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I Guess Red Siren Were Rock...

Truth: I have no knowledge of the band Red Siren. I saw them pop up on YouTube and was curious. The song "All is Forgiven" is bad pop but the video is very traditional "glam" and the band has a Heavy Harmonies page, so...

Do you remember this band? I believe they were (are?) also known as Siren. The band's debut All is Forgiven came out on Mercury/Polygram around 1990. I just thought this was an odd find and wanted to pass probably know more about Red Siren than me, so if that's the case, fill me in via the comments section.

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I can spot a rug a mile away
September 4, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterjimbo

Are the leather jackets rented?

But I gotta say I actually think the white zig-zaggy thing in the chick's hair is kinda cool simply because it's kinda weird-different and will freak out the sheep who watch this.

Okay, I'm admitting it...

And I bet some here will laff there a*ses off, the way I complain and criticize so many bands we talk about on here as "Unrock"...

I actually kinda like this, and brace yourselves...

I picked it up for like 5 bucks a little over a year ago.

It's pure AOR, which I view as real Powder Puff Metal. It falls in a category known as "Female Fronted AOR/Melodic Rock", which I have discovered there's a lot of, though Siren (their "Metal" logo is deceptive, too!) is really on the lighter side.

I also call it "Sunday Metal", for those Sunday Mornings when you are a little hungover but don't want to give up your Metal Roll you've been on the whole weekend.

In fact, I've got a whole playlist going with crap like this on it precisely so I can still be gently "Headtapping" as opposed to "Headbanging" on Sunday Morning.

My nephew-in-law also jokes that this is the kinda crap Metalheads used to listen to on Sunday back in the day.

Plus, there are some definitely really funny moments on this clip. After his "big" lead, which nudges it a little toward Pop Metal for me and not just straight ahead Pop, as you state, Ally... a little subtle body and eye language from the dude really is quite hysterical, IMHO...

The way the guitarist looks at the singer is like he is also her secret love slave, too, or something. Also, I think Jimbo might be right in his observation, too. And the dude also gives the camera a couple of inadvertantly nerdish looks, where he's actually trying to be really cool.

Still, though, that guitar lead on this is pretty cool, though highly unremarkable. And it's funny the way the guitarist looks at his fingers as he plays like they are making him dizzy because he's so accomplished or something ridiculously phoney like that...

Still, and you guys could very well have a field day with me here, but I like it!

And the dude's guitar itself is cool, too, but not as cool as the white zig-zaggy thingy in the chick's hair...
September 4, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
After all of that post you just did....You didn't list a single member of the band? Did anyone from this band ever get anywhere? Help a fellow rocker out....
September 4, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterlonghairedrocker
Does it matter if they got anywhere?

If I were them, I'd be proud of this, believe it or not.

It's their masterpiece. Their semi-one-hit-wonder. They are lucky they have one. I wish I did.

And, whatever we may say about it, it is CATCHY!

To me, the fact that they got this done on a major label, hung out in L.A. and probably had a blast playin' this all over hell, IS getting somewhere. Also the fact that Al popped 'em on here after decades is getting somewhere, too, in my book.

I commented on how it is one of my guilty pleasures and it's on my iTunes and I listen to it on the very occassional Sunday morning.

And, what the hell...

After all of that non post you just did, you couldn't tell us a little about them, either? I guess you couldn't be bothered, too.

And what is it with everyone always measuring whether anyone "gets anywhere" based on album sales or whatever your implying here.

Again, as I've said a million times on here, there is a ton of stuff out there that's as good or better than all of the crap we've all been brainwashed into regarding as the only thing to listen to and to talk about.

Whatever we may think of something Al puts up here, thank The Metal Gods she occasionally posts about something obscure or better yet, a hidden gem!

So, Longhairedrocker...

