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Glam Alert: Tigertailz Release New Video

Tigertailz just released a video for their cover of Mud’s “Dynamite.” The song is on the band's new album Blast. This is real glam (and really goofy), people.


M3 Rock Festival Set Times Announced

Hard to believe, but M3 Rock Festival is this weekend in Columbia, Maryland. I wish I was going but the timing just didn't work out this year. Here's the band lineup and set times. Some of these sets are brutally short. If you're going, have a great time and report back to the rest of us.


Guns n' Roses, 'Used To Love Her' - Coachella Part Two

Guns n' Roses headlined Coachella (again) on Saturday night. They added "Used To Love Her" to the set. This is one of my favorite GnR songs and the band didn't play it at the Las Vegas show I attended a couple weeks ago. I was pretty bummed but glad to see it in the set now. I think Axl sounds great on this song too!


Bruce Springsteen Pays Tribute To Prince

Bruce Springsteen opened his concert in Brooklyn last night with an amazing version of "Purple Rain" in honor of Prince. Worth a watch.


Quick Question: KISS Figures

I have to ask, because this is something that has always amazed me: how many of you still collect KISS figures? And if you, how many do you have... and where do you store them? Also, are they expensive?


Remembering Prince - Live Review

Christian was lucky enough to see Prince live just a couple months ago. Here's his review:
For a long time, the number one act I wanted to see live was Prince.  I missed two chances, in Las Vegas and in Australia, because of circumstances beyond my control. So, when he announced a snap tour with just him playing piano, and it was on my birthday back in February, I knew I had to go.  

He played small venues, less than 2,000 seats. When tickets went on sale, a lot of people missed out.  For perspective, the last time he toured, he sold out huge arenas, multiple nights.  I went to both shows the first night in Melbourne.  I paid $1,500 for VIP and got the front row for the first show.  I was literally right in front of Prince.

There was no opening act. There was a backdrop, with lights on it, and a door opened and he walked out. It was the night that news had broken of Vanity passing away. He told a lot of stories about her and was obviously deeply affected.  

The shows were advertised as being two hours, but he only played for 90 minutes. At the time I put that down to Vanity, but later the venue admitted to me they had just assumed and had been wrong. The show included a lot of deep cuts.  He played a Bob Marley cover ("Waiting In Vain"), but I didn’t realise, that’s how many songs he played I did not recognise (I also like Bob Marley and know some of his songs). Nevertheless, everything he played was amazing.  He played "Paisley Park" in a barrel house piano style, he played a lot of super fast, very clean jazz piano. He confessed in both shows I saw that his father was a great jazz pianist and he had always hoped to be as good as him.  I never heard his father play, but I’ve never heard someone play piano as well as Prince.

Later set lists included songs like "Cream," "Kiss," and "Let’s Go Crazy."  The curse of the Internet is that when an artist varies their set, you find out about the songs you missed.  But, what I heard was brilliant.  Seeing him tell stories about his childhood was also a rare treat.  He played several songs from his new CD, which we were given at the end of the night. The absolute highlight though, was "The Beautiful Ones" from Purple Rain, a song that he was able to pour a lot of virtuoso playing and a lot of emotion in to.

Overall, I would have loved to have heard more songs I knew, but I was thrilled to see what I did, it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience (now definitely true, with news of his sad passing). Wearing the tour shirt, lots of people have stopped me to ask how it was and told me they could not get tickets.  Having got to two shows was obviously a real stroke of luck for me. 

I’m very sad I never got to see a full Prince show, but I am very glad I got to see the "Piano and a Microphone" shows.


Farewell Prince

This is too much. Music icon and guitar god Prince has died. He was just 57. Didn't see this one coming.

My favorite Prince song of all time is "7." Let this be a reminder to go see your music heroes live while you still can.