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Happy Easter, Watch Some Old School Stryper

Happy Easter, Glam fans.

Have you seen this awesome throw-back clip of Stryper performing at Tower Records in 1991? The band is doing "My Love I'll Always Show."

I miss Tower Records. To be more accurate, I miss real music stores period. Sure, I buy heaps from Amazon but there was nothing as cool as browsing the racks at a music shop, checking out the cover art and talking to the store employees about the next big thing. I don't see music shops ever making a return and that is a shame. At least we got to have the experience -- kids today only know theft and iTunes.

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A belated Happy Easter! Just saw Stryper in February for the first time on The Monsters of Rock Cruise and, I must say, they Rocked the boat harder than any other band on the ship! They played no ballads and besides playing their hardest of Heavy Metal "Hits", played 3 killer covers from their latest album, "The Covering" -- Sabbath, "Heaven and Hell", Priest, "Breakin' the Law" and "Shout It Loud".

As far as Tower Records goes, I remember going to the ones in
L.A. and in New York City. I used to find more great Punk and Metal albums and singles there. I'll never forget buying Hanoi Rocks first album as well as Cheap Trick, "At Budokan" just by looking at the album covers the day these albums came out as I
used to live in these places, scouring the racks.
April 10, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!

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