Hey, "All Is Forgiven"...

p.s. Wanna know their names, Google 'em. What am I, a Metal "Ask Jeeves"? Hardly. All I know is if I listen to it and I like it, I keep listening to it, and this, is, well, kinda cool. In fact, now that you make me really think about it, it's pretty different and ambitious for this sort of thing, which is a much different take than Al has on it. And the video is pretty frickin' killarious! Still, I guess it is pretty UNROCK! Hahaha!!!
September 4, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
longhairedrocker - the bass player did okay

Jon Brant (born February 22, 1955 in Chicago) was the bass player for the band Cheap Trick from 1981 to 1987. In addition to his work with that band, Brant has also played with artists including Chris Spedding, Micki Free, Robert Gordon, Lou Reed, and Diana Ross. He was also bassist for the band Red Siren, or Siren after they legally had to change their name.

When Tom Petersson, the original bassist for Cheap Trick, left in 1980, the three remaining band members chose a much-publicized replacement with Pete Comita. Comita had quit before the end of the year after having only played on Cheap Trick's contributions to the Heavy Metal soundtrack. With a new album due out in 1981, Cheap Trick went into the studio, and Rick Nielsen played all the bass and guitar parts himself, while auditioning replacement musicians for the tour. They chose Los Angeles-based, Chicago-born bassist Brant as bassist, who joined and is credited with playing bass on their 1982 album One on One, on which he overdubbed the bass parts on three songs for which Nielsen had originally played bass.

Brant played on all of the tracks of the band's next three studio albums and co-wrote the hit "Tonight It's You" from 1985's Standing on the Edge. In 1987, when Petersson decided to rejoin the band, he displaced Brant. He remains good friends with drummer Bun E. Carlos to this day, and the two of them occasionally play together in "The Bun E. Carlos Experience", a side-project blues band.

Brant rejoined Cheap Trick briefly on stage to play bass during "If You Want My Love" and "She's Tight" during the band's 25th anniversary concert. In 2004, when Petersson was unable to tour briefly after the birth of his child, Brant re-joined the band for a month of shows as opening act for Aerosmith. Brant started the tour with Cheap Trick a few days after returning from a month long tour of bases in the Middle East. He performed in Baghdad, Djibouti, Africa and the UAE. Brant returned once again in 2007 to Cheap Trick for one show in Augusta, Georgia.

Brant performed with legendary blues artist Lynne Jordan for several years in Chicago, then played for a few years with new age artist Nicholas Gunn. Brant also competes in the equestrian sport of eventing.

Brant performs with Native American artist Micki Free. The two perform regularly at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Florida and other venues around the world.
September 4, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTony
"All I know is if I listen to it and I like it, I keep listening to it." -metalboy

heck, you must LOVE me!
September 4, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterfletch
Hey, Gary... I LOVE Cheese! Why do you think I love 99.999% of the music we discuss on this site? It's the "legit" sh*t I despise!

Of course, there are a FEW exceptions but not really anything in the 80's or 90's except maybe AC/DC and Hanoi Rocks. Please name something of the Glam Metal genre from that time that ain't cheese. I would be very interested to know.

Tony, thanks for the info on Brant, but if you think about it, beyond co-penning the superb, "Tonight It's You" when he was in Cheap Trick, I contend he was more successful in Siren, as he was the original bass player, I presume. That is success in terms of CREATIVITY, not $$$, which is how most of you still insist success is measured.

In Cheap Trick, Brant was merely a replacement. In Siren he was the ORIGINAL BASS PLAYER. Huh-uh-lo-oh! BTW, I've seen Cheap Trick 7 times including 4 times in '79 off Dream Police. One of those times was at the U.S. Naval Academy in '82, I believe, with Comita on bass.

Guess who opened?


Now there's a bass player for ya, son!

Donnie Purnell, bassist and mastermind of one of the greatest Glam Metal Bands of All Time! "God Damn Kix Band!"

What a killer show -- both bands! And I remember having to console local guitar luthier before the show as Nielsen had rebuffed his overture to sell him one of his creations. That guy's name: Paul Reed Smith.

Still, it was Tom Petersen, with his invention of the 12 string bass, who has been a real pleasure to watch and hear throughout the years. Now there's a true artist and innovator!

