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Awesome Footage of Reckless Love at Download

I love Reckless Love! The band just performed at Download Festival. Someday I vow to get to that festival. In fact, there have already been talks of making it happen in the next couple of years. I want to do Download, Sweden Rock and Soundwave. It will happen. Oh yes, it will.

Reader Comments (13)

I can promise you company and an expert guide around Soundwave, especially if you come to the Melbourne one.
June 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterChristian
Done Sweden Rock ad Download in 09, 11. Also going again in 2013.
You are more than welcome to stay with us for Soundwave in Adelaide.
June 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJendell
I saw Oli with Crashdiet here in Brazil.... he is awesome on stage... RL is pretty good! I like them a lot!

2014 I'll be at Sweden Rock Festival... would be nice to find some of you there!
June 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLucas Serpa
I also want to do Download! Just sucks that it's usually the same weekend as Sweden Rock! Hopefully not next year though!
June 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKim Nordlund
Hey Jendell - nice to see another Aussie here. Did you see Black Veil Brides at Soundwave last year ? I got to the front, and although it was 30 min, I thought they were the highlight of the day.
June 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterChristian
Can someone please explain to me WHY Reckless Love are not a huge band? They've got the songs, the hooks, the looks, & a lead singer with stage presence... This should be a textbook case for major stardom. { the U.S. they're on Universal/MCA , aka "Musician's Cemetery of America") That explains it.... label dropped the ball. Again.

Serious though, I haven't seen an act that should be huge, so head-scratchingly ignored since STARZ & Capitol Records mangling their career in the late 70's. * and anyone who hasn't checked THEM out, Should!

OK, Rant over. Reckless Love, good to see you playing somewhat bigger gigs, instead of the 100 person capacity club you played when you hit L.A. .
June 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAce Steele
Great videos! I am really starting to get into this band, thanks Allyson for posting!
June 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJeff
these guys sound great in this clip, not too many newer bands sound that good live, i would go see them if they came near me
June 14, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterglamrockerarchie
There are a ton of newer bands around that are just as good as reckless Love. You've just gotta look a bit to find them.
June 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRock-It
Must fight the Mediocre Metal Kryptonite... Ugh! Ugh! Kaboom! Phew! I made it back!!!

Speaking of Back, I am happy to see Bring Back Glam! has the Glam Brought Back!

Ace, you are SO right! Reckless Love should be huge in the US. I would like to get them and a handful of other current GLAM METAL acts over here and put them up in some seedy dive right near the strip and have 'em take over the scene, playing all up and down the street, one band playin' The Roxy, another playin' The Whisky and yet another one playin' Troubadour, etc., a different joint with a different band every night of the week for two months.

Tell me, it wouldn't resurrect the whole scene.

And I hear ya regarding Universal -- BAD CITY is another great ROCK AND ROLL BAND that came and went with little fanfare. It seems like the A&R people at Universal do a great job finding Real Rock and Roll Bands to sign but can't get 'em arrested as soon as the ink dries on the contract. Weird.

Reckless Love's first album was my second favorite the year of it's release (Hansel's debut released that same year topped it in my mind, but only by a hair).

And their release last year was, again, my second fave album of 2011 right behind Danger Avenue.

Note to Christian: Great to know you are a Tour Guide at Soundwave. You have obviously established yourself as an EXPERT on Heavy Metal. You must be the Sam Dun of Australia! But I'm curious to know what your opinion is of Allyson's primary subject of this post -- RECKLESS LOVE?! Have you ever heard of them? I'm sure others would like to know the opinion of an EXPERT and Heavy Metal Tour Guide about such a killer band! Also, how about the sensational Australian GLAM METAL band, HANSEL, one of my favorite Aussie acts that I discovered through Allyson's post on them a couple years ago. Funny, I don't remember you ever commenting on them. And did you ever find that CD by ZAMBELIS, one of the Holy Grails of Australian Hair Metal I recommended for you? And remember, in response to one of your recent comments, one should always want to be 15 and you're never too old to Rock and Roll! I will give you this: Black Veil Brides! Bring Back Glam! Now!

p.s. As far as making it to these fests, I'm with ya, Al. We have all expressed at one time or another making it over there since we can't seem to get the GLAM METAL of SWEDEN and NORWAY shipped over here.
June 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Oh, and, Ace -- with ya again on STARZ -- another GLAM METAL Crime of the Century, the way these guys didn't make it. I've got all the albums on Vinyl and CD, got the classic black T with the yellow logo and my fave, a yellow vinyl 45 of their classic, "Cherry Baby". Hey, man, do you have the only album by the New Jersey band from the same era, Trigger? Killer!
June 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Hallelujah! Christian! I just read in the comments of a previous post, you worked your way up to the front of the stage to see THE DARKNESS playing their brand of GLAM METAL at Rock On The Range!

Well, I'll eat my Official Limited Edition All Leather Slash Top Hat! There's hope for you yet, Sonny!
June 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Dang, sorry for the non-stop commentary.

What else is new, especially since I had to crawl from The Abyss of Mediocre Metal Kryptonite?

Note to Christian: I see you are still unable to bring yourself to view and comment, good or bad, on the Cheap Trick/Bon Jovi/Whitesnake/Crue All Star Jam Post, can you?
June 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!

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