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Australia's Angels Change Singer

I have been a fan of The Angels for a long, long time. They did not hit big in the USA, although they have a cult following, sometimes under the name 'Angel City' or 'The Angels from Angel City'. A few years ago, I went to see Doc Neeson play some songs with some young kids backing him up, as part of a package of 70s/80s pop bands. I sat through a lot of bad music to see him the only way I ever expected to.

So, I was thrilled when they got back together with Doc, and saw them several times, including once with the Adelaide Orchestra. But, it seems all is not well in Angels land, again. If you go to, a popup gives you a link for 'The Angels 2011 onwards.' The lineup given is Brewster/Brewster/Bailey/Gleeson. That means that Buzz Bidstrup (the drummer) has left along with Doc, and the new drummer is not credited. Dave Gleeson was/is the singer for Screaming Jets, another Aussie hard rock legend, best know for the song 'Better.' Click to hear the one song they have recorded with Dave, but apparently they've done gigs with him and are planning a tour. This band has always had a troubled history, and it's a shame to see them lose their original singer again. I guess only time will tell what comes of it. What is for sure is this: while they are a great band, they appear to me to be in the same situation as Skid Row. That is, you put up with a singer you can't stand if there's a lot of money to be made, but not if you're playing clubs.

Screaming Jets - "Better"

"Take a Long Line" Live with Dave Gleeson

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Luv both of these bands! The Angels AND Screaming Jets! Thanx, Xtian!

p.s. Didjya ever track down Zambelis? They are known as the Aussie Def Leppard in collector's circles. Not sure I agree completely with that assessment, but sure as h*ll luv 'em to death! Do tell us about more killer Aussie 80's Glam Metal or Hard Rock acts!
September 17, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!

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