Still. let's not take anything away from Brant. Besides his pinnacle in Siren, he did appear on 3 Cheap Trick albums, that, despite having OK sales, are fairly successful CREATIVELY! "One On One", "Next Position Please", which, though marred by the oddly hackneyed and off the mark production of the usually wizardly, Todd Rundgren, also possesses one of Cheap Trick's greatest songs, the Rundgren penned "Heaven's Falling". And last but not least, "Standing On The Edge", with Brant's contributions to their semi-hit, "Tonight It's You"...

So, wait, where were we?

Oh, yeah...

Up The Cheese!

p.s. Yeah, right, Fletchy Wetchy! Where you been, boy, anyway?

p.s.s.t. What do Kurt Cobain and Nikki Sixx have it common? They both cited Cheap Trick as a major influence. Interestingly, Vince Neil's got a cover of Cheap Trick's "He's A Whore", which originally appeared on Cheap Trick's superb debut from, prepare yourself, 1976. Argh, I'm OLD!
September 5, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Wow, I just asking because maybe I knew someone from the band from them being in another band. It had nothing at all to do with commercial success. I found it funny that you mentioned the zig zag thing in the hair, the leather jacket, "Sunday Metal" Headtapping and eveything else but you never mentioned any names. I'm a nut case when it comes to that kinda thing. I know the names of every musician on every cd that I own. I'm a book of useless knowledge where that is concerned and I guess my curiosity was taken the wrong way. I just really like to know who they are so maybe if I know them I can say hey man I just found out you were in this band and I loved that band!
First time I met Gary Hoey I showed him I had a Heavy Bones cd and that it's one of my favorite cd's. You'd swear I told him I was his long lost brother! He acutaully autographed it and showed everyone the disc and was so happy that I loved his music and knew he was in that band. That's just an example of why I like to know who's in a band......Sorry my intentions were missunderstood.
September 5, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterlonghairedrocker

Thanks for the info on Jon Brant.It's gems like that I was personally looking for. As far "Cheese or Guilty Pleasures" go. Do yourselves a favor and forget those words. Saying those words makes it sound like your embarassed to like something. Music is nothing to be embarassed about it's one of the most amazing things on the planet! Just because it's softer edged music or it wasn't a huge hit to the masses doesn't make it silly to love it! Besides why should you care what other people think about your taste in music??


I didn't think you were the "Metal Ask Jeeves" (but I did get a laugh from the reference ) I just thought you owned the cd and read the linear notes and knew off the top of your head who was in the band.

Hey Guys, Maybe I'm just an odd bird.
Hell, I'm still in love with the cd and I don't download music because I want to read the linear notes, see the artwork and see who played the instruments. I guess I'm a collector of sorts....
I love this type of music especially and I'm not trying to be an "internet asshole" this isn't Blabbermouth for pitys sakes. When I ask a question it's out of pure curiosity or when I write something I try to keep it positive and I ask others to try and keep it the same way. This site has some very cool information on it and I respect all of your ideas and opinions. I just hate the fact when you read a post you can never tell the persons attitude twards what they are saying. Trust me when I say if it can be taken two ways take it like I'm saying something positive.
September 5, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterlonghairedrocker
"p.s. Yeah, right, Fletchy Wetchy! Where you been, boy, anyway?" -metalboy

um, unfortunately, watching my former stomping ground crumble

I guess those "sheep" (your word) beleived in some fast talkin' momma
September 6, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterfletch
Okay, Long Haired Rocker, first of all, just ask Fletch...

And in his case, it takes one to know one, and it's really not news to anyone else that occasionally camps out here, but I really am a complete a*shole like 99% of the time.

The other 1% I'm a Lean Mean Bone Crushin' Killer Machine made of 110% Pure Titanium with a tiny red beeping light on my cheek like a mole with an overheating, fire breathing rusty orange Hemi for a brain and neon green lasers for eyeballs. Just pull the brain cap off and see for yourself!

And I think what set me off is when you asked the question if anyone went anywhere from this band. Dude, they all went somewhere when they put this record out. It's an 80's AOR FM Lite/Dance One Hit Wonder that didn't even really chart but got some significant airplay in L.A. for like 5 minutes.

That's an achievement and it's also an achievement they made this record cuz it's kinda different and cool, even kinda "art-rock" as far as AOR goes.

