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Oil and Water Do Mix, Glam and Grunge Style

Have you heard? Stephen Pearcy and Warren DeMartini - otherwise known as the cornerstone of RATT - just recorded with Dave Grohl - otherwise known as the former drummer of Nirvana.

Grohl is working on an unnamed side project and he invited Pearcy and DeMartini to join him in the studio.

"We'll let [Dave] tell you about when he's ready, kidz," Pearcy recently explained. "Not for a RATT record."

Pearcy also spoke about the collaboration via his Twitter account, writing, "Thing is it's a way cool thing of Dave. We're just privileged to b a part of that. Next RATT!"

So, I'm very anxious to hear this collaboration. I think Dave Grohl is immensely talented, especially when it comes to drumming. He's a good frontman for Foo Fighters as well, but I really think he's brilliant behind the kit. Anyway, that aside, I think it says a lot about Pearcy and DeMartini and their willingness to work with a former member of Nirvana. After all, one of the biggest myths in music history is that Grunge killed Glam. Oh and it wouldn't surprise me in the least to read a quote from Grohl sometime in the near future about how he loved listening to Glam bands before a big Nirvana show. After all, life is ironic, right?

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I used to work in a record store outside of Baltimore (back when there were REAL record stores) that Dave Grohl used to frequent because he had a close family member two streets away. I remember having MANY a conversation with him about the glammiest of glam bands so this actually does not surprise me at all. When I first found out about him being in a band, it did not surprise me until I actually heard Nirvana's style and thought it was not at all the type of band I expected him to be in. I would definitely be interested in hearing about this collab.
January 5, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterChuck
If you heard the Probot project you know he loves all kinds of metal. He seems to really appreciate good music no matter what the style. Plus, if this helps get a kick to the RATT guys playing again I;m all for it.
January 5, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterscott whitt
When Nirvana first hit MTV, their video for "Smells Like Teen Spirit" debuted on Headbanger's Ball. I remember watching it and my jaw just dropped. It just blew everyone away. Everyone was raving about 'em and rightfully so.

I also recall Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy of the Cult being interviewed on the show and asked what their new fave band was. "Nirvana!", was their collective reply. Not too long before that my girlfriend at the time went to The Concrete Foundation Forum, the music industry's annual gathering where Nirvana, among many other new bands mostly categorized as "Hair Metal" were also showcased. All she could talk about was "Nirvana, Nirvana, Nirvana!", when she got back.

The point is, we all thought Nirvana was Metal. The word "Grunge" wasn't even muttered at the time. It was only when Pearl Jam (a band Cobain despised) and others of their ilk came along that the term began to be bandied about as the moniker of that Seattle based "Alternative Hard Rock".

But I just thought Nirvana defied categorization. When Cobain was first interviewed in Rolling Stone, the writer recounted Cobain answering the door while strains of Cheap Trick's third album, 1978's "Heaven Tonight" played in the background. Cobain also listed his favorite albums to the interviewer, Led Zeppelin II, AC/DC "Powerage" and "Back In Black", as well as Kiss "Destroyer" and Cheap Tricks first three albums among them.

So, not surprisingly, it wouldn't surprise me if Cobain's drummer was heavily into Rock'n'Roll. I've got the Probot album, which, honestly, is just okay, though I like it better than ALMOST all of his Foo Fighter stuff. I think he's a pretty good songwriter and solid musician but he's a screamer and his stuff generally sounds kind of generic.

My guess is this collaboration with Pearcy and DiMartini, the latter more than likely the most accomplished REAL Rock'n'Roll guitarist he's ever recorded with, will be the best thing Grohl has ever done.
January 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
I forgot two other albums Cobain mentioned in The Rolling Stone article as among his favorites -- The Who, "Live At Leeds" and Led Zeppelin, "Presence".

p.s. Hey, Chuck, that record store outside Baltimore wasn't by any chance Record & Tape Collector in (I think) Owings Mills? I used to buy a lot of punk singles there. I also bought the first couple Hanoi Rocks albums, as well as Joan Jett's "I Love Rock And Roll" album there. I bought almost 99% vinyl back then. Fun fact: 3.9 million vinyl records were sold last year, up 1 MILLION from the year before!
January 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Nope...Record Town in the now defunct Glen Burnie Mall. I cant remember if it was his aunt or grandmother that lived in the apartments directly behind the mall but he was there all the time. The reason we clicked is that he had as much of wide-range appreciation of all styles of music as I do. I love seeing people who will buy a Stryper album, a Robert Johnson album, a Hank Williams album, and a Dave Koz album all at the same time. My kind of people!!!

