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The Babys Schedule Comeback Show

I receive about 300 press releases a week. This one caught my eye. A little bit different from what we usually discuss here, but I know some of you are big fans of The Babys. Here's the release:

One of the world’s most beloved classic-rock bands - the Babys - are back together with a comeback show scheduled for July 18 at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, Calif., and there are plans for a new CD and extensive tour through America and Europe.

The British group made a massive impact back in the 1970s with hits such as “Isn’t it Time,” “Head First,” “Midnight Rendez-Vous,” “Every Time I Think of You” and “Back on My Feet Again.” Original guitarist Wally Stocker and original drummer Tony Brock are back, and the Babys have found an incredible new singer in John Bisaha, who sounds just like John Waite, who is not participating but has given his blessing.

The new Babys have instant credibility with a new song, the aptly named “Not Ready to Say Goodbye,” which has all the classic Babys elements – amazing vocals, thoughtful lyrics and a chorus that lodges itself on your brain and refuses to leave for days; the song can be found on the band’s web site – – and there is already an instant buzz.

“It’s very exciting. I’m really pleased with the new lineup,” Stocker said. “These songs bring back a lot of good memories.”

Through the years, Brock and Stocker went on to play with such acts as Rod Stewart, Jeff Beck and Air Supply, and both are thrilled with the reformation and particularly the addition of Bisaha, a renowned studio singer who first has made his mark in theatre and is now ready to make a worldwide impact.

How Bisaha is not already a huge star is one of Rock’s great mysteries, but the instant you hear his voice it’s clear the Californian is a worthy replacement for Waite, who would go on to chart-topping success as a solo artist with “Missing You” and as a member of supergroup Bad English with “When I See You Smile.”

“I’m telling you, it sounds like the original band. It’s fantastic,” Brock said. “The magic is still there. John Bisaha is going to get some pressure, but we hired him because he’s fantastic. It’s going to be
really good. I love his attitude, and he’s incredible. He’s a winner.”

The July 18 show at Canyon Club is a benefit, and proceeds benefit the Santa Clarita Food Pantry charity. Tickets are available at Ticketmaster – while they last.

Several record companies and booking agencies are bidding for involvement, as the reformation of the Babys is among the biggest stories in rock in 2013.

Former Babys keyboardist Jonathan Cain cannot be a full-time member because he is in Journey, of course, but the man who would go on to write “Don’t Stop Believing” – the most downloaded song in history – has vowed to sit in when he can, and Cain, still a great friend to Brock and Stocker, even helped choose Bisaha over other finalists for the lead-singer spot.

“I think the possibility of catching on is endless,” Bisaha said. “We’re just getting ripe but it’s great from a nostalgia point of view just to see and hear the Babys again.”

The Babys, originally signed to Chrysalis in what was purported to be one of the most lucrative record deals of all-time, released five studios albums including classics “Broken Heart,” “Head First” and
“Union Jacks” plus a greatest-hits package called “Anthology.” Their radio hits continue to be played every day throughout the world.

“I would love to think we have one more album in us. A lot of people still hold us in high regard,” Brock said. “It’s not like we’re starting a new band, not from scratch. We have a cult following, and every one of us are great players, and we’re still alive after all these years.”

The Babys feature a second guitarist named J.P. Cervoni plus two female backup singers. The band is just getting re-started, and more official news is expected soon. You can check out the Babys at

Reader Comments (10)

I'm already there. Waite or no Waite, the sound of the Babys is contained in Wally Stocker & Tony Brock. It'd be nice to have the other original member, Micheal Corby, but that's just not to be. I'll let you know how it was, after it happens.
July 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAce Steele
Yeah, Ace. Where's founding member, Michael Corby? Shame they couldn't patch it up with him after all these years. And why won't Waite come back in? I guess it's all about the $$$.

Here's what we're missing without those two:

Still, considering Waite and John Cain have given their blessing, I look forward to seeing the NEW Babys!

p.s. The other Baby who will be missed is the late Adrian Millar (RIP), who is the other original founding member, aside from Corby.
July 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Michael Corby? - he has been busy.

