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Richie Kotzen, 'Venom' -- New Song and Video

My beloved Richie Kotzen has released a new song! The track is called "Venom" and it is not part of a new album. Richie says he's done enough albums and now he just wants to create new songs as the spirit moves him. I like that. "Venom" is a cool track with that classic Richie vibe. Totally one of the most underrated guitarists and artists going today.

The Essential Richie Kotzen

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At first, I was thinking, “Man, what a cheese fest!” about the video and the song which is suffering from too much Portnoy and Sheehan influence with the Dream Theateresque lack of catchiness and overplayed bass.

In my mind, that’s the very same kind of sh*t that bogged Kotzen down in Winery Dogs, the output of which was 99% crap (Sorry, Allyson!), but then once the concept of the video reveals itself, I found it to be quite amusing and funny,

The endings of both the song and the video are fantastic. I wish Kotzen could write tunes as good as the ending on this one as it just ROCKS, which, as I alluded to in the previous paragraph, unfortunately, simply isn’t the case for the other 15/16th of the song.

And the ending of the video, the very last moment, is completely and sublimely hilarious!

So, yeah, man, it’s just too bad Kotzen either can’t or won’t fully embrace what true Rock & Roll is. He either refuses to play it 100% or simply isn’t capable and that’s always been his problem even in Poison or whatever project he was involved with.

In fact, the last time he really sounded great and knew how to Rock & Roll was when he was in Arthur’s Museum at the ripe old age of 17!
June 11, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!

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