Motley Crue Will Make A Big Announcement Today

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Here's the info of the Motley announcement:

I'll update when Motley breaks the news - whatever it is.

Rare Metal Monday

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It doesn't get much more obscure than this! Lionheart - "Die For Love."

The short-lived British band featured some names we all know including Frank Noon (from Def Leppard!).

Did anyone ever see these guys live?

Here's the video for "Die For Love."

Richie Kotzen Releases New Solo Album 

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From my inbox this week - a gem about Richie Kotzen's 20th solo album.


January 15, 2015 -- Guitarist/singer/songwriter RICHIE KOTZEN digitally released his 20th solo album, CANNIBALS, January 8 via his Headroom-Inc label.  It quickly reached #1 on Amazon’s New Rock Releases chart.  Videos for “You” and “Cannibals” can be found on his official YouTube page.
Here’s information about CANNIBALS, in KOTZEN’s own words:
CANNIBALS is an interesting record for me,” KOTZEN explains, “because much of this material is comprised from recordings that are as old as 10 years.  The title track is the most recent song I’ve written.  That was from 2014, but ‘Come On Free,’ for example, was originally recorded back in the early 2000’s.  I always liked the track, but never knew how to fit it into one of my records.  Somehow I thought now was the time, so I went back to the original recording and did a remix.  The only new overdub is the chant at the end, which happened recently one night when I was playing the song for my friends.  I had a bunch of friends in the studio from Brazil and they all started chanting.  I was like, ‘ALL THAT!’ and put up the microphone and we recorded it with no headphones.  Everyone was having a great time.  It was so spontaneous.
“The track ‘Time For The Payment’ is also an older recording from 2008.  I would have included that on my album, PEACE SIGN, back then, but it didn’t seem to make sense at the time.  That recording is unchanged.  I just had it mastered and I think it is a great closer for the record.
“‘In An Instant’ and ‘The Enemy’ were both written by combining new song ideas with previously recorded material.  I wrote ‘The Enemy’ chorus in 2014 when I originally recorded the song, but I didn’t like the verse I had written.  After spending a day listening to old song ideas, I found an older song of mine with a great verse idea and intro, and basically copied and pasted that recording into the current recording.  Then I sang everything over, made some creative edits, re-wrote some lyrics, and ended up with ‘The Enemy.’  I probably shouldn’t reveal this, but half the song has a drum and guitar performance from several years ago and the rest of the song is comprised of new recorded performances.  Crazy concept, but somehow it worked and I ended up with a recording that I’m very happy with.  I did the same trick with the song ‘In An Instant.’ 
“I suppose my proudest moment on CANNIBALS is the song I wrote with my daughter, August, called ‘You.’  I originally released this as a single/video at the end of 2014.  It was born from a piano idea she had written when she was 13 or 14 years old.  I found the original recording of her piano performance on my computer and wrote lyrics to it last summer.  Probably one of my favorite things I’ve ever recorded.
“I also did a duet with someone who I’ve always been a fan of, Dug Pinnik from Kings X.  I was at a house party and Dug was there, and we were talking about how we should do something together one day.  When I went back to the studio I was working on the song ‘I’m All In’ and then it hit me.  I called Dug and asked him if he would trade vocals with me on the tune and we did it!  He added a whole other dimension to the track.  I’m glad I called him!”
In other KOTZEN news, he’ll be teaming up with his bandmates of THE WINERY DOGS (Mike Portnoy and Billy Sheehan) to start working on their second album this month.  Stay tuned for new album details.


Steel Panther Perform On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

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Steel Panther performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday night. I can't help but be amused and wonder what the average American was thinking when these guys popped up on the tube? Nonetheless, performances on mainstream shows like Kimmel are nothing but good news for bands like Steel Panther. 

David Lee Roth: Still Got It

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Today's content comes from regular poster and conversation starter HIM. 

To the chagrin of some posters on here I am a David Lee Roth fan. Always have been and always will be. Odd Christmas songs? Fine with me. Strange trailers for completely nonsensical Japanese revenge movies that will never exist? If that is what you fancy. Less than stellar vocal delivery? I will take what I can get and get what I can take. Yes, I am a fanboy.

I believe, however, that this video (and there are better versions out there) helps me emphasize a point I made a few months back: in limited doses, in controlled settings, DLR still brings it, crushes it, and makes a fool out of those who say otherwise (remember: I am a fanboy).


I admire David Grohl. I just don’t like much of his music. He strikes me as forthright and talented, dealing with a humongous legacy and carving out his own path. He loves the music of his youth. So do I. He also did something magical when he decided to make himself and the Foos a backing band (and a great backing band) for DLR. In the process, DLR honored the Foos and the Foos reciprocated. I can’t think of a recent event I would have paid plasma to be at and have witnessed live.

Oh, the bald thing? Yes, finally (I buried the lead). Great head to go along with a great persona. Wish more people would do this when the going gets tough and the hair gets going. Sure, the mighty mane is missing.  But it has been for years, replaced by plugs or glue or comb-overs (a modified-Mellencamp for the Dirty Little Mouth era). Yes, the floppy hat belongs on a certain lead singer of AC/DC’s head (his pate suits it and it suits him). But the “Ed Hardy slapped my butt” jeans and the matching jacket are a step up from the OshKosh B'gosh overalls he has been sporting.  And that tattoo that he is rolling out? Ink on, you crazy 60-year old Diamond. Ink on.
While his head will likely get the headlines, it is DLR’s vigor and Grohl’s largesse that deserve them. When the present feels like the past, it is hard to worry about the future.


I'm Totally Seeing This 'Movie'

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KIX, 'Wheels In Motion' -- New Video

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KIX released Rock Your Face Off last year. Now one of my favorite bands is marking the start of 2015 with a brand new video for the track "Wheels In Motion." Love it. We've waited a really long time for this!