Former Babys keyboardist/guitarist Michael Corby has added a series of sensational Facebook Blog posts to his page, dishing up previously unknown details behind an attempt to get The Babys back together in the mid-part of the last decade.
His first post - under the heading The Babys - Reunion Attempt 2003-2007; Corby posted the letter he originally wrote to singer John Waite, attempting to get a reunion rolling. Waite denied ever getting the letter:
"For those who never saw the story regarding The Babys reunion attempt, details of which were posted in 2008 after John Waite refused to acknowledge that he had ever received the letter which follows a short introduction here. A few months ago John finally admitted ihe had received it but refused to open it. This was after lying about it over and over again. He now formally claimed, in his delusional mind, that he thought it was a letter from me trying to get free tickets to attend a Country Music concert with his ex-fiancée, Alison Krauss in London, England."

It gets better with Corby's second post, describing a plan he hatched to bring in Glenn Hughes to replace Waite, as the band expected the notoriously difficult singer to bail:
"Now, there was a 'Plan B' to all this. It was a guy on standby in case Waite was still as idiotic and impossible to deal with as he was back in 78. So, enter one Glenn Hughes, an old acquaintance of mine. If Waite wasn't going to do it I fancied replacing him with a guy who can out-sing him a thousand times over and can play a bass like a god instead of like a complete 4th rate amateur, at best... and let's not delude ourselves here, I'm being generous to Waite. Musically speaking, he can barely play a note and has no real right to refer to himself as a musician. This, Plan B would give The Babys the finest rhythm section in the world. The heritage of an ex-Deep Purple player was also a great mix with the rest of us."
Full post (and worth a read):
July 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTony
I've been seeing the Babys since they first played the Whiskey in 77/78. always a great band, although I prefer the original recording lineup w/ Corby, I'll take what I can get.

I've also continued to support Waite on his own. I consider him one of the best vocalists in rock. I will say that in the last few years, John has seemed to deviate in his vocal delivery's pentameter. Like in this video I shot in a tiny club in 2011. Enjoy.
July 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAce Steele
I read Corby's blog a couple of years and it literally brought me to tears. I'm like, "What the hell happened with this guy? Not only did he and Waite quickly form bad blood but I guess something unsavory must have gone down between Corby and the rest of the band."

Granted, Corby sounds like a bit of a nutter but I've heard Waite is no prince either. Still, I agree with Ace -- Waite's got a helluva voice -- just check out those links I included above. Still, why, oh, why can't these characters put it all back together!
July 9, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
I have been a fan for a long time, it's great to see the band back in any form... nice to see JW and JC (and RP) are right behind them. It would have been very hard to get one old "I love me, who do you love" member up on stage due to the "spitting the dummy out" (very baby-esque) and verbal abuse thrown at the other three. Who cares what the "Currently residing in the Where are they now section" former Baby says... and as for the slagging of bass playing etc, did you ever hear Mike "Hunt" Corby's guitar solos...ouch, fluffing bad at the best of times. He's best to sticking to name dropping and looking after Southern Scottish estates.
Vinnie.. LA/NYC 2013.
July 11, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterVinnie Realdizzeez

Aren't you that old dude that runs the John Waite fansite? Yeah, yeah - you were in a band with JW before he was hired by Corby and Adrian Millar for the Babys, right?

Do you and JW have a "special" relationship, such as the kind that JW had with the execs at Chrysalis? Yeah, the same execs who, in concert with JW, made the illegal ousting of Adrian Millar, and later Corby, possible.

Also, it might serve JW, LLC to remember that he auditioned as a bassist and was hired because he kind of had the image, not for his monster bass playing. Corby hired JW against Millar's advice as well. It wasn't until later at a rehearsal that JW mentioned that he might be able to handle lead vocals.

Anyone with ears would conclude that the Babys' greatest achievement was Broken Heart. As much as JW and Ron Nevison like to take credit, neither has come even close to creating anything close to it ever since. Why is that? Is it possible that Corby, who played 18 different instruments on the album and cowrote half of the songs, might have something to do with it?

