that I appreciate more is by Kiss off of Hot in the Shade. It's cheesy for sure, but not stalker-ish or desperate as SR's song of the same name.

Do me a favor though, re-read my post above and try to find some humor in it.
February 8, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterfletch

Goshgeewilligers, what's that, Mr. Fletch?

I'd sooner gouge my eyes out with hot razors rather than waste my time re-reading one of your snorefests like the one posted up above.

And as far as "Forever" vs. "Forever", I like both versions, though Kiss eeks it out when you factor in the repeated brainwashing of the American CD buying public into thinking it's good because it was on MTV's Headbanger's Ball a zillion times and on all the receptionist's boom boxes, as I said before. Skid Row's "Forever" still out-roxx Kiss like nobody's biz just cuz of that killer guitar intro, and Bach's voice, of course.

P.S. Did you know the audio books version of Sarah Palin's "Going Rogue" won Best Comedy Album at the Grammys the other night?
February 8, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!

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