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Jimmy Bain Cause Of Death Revealed

Jimmy Bain died of lung cancer. That's according to the coroner's report. Apparently Jimmy didn't even know he had lung cancer. He was being treated for pneumonia instead. Truly sad.

Cause Of Death Revealed For Former RAINBOW/DIO Bassist JIMMY BAIN

Posted by (Official) on Sunday, January 31, 2016

Buckcherry, 'Gettin' Started' -- New Track

The deluxe version of Buckcherry's Rock n' Roll was released January 29th. One of the songs on the album is "Gettin' Started." The band released that song for free streaming and you can hear it below. It has a great 80s vibe - a straight up rocker. Good stuff.


Here Come The Commercials

Super Bowl 50 is just a few days away, ya'll. That means the commercials are coming. Surely music from some our beloved bands will be featured. Case in point: Acura has already released an ad for their NSX - featuring my favorite Van Halen song "Runnin' With the Devil."


Vince Neil Working On New Album

It looks like we're finally getting a follow-up to the 2010 release Tattoos & Tequila. Apparently Vince Neil is working on a new solo album and is already crowd-testing some of those songs. I just wish he'd perform songs from his Exposed album!

MÖTLEY CRÜE's VINCE NEIL Is Working On New Solo Record

Posted by (Official) on Thursday, January 28, 2016

Def Leppard, 'Dangerous' -- New Video

Def Leppard just released the video for their track "Dangerous" from their new self-titled release. Fans of video games might like this one - it's from Guitar Hero Live.


Las Vegas Really Is The New Sunset Strip

Another reason to love Las Vegas: the first annual Hair Metal Awards are set to take place there in May. Sounds like a fun time. Twisted Sister will headline.

TWISTED SISTER To Headline First Annual 'Vegas Rocks! Hair Metal Awards'

Posted by (Official) on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Def Leppard Cruise... Didn't Go As Planned I Guess

The Def Leppard Cruise, dubbed Hysteria on the High Seas was this past weekend. Apparently things didn't really go as planned. First off, and most horrific, is that Jimmy Bain of Last In Line and Rainbow and DIO fame actually died on the boat. I saw the reports of his death and didn't put it together that he died while on the cruise. Just terrible.

Then, apparently Joe Elliott got laryngitis - meaning he literally had no voice - and thus couldn't perform during Def Leppard's headline set. Eric Martin and Kip Winger stepped in and performed with Def Leppard. A clip of them singing is below.

Also, if all that wasn't bad enough, the weather was bad and ports were closed.

Thoughts and prayers to the Jimmy Bain family,Today the members of Last In Line said good bye to a legend.... Thank you to all who came to listen and share

Posted by Def Leppard Cruise on Sunday, January 24, 2016