I admit I do tend to ramble, but, after all this is the COMMENTS section, so I'll say whatever the h*ll I want and you can take it or leave it. I AM talkin' 'bout the MUSIC. I'm not gonna look everyone's name up for ya. What the h*ll? Are you a Googlephobe?!

I'm on here in the comments section to give my OPINION about the music and occasionally I might, just maybe, know somebody's name in a band.

Tony, great and thank you for fillin' in the blanks for us on Brant. I sure slept a h*lluva lot better knowin' he was Petersen's second replacement in Cheap Trick when they had to suffer through a totally unfocused period in their up and down career. First 3 albums: Classic and Killer! Personal fave: "In Color". The rest, with maybe the exception of "At Budokan", Zzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! or Argggggghhhhhhh!!!

I have this Siren record and I may have even read the liner notes like a year ago, if it even has any beyond the usual thanking God, the Producer, the Record Company, Jon Kolodner and Mom stuff. But I'm not gonna go back and fine tooth comb every frickin' detail, retain it and share it with every card carrying member of the Rock'n'Roll Rabble that drives by this site -- another name for a song, "Rock'n'Roll Rabble"... Wait I hear some words coming on...

His name was The Long Haired Rocker
And he was the Leader of The Rock'n'Roll Rabble
Until he ran into that Metal electric shocker
Metalboy! and his chromed steel Scrabble!

What the h*ll, psycho, if you are so into your damn liner notes, why did you have to wait for Tony to Google all this crap about Jon Brant anyway. Your quick and nimble fingers coulda saved him the trubble!

What I am interested in is your OPINION about the music!

I'll be right back... I gotta go punch some stars out of the sky over my frustration not only with you, but because of the harsh realization that I can't write lyrix to save my life and the fact that Fletch hasn't ever p*ssed me off or scared the crap out of me nearly half as much as you!
September 6, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Kristin Massey: lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards
Robert Haas: lead guitar, rhythm guitar, keyboards, Synclavier, background vocals
Gregg Potter: drums
Jon Brant: bass guitar
September 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGil
"it's really not news to anyone else that occasionally camps out here..." -Metalboy

for pete's and pam's sake, Metalchick, you're proving my point as to why my old stomping ground crumbled. It's those sheep of yours that camp out here- if only "occasionally".

Don't "they" have anything better to do besides paint their nails, do cross word puzzles, play scrabble, read romance novels and allow bitchy school nurses to rule the direction of music, all on our tax dollars?

but please don't get me wrong! (and you will- trust me!), it pisses me off that it's crumbling. I spent so (too) much time and energy rehabilitating it- only to have some cunt (I mean b*astard) come in to destroy many aspects of it and so we're left with...broken dreams, aspirations, promises, etc...all for fletch to eventually clean up metalchick's mess.

It sounds, MB, that you've gotten everything you asked for. You're jet-setting here, there, hell everywhere except the real place where social work is needed- Australia (sarcasm noted). You have a solid relationship and a solid band; and each of them would do fine on his/her own. Yet, you moan and complain (constantly) about how broke you are and you request donations.

This ain't a song for the broken hearted
September 7, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterfletch

Well, Bob, sorry for the Metal Mess I've made down here. Thanks for cleaning it up for me by providing the credits Mr. Long Haired Rocker was looking for in the first place...


It must have been the Synclavier on here that made that song the track of those precious five minutes on the radio and in the clubs of L.A. one week back in the day.

Okay, You really are a gonner, Fletcher!

And, whoa there, we really could do without all the explicit profanity too, there, kid.

Do you really need to resort to the "C" word with the awesome Metal Mixed Company we're keeping on here, for the moment, anyway, who do not need to be reading that sort of thing, let alone any of the crap you and I always resort to on here, though I must say it is pretty hilarious -- well, at least on my end.

And do we really need the personal attacks?

As you can see, I'm hardly killing this site as there are plenty of stable people on here, unlike ourselves, making very sane and rational observations on the subject at hand, which is the main thing that you and I have unfortunately lost site of, for the moment at any rate.