Basically, JW (in concert with the Chrysalis execs) illegally hijacked the Babys and wrecked the lives of Corby and Millar (and many others) in order to advance his own career. To this day, Corby has signed legal docs showing that he has sole ownership of the name, while the rest of the original members also claim ownership w/o anything to back it up.

After 35 years, the other org members (and certain fans like yourself) continue to slam Corby publicly, and then suggest that he move on? I dunno, if I were in Mike's shoes, I would be cleaning the gun by now, but his handling of the affairs is indicative of Corby's class, patience, and overall character. He even extended the olive branch by trying to piece together a reunion of the org members a few years ago, only to be humiliated again by having his gesture treated with contempt by JW.
May 16, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterJack The Lad
The Babys as a unit most definitely includes Michael Corby. I watched the "online concert" on YouTube, such as it was, and I was frankly quite embarrassed for them. Stocker barely got out of the shadows, which reminds me...there were quite a few interesting shadows around Waite, and I've long had a plausible theory about all of this.

Consider: Waite sided with the record company gentlemen (how many artists do THAT)? and he and the other two suddenly "fired" Corby for, as I understand it, attempting to open an audit of said company to SAVE THE BAND MONEY.

Here we have Corby, an arrestingly handsome, multi-talented, fan-favorite of the band who had just married and had a child -- a brand-new family. All of this arrived on the heels of the success of "Broken Heart." Double success for Michael. Waite surely must have been under some pressure to stand out/be a real "front man" to remain...interesting.

I certainly can't speak for the intricacies of their relationship, but I believe they had known each other since at least 1974, when they got together to seal the cement to the structure and lyrics to Corby's "I'm Falling," one of the finest works of music I've ever heard. Now, If I were the lead singer of a band but had a gorgeous, knock-out, talented, fan-favorite female guitarist and keyboardist, I'd be very restless and envious after four years. Michael Corby ate up all the scenery, and maybe to Waite, it didn't look so bad, either. Double quandary for John.

Look, I was just a 13-year-old girl whose ears were primed enough even then to recognize great classic rock when I heard it, with the release of "Broken Heart," which I still have.

But this issue is personal to many the world over -- and I'm just one person in America. So from a fan's perspective, this is how I've always seen it: Very few people have a certain presence or spark that resonates with and personally affects people positively -- that "indefinable 'it' factor" -- and are also courteous, determined, and principled. Michael Corby has those qualities. And when he founded that band, his creative contributions (the sound, the instrumentation) and his personal magnetism certainly helped put them on the world map.

When he left, the sound, the energy, and their top-drawing 'fan magnet' was gone as well. I think it's a very simple construct, but after all these years, I've grown tired enough of the back-and-forth that I felt compelled to state what has always seemed quite apparent to me.

I remain a tremendous enthusiast of The Babys pre-Corby's departure, and I swear upon my soul (which I cherish) that I do not know or have any contact with Mr. Corby whatsoever (though I would cherish that nearly as much; I am nothing if not honest)!

In hopes of understanding, good will, cheers and best wishes to all.
June 6, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterCatherine
I agree with Catherine and I HAVE been in contact with Sir Michael and he is a kind, genuine classy, loving & honest woman loving man...John is a girlyprincessladybug.......My heart holds a place for the Broken Heart masterpiece....I was 13 also when I heard the pure Corby magic....Waite owes his whole Luke concert....1/2 career to Corby....amen.
July 22, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterCorbyisagenius
I loved the Babys as a 12/13 year old, wore out the vinyl on that album with 'isn't it time'. Frankly, its not the Babys without Mike. Eventually I got to meet him when I moved to London from Canada -- was I ever thrilled to find my boyfriend then husband was friends with him. Mike was indeed a gentleman, maybe a bit of a nutter but a lovely open hearted nutter and I liked him tons. He was always willing to do a favour, get us in to the Hippodrome dance hall for instance, and he didn't have to do that. He never asked anything n return. Wondering how this event went down without Mike - I would not buy tickets unless he was in the group. Why not include him as us then 13 y.o and now 50 somethings would probably go to the concert if he were in it. I bet millions of young teen gals are just like me - we all drooled over Mike. And ps - It was very funny/weird to tell him that in person ;)
May 20, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterLinda in Toronto

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