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This Is Scary 

Hackers Anonymous said yesterday that they found several supposed Daesh targets. One of them on the list was apparently the Five Finger Death Punch show set for today in Italy. Scary stuff. After the Great White concert fire and the shooting at Al Rosa Villa, I always hesitated going into smaller clubs. I much prefer open air venues. These latest terrorist attacks and threats against concert halls make me nervous, too. From Blabbermouth: first this...

Then this...


'Sister Christian' -- Chicken Style

I hope Night Ranger made a fortune off of this. Geez.


Great White and Slaughter -- New Interview

I recently interviewed Mark Slaughter of Slaughter and Michael Lardie of Great White for the Dayton City Paper. Both bands are playing near Dayton, Ohio tonight. You can finish reading the interview on the DCP site - link at the bottom of this post. 

“Life is pretty darn good. Enjoy it while you can,” advises Mark Slaughter, front man for the band Slaughter.

Slaughter and fellow ’80s glam metallers Great White will team up for a show and some of the good life at Hobart Arena in Troy on Friday, Nov. 20.

Slaughter and Great White often play several shows together each year. The bands have the same management and the package works well for fans. Still, it’s been awhile since both bands have played the Dayton region. Great White played the Ohio State Fair earlier this year but neither act has been around the Miami Valley in years. This means there’s pent-up demand for a classic, straight-ahead rock show.

“You can say what you will about [music] trends, and New York and Los Angeles seem to dictate the newest thing, but straight ahead rock n’ roll plays really well in the Midwest and always has,” explains Great White rhythm guitarist and keyboardist Michael Lardie. “We literally could have a career playing from Ohio to Utah, back and forth up and down. We could do 50 shows a year just in that region. I don’t know if it is the realism of going to see a real band that actually plays their instruments … I think that might be part of the attraction. There is a certain authenticity to what we’re still doing.”

Great White formed back in 1977. Since that time, the band has had some super highs and even lower lows. Highs include platinum records, Grammy nominations and touring with some of the biggest bands in rock. Lowest lows include a break-up in 2000, floundering solo careers and the horrific Station nightclub fire in February of 2003. Eventually the band officially reunited only to face ongoing issues with singer Jack Russell. In 2010, the band members hired vocalist Terry Ilous to replace Russell.

Continue reading on the Dayton City Paper website



'Richie Kotzen Live,' New DVD

November 18, 2015 -- For fans of guitarist/singer/songwriter RICHIE KOTZEN, their wish for a professionally-filmed look at his intricate guitar and genre-spanning song stylings has finally come true in the form of his new DVD, RICHIE KOTZEN LIVE, which was released October 13 via his Headroom-Inc label.  

KOTZEN and his band ended their 2014-2015 tour in Tokyo, Japan at Akasaka Blitz, where they shot the entire concert in high-definition.  This is RICHIE KOTZEN and his band—bassist Dylan Wilson and drummer Mike Bennett--at their best.   It features some of his classics, “You Can’t Save Me,” “Remember,” as well as new songs “Cannibals,” “War Paint,” and “Walk With Me.”  The collection also includes off-the-chart improvisational solo sections between KOTZEN and his virtuoso rhythm section.  This live DVD concert is a must-have for KOTZEN fans worldwide, and it’s the perfect introduction to those who have yet to be a part of the RICHIE KOTZEN experience.

With his guitar styles ranging from rock, blues, jazz and fusion to pop and soul, RICHIE KOTZEN has built a remarkably diverse 20-plus year career as a guitarist, singer and songwriter.  During that span, KOTZEN toured with his trio extensively outside the United States, building a loyal fan base and selling out shows throughout Europe, Latin America, and Japan.  In 1996, Fender guitars honored him with not one, but two signature model guitars.  His signature model Telecaster is available worldwide and continues to be a top seller for the brand.  In 2006, KOTZEN received one of his biggest personal honors when The Rolling Stones chose him to open up a string of Japanese shows placing him in front of some of his biggest crowds to date.  He has not only built an incredibly successful solo career, but has also found himself writing, recording and playing live with a variety of different artists, including Jazz legends Stanley Clarke and Lenny White.  
He currently plays guitar and fronts The Winery Dogs with bassist Billy Sheehan and drummer Mike Portnoy (the band’s latest HOT STREAK album debuted at #2 on the Billboard “Top Current Alternative Albums” chart and #5 on Billboard’s “Top Current Hard Music” chart).   
Here’s the complete track listing of RICHIE KOTZEN LIVE:
1. War Paint
2. Love Is Blind
3. Bad Situation
4. Cannibals
5. Walk With Me
6. Fear
7. Doing What The Devil Says To Do
8. Peace Sign
9. drum and bass solo
10. Help Me
11. Remember
12. Fooled Again
13. You Can’t Save Me
14. Go Faster



Pop Evil, 'Ways To Get High' -- New Video

Pop Evil is one of my husband's favorite bands. The band released Up at the end of August. Now they have a video for their latest single "Ways To Get High."

I have to admit, I kind of dig this tune. The video is a little goofy (the graphics bother me), but hey. I'm just glad bands still make videos.



The drip of news concerning the alleged Guns n' Roses reunion tour continues. Now Blabbermouth reports that the reunion will only feature Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan, leaving Izzy Stradlin and Steven Adler out in the cold. I'm skeptical, because I don't know why either Axl or Slash -- especially Slash -- would agree to this. Half originals, half cover band... I'm already getting bored with this. Thoughts?



Bret Chooses The Best Hair Metal Bands Of All Time

We all love the bands he picks, but there's no surprises or ingenuity. His commentary on each band is weak too. Click the link to see Bret's choices for the best hair metal bands of all time.