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March Is Metal Month, So Proclaims Amazon

March is metal month. At least that is what Amazon Music Unlimited proclaims. So I got sick of watching the Metal Month banner rotate and I finally clicked on it yesterday. There are special play lists, all metal. Here’s some examples:

  • The Top 100 Most Played: Metal
  • Metal Forge
  • Metal Strikes
  • Instrumental Metal for Studying (Mike Portnoy makes an appearance here)
  • Dark Industrial Metal

… and of course, the 100 Greatest Hair Metal Songs

So you know which one I picked.

The “Hair Metal” playlist is everything you would expect, from Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me” to Europe’s “The Final Countdown.” There isn’t a single rare track in the bunch but Hanoi Rocks does make an appearance. I will say you could pop this play list on during a party and walk away. Everyone would be happy because every song is recognizable.

If you want to get into the weeds, you can argue if Van Halen is “hair metal” because they are on this play list a lot (both David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar versions). Motley Crue, Guns n’ Roses and Poison show up a ton. Queensryche is on the list, but again, are they “hair metal?” Not really, but they are always looped in with the genre and they seemed to embrace it in the 80s and now, quite frankly.

I have no idea if the Top 100 songs appear in any sort of ranking. The first track on the play list is “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and the last is “High Enough” by Damn Yankees. If there is some ranking afoot, I’d move Damn Yankees WAY higher in the list.

So try the play list if you want to listen to songs you love but have heard nine million times before. The play list is nearly seven and a half hours long. So great for a road trip, too!



'Punk Goes Classic Rock' -- Album Review

Here’s an unintentional album review.

Yesterday I was listening to I See Stars Phases. I always listen to music via Amazon Music Unlimited as I have a paid account, meaning I essentially have access to just about every song ever commercially released.

So on the right side of Amazon Music is a “suggestion” bar. When I was listening to I See Stars, another I See Stars album came up. I didn’t pay much attention as I own them all… except I didn’t recognize the cover. I looked closer and clicked and discovered Punk Goes Classic Rock by various artists.

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Some of the stuff was hilarious. There’s The Maine doing “Pour Some Sugar on Me” and Hit The Lights doing “More Than A Feeling.” Then there are some really good versions like blessthefall doing “Dream On” and Never Shout Never doing “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

I laughed all the way through “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” by Pierce The Veil. That song is nuts anyway and the PTV version is all sped up and screamy and just a hoot.

“Crazy Train” is just weird. The beginning of that song is perhaps one of the most iconic openings in all of metal and this version misses the mark. That said Forever The Sickest Kids singer Jonathan Cook has a good voice.  I will say I enjoy the outro and extra little metalcore touches to this version.

Mayday Parade do a great job with “We Are The Champions” – they stay pretty much true to the original. No one is ever going to come close to the original, so props to those who try.

And I bet you’re wondering what I See Stars contributed to this, aren’t you? They did a cover of “Your Love” which is also on Phases. There’s actually legitimate metalcore breakdowns in this version, meaning I See Stars tried to make the song their own at least.

Punk Goes Classic Rock was released in 2011 via Fearless Records.

Don Dokken, George Lynch Reunion Confirmed For M3 Rock Fest

Last night, Merriweather Post Pavilion shared some news via Facebook: Don Dokken and George Lynch will reunite at M3 Rock Fest. Lynch, Dokken and Mick Brown will play a special set. Also just added to the lineup are XYZ and Kip Winger.

M3 is set for May 3,4,5 at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland. Whitesnake will headline. Single day tickets go on sale Friday.

For Fletch in the comments section - yes, George Lynch has a broken bone and here is the X-Ray


Which Singer Has Fallen The Farthest Since Their Glory Days?

This is from Reddit. Great question, but dumb premise arguing that people like Jon Bon Jovi and Axl Rose don't have strong voices anymore. Hogwash on that.

For my money, I'd say Vince Neil and Paul Stanley have vocally fallen the farthest, although neither were ever great technical singers. Glam is more about the entire package and both had it in their respective heydays.

There for awhile, Joe Elliott of Def Leppard was struggling but he's seemed to turn a corner. Def Lep is always fun live and still enjoys playing to large crowds. All those hit records help!

Probably the biggest vocal fall of them all goes to Stephen Pearcy of RATT. Agree?

Which singer has fallen the farthest since their glory days? from r/hairmetal


The Slow Walk Back Begins, Maybe

We've been getting mixed messages from Motley Crue. First, the vehement denial that the band would ever tour again. Then they recorded new music which is great. Then again Nikki Sixx says the band will never perform together again. Now Vince Neil is saying "we're not touring but we didn't break up."

It's a matter of time before these guys are on stage together again. I'm telling you. It's going to happen. Anyway, enjoy your Sunday. I have another busy one ahead of me. Onward!


Telsa Releases New Album 'Shock'

Tesla's new album Shock is available now. I was hoping to listen to it yesterday and review today but it didn't happen. I logged 60 hours at work last week and I've got an article due for the Dayton Business Journal plus my parents are coming to visit... so I just didn't have dedicated time to sit and really listen. But hopefully that will happen sometime this weekend! Apparently you can actually buy a physical CD of this album at Target with three bonus tracks. Amazing.

Buy Tesla 'Shock' Here


A Little Throwback

An amazing solo from an amazing time in Guns n' Roses history. I watched this like five times in a row. GnR use their Twitter account better than most bands with classic pics and concert footage - great fun.