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(Marketing) Train Kept A Rollin'

So, the crack marketing staff pushing Poison's latest release Poison'd have simply outdone themselves this time. If you can play air guitar, you can win an autographed axe signed by every member of the band.

Poison is relying heavily on, and this ad posted just about five minutes ago:



I think Poison deserve a lot of respect for their inventive sales tactics. They tour just about every summer, so they have to keep fans interested. While Poison'd is a new release, it's all old songs (read: covers). In the last four days, the boys have participated in several television appearances and hosted a live online-only concert. Lead singer Bret Michaels has done  radio and guitarist C.C. DeVille is pushing the album on the club circuit. White Lion dropping out of the Poison/RATT summer tour only helped the buzz.

Also, the band is offering several deals for fans who purchase Poison'd, including free concert tickets and free t-shirts.

Target marketing really pays.




Hair Metal Lawyer

Until I can post a real article, watch this video: Hair Metal Lawyer.
I expect comments.


Support Local Music: DSV

Remember when I reviewed the C.C. DeVille show with local support Drugstore Valentine? (Please see "Backstage Bombshells") I also interviewed DSV lead singer Kenny Ozz (please see "Welcome to the Show"). Now, a loyal fan has posted a video of Drugstore Valentine performing their signature tune "Backstage Bombshells." The clip is a little audio poor, but that's not really the point. The main issue is how much fun DSV are having on stage.

Support local music and watch this video:


I Alone

Glam fans, I'm beat.

Beaten down by work and other frustrations. To try and start the day on the right note I glammed myself up this morning: teased hair, new Motley Crue shirt, high heels, heavy eye liner. I look good, but I don't feel good.

I feel frustrated.

The good news is that I have several things to look forward to: many interviews, a long weekend next week plus a trip to the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.  Rocklahoma is next month and  my real summer vacation in August.

heart.jpgSometimes a great song is enough to pull me out of a sad state. The other day I was listening to classic Heart. Ann and Nancy Wilson are a very talented duo, and they churned out some great glam in their day. Some of their best known hits include "What About Love," "Crazy on You," "Never" and "These Dreams." Of all their songs, "Alone" is my favorite. It's got a great sing-a-loud chorus that makes you want to shove your fist in their air.

Here's the classic video for "Alone:"


Last season on American Idol, eventual winner Carrie Underwood delivered her best performance when she sang "Alone." Carrie had the black leather jacket and the huge, teased hair. Even though she's country, Carrie is a little glam. Here's her take on "Alone:"



Guess what? Rockstar Supernova contestant Jill Gioia also performed the song. Here's her version:

Which version do you prefer?



What I Like About You!

Someone smarter than me figured out how to steal the code for Poison's "What I Like About You."

Here's the video:


Rapid Album Review: Poison'd

poisond.jpgOwning Poison'd for 24 hours, I'm ready to give the disc a formal review.

First thoughts?

It's a surprisingly better album than I initially expected. I know most of you will agree that cover albums are never nearly as good as a record of all new material. Of course, this is the case with Poison'd, still, glam metal icons Poison make the songs work.

With innovative marketing, Poison'd is selling strong over at I would assume the disc will land Poison somewhere on the Billboard Top 40 chart next week.

The album, produced by Don Was, features these songs:

Little Willy                                       
Suffragette City                                
I Never Cry                                       
I Need to Know                               
Can't You See                                 
What I Like About You                      
Dead Flowers                                   
Just What I Needed                          
Rock and Roll All Nite                       
Squeeze Box                                   
Your Mama Don't Dance                   
You Don't Mess Around With Jim       
We're An American Band                

A special version available only at Wal-Mart stores features the bonus cover of Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back." Since I purchased my copy at Best Buy I haven't heard the Timberlake classic, but the song is available on iTunes, so you can hear that clip that way.

For ten bucks, Poison'd is a fun spin for the car, especially a summer road trip. No, it's not Grammy worthy and no, it won't go down in history as the best rock album ever made. No matter. Poison'd is classic Poison: raw, fun, energetic. 

Haters be damned! 




Look What the Cat Dragged In

Today is the day.

Poison's new album POISON'D! is officially released.

To celebrate, the band is planning a live webcast performance on The performance and chat session will be hosted by adult film star Kristen Price and will air at 3pm EST. During the chat session of the webcast, band members will answer fan questions submitted via

On Thursday, Poison will perform "What I Like About You" on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. The Romantic's classic "What I Like About You" is the first single from Poison'd and Pennsylvania's favorite glam sons even made a video for this track. You can watch the very cute video at The page wouldn't let me steal the code to post as a clip here, but I'm sure some programmer will figure out a way to post on YouTube by the end of the day.

Here's a screen shot from the video:








Remember, Poison'd is a covers album including David Bowie's "Suffragette City," the Sweet's "Little Willy" and The Marhall Tucker Band's "Can't You See." If I can get away from my computer long enough during lunch, I fully intend on heading to Target to purchase the disc. Patrons who choose to buy the album at Wal-Mart will get a special bonus track of Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back."


Expect an album review within the next two days.