Record and Tape Traders is the store you are thinking of. Great shop. I used to frequent there a lot. I worked in most every record/CD shop in the area (Record Town, Tape World, Waxie Maxies, etc) but never worked at R&TT, though a ton of my friends did. Real laid back atmosphere and a ton of great used stuff.
January 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterChuck
Chuck! I used to go to Record Town in Glen Burnie Mall ALL THE TIME! It was a ritual I did at least once or twice a week from 1976 to 1979 and less so but still fairly consistently into the early 80's.

I remember going there one day, though I cannot pinpoint the year, only to find it gone, like so many a great record emporium that have been steadily vanishing over the last several decades due to the rapid rise of sales traffic to online music sites.

My buddy used to live in Pasadena, so we would either go up to Record Town together or I would go up either before going to his house or after. I bought SO MANY classic Import Punk Picture Sleeve Singles and albums there. Generation X, "Valley of The Dolls", and all of their albums. The Damned, "Smash It Up" along with several others. X-Ray Spex, "The World Turned Day-Glo" plus their "Germ Free Adolescents" album, all The Clash singles. I wonder if I bought any of the stuff from YOU, though it sounds like I might have been a little before your time. Probably the last stuff I bought up there was Motley Crue, "Too Fast For Love" and Motorhead, "The Ace of Spades" on 8 Track on the same day -- the day Crue's album came out, without ever hearing of the bands before, as I used to come on Tuesdays or Fridays, the week you guys would receive shipment of new releases! I would spend hours in there. I also bought Led Zeppelin, "In Through The Out Door" there, as well as Cheap Trick, "Heaven Tonight. And I got 999's first album and The Strangler's "Black & White" album there.

Let me just say, you are so lucky to have worked at these places. To be there and witness The Height of Rock and Roll through the prism of working there must have been incredible!

Who'da thought we would run into each other on this terrific site. I think it's just further testimony to Al having created such a great gathering spot for so many REAL Rock'n'Rollers here!

p.s. I used to live in Annapolis and used to play hooky alot, drivin' all over. Did you ever know Anton who had his stores in Annapolis? Ricky's in Parole Mall actually got pretty good in '78 and '79, as well as that place on West Street. Or how about the place Randy had near Gibson Island? God, I could not believe the selection, though small, that guy had. I scored the Sex Pistols, "Never Mind The Sex Pistols" White Label Promo for 8 bucks there, as well as a lot of Ramones stuff. I also bought Link Wray, "Rumble" there. I remember Randy claiming that to be the first Heavy Metal song, as it was released in 1958. Folks, listen to that and tell me if I'm wrong. Chuck, one last spot -- did you ever make it up to that store in the strip mall on Rockville Pike in Rockville, Maryland -- that place may have been called Record & Tape Traders, not exactly sure. I was livin' and workin' in Bethesda and used to roll up there. I remember the store had Jimmy Page's bow from one of three nights of Zeppelin's May '77 shows at Capital Centre. I remember the store wanted 750 bucks (in 1985) for it even though all the strings were popped on it, making it look like a pony tail attached to a long black ruler or sumthin'. That's also where I bought my fave Metal album of all time, Accept, "Metal Heart"!
January 7, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Oh, yeah, and as far as Grohl goes, yeah, Kudos to him for having such eclectic taste in music. Too bad I don't hear it in his music. But for all my blase attitude regarding Foo Fighters, he must be doing something right as that latest album, "A Different Light" or whatever the heck it's called, is up for like 5 Grammys or something.

However, not to brag, but I am proud to say I not only have many Miles Davis albums but also Barry Manilow, as well, hahahaha!!! (I sh*t thee not!)

p.s. Best record store story: I've told this here before. Overheard: Flea in Rocks In Your Head Records on Spring Street (I think) in 1998, buying an album at the register as I was perusing the racks on my lunch hour... Flea: "Someone once told me this is THE Greatest Live Rock Album ever recorded." Guy at the register: "I would have to agree." I strained to see what he bought but had to ask the guy at the register after Flea left, "I hate asking you this, but I couldn't help but overhear the conversation -- What album did he buy, exactly?" Guy at the register:"The Who, 'Live At Leeds'."
January 7, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Oh, Yeah, and I bought Van Halen's first album at Record Town, too! Almost forgot!

p.s. I still have all this stuff, by the way!
January 7, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!

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