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Def Leppard, 'Viva! Hysteria' Movie Trailer

Def Leppard wrapped a massively successful residency in Las Vegas a few months ago. I was lucky enough to travel west for the show and it was a blast and a half. Hysteria, as you all know, is my album, so it was sort of like a childhood dream to see the entire thing performed live. The Leps recorded the performances for what I assumed would be a DVD release. Turns out the band is doing an actual theatrical release of the concert footage and I think that is very cool! (But don't worry - a DVD is coming too!)

It looks like the theatrical event will happen October 2nd and 8th in America. Go to the band's website to search dates if you are in another country. I popped in my zip code and a theater near me has already picked up the show. The tickets are expensive - $15 - but you and I both know that I'll pony up the cash and go. Actually, I'll probably go ahead and buy my tickets in advance!

Here's the trailer below. The voiceover cracked me up and took me immediately back to the 80s. There's definite shades of "tickets available now, charge by phone" here. I half expected the announcer to even say "Ticketron." Maybe you don't know what I mean, but in Ohio in the 80s, bands would promote their tours via TV commercials and the snipe at the end was always "charge by phone or visit a Ticketron outlet." For my viewing area, the promoted shows were always at Riverfront Coliseum. Good memories.

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