And, Huh-uh-lo-oh!, I don't have a band and I have never requested donations, though the latter sounds like a pretty good idea. But just send the money to Al and we'll figure out what to do with it. Make all checks payable to Bring Back Glam Enterprises. Just kidding, Al. Don't want to get you in trubble any more than I already am here with bringing ol' Fletcherina out from under the Troll Bridge at The Metal Matterhorn.

Anyway, ain't we all broke somehow, son, either economically of emotionally or both in today's present situation where a bulk of our society is about to bite off there own arms at the voting machines, risking everything on people who could care less if they exist and will surely give them nothing in return for their vote.

One can only assume you are a member of the Tea Party, clown.

And, who's your favorite band?

Wait, lemme guess... Iron Maiden!

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain... -- Roy Batty

Yeah, clean up my Metal Mess for me, kid, and don't forget the Metal Shrapnel I've just pulled from my Metal Mortal Frame!

I have Metalsquad Drones silently hovering just outside of your home, Fletch, waiting patiently, like Chrome Praying Mantis, until you bring out the trash, only to throw your a*s in it and call in the Bone Crusher Unit to clean it all up.

And, you're right, I do my own nails, with a Metal file!

And I am doing my part to make this a better Metal Planet, as I am distracting a whack-job like you from messing up on some other site where you could do some real damage without me keeping you in check...

Hi-ho! Metalboy A-w-w-a-a-a-a-y!!! I'm going to go check on those Drones-s-s-s-s-w-o-o-s-s-s-h-h-h...
September 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Interesting little bit of info I found looking into this group, the guitarist started out playing in a garage rock band called The Invaders back in the 60's, and went on to become a best selling diet book author in the 80's, and then on to forming this band - rather interesting course to take.

I thought this tune was pretty good. I'd call it more AOR than glam, despite the image; it would fit in with bands like 707, Honeymoon Suite, GTR, Heart (80's), Pleasure Bombs, etc. I could definitely listen to it when I'm in the mood for the liter sider of rock.
September 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJack
Whoa, man, I've got all of that stuff, or should I say, I still have SOME of it. I HAD to jettison the 707. I just wound up really hating 'em, sorry, I tried.

Honeymoon Suite actually ROCKS. They may be AOR Melodic Hard Rock but they have some subtle Metal tendencies and they used to get played all of the time on Headbanger's Ball and even show up sometimes to this day on Metalmania with "New Girl Now", but i think their real gem is "Feel It Again".

GTR... One of the best album covers on one of the worst albums ever, though I still kept it... It's listenable, but that ain't exactly unabashed praise. They should really name themselves OPA... Over Players Anonymous.

Heart is straight up AOR Melodic Hard Rock during that period, for sure -- though it's still got the "Metal" guitars scraping low in the mix. I always wished Ratt would have covered "Looks That Kill". They would have killed it the way Mother Metal intended.

Pleasure Bombs. Check out "Heat Comes Down". They are like AOR Sleaze, if that's even possible.

If you really want this stuff done right, check out Saraya, if you haven't already.

Still, this sole tune by Siren really is superior in that it's way more innovative "avant garde" (well, let's not go overboard) than most of the stuff done in this vein.

Love the backstory of the guitarist... He really did become something when he put this out.

You knew that dude fronting Tesla used to work for the Department of Sanitation somewhere, right?
September 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Do you really need to resort to the "C" word with the awesome Metal Mixed Company we're keeping on here...

You're right, MB, I'm sorry I referred to you as a "chick". That wasn't right. (I'm hoping you at least "cracked a smile" with this reply.) I really AM funny!

But anyway, if you are referring to the more obscene "c word, it was ONLY used because of your constant and relentless insults upon yours truly, hence, my using the word (your word) "b*stard" in parathenses afterword. Once again, I was copying from the master, who obviously has cornered the market on insulting others among other things.

Moreover, a friend emailed me recently and offered me a few words of wisdom..."It all works out in the end. If not, then it's not the end". She is right, it has worked out (and for the best) and so therefore, I bid you adieu, Niki. I just wish I could have seen people's faces when they realized that you're female.
September 8, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterfletch

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