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Hello. My name is Allyson - and I'm a 37 year old nobody that loves Glam. If you like the writing on this site, you might want to check out my stuff at
The Dayton City Paper or my archive from AOL - Noisecreep. Thank you for reading! 

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Kim Nordlund - Contributor

Swede with journalist dreams. Glam enthusiast in general and Crüe fan in particular. Obviously born 30 years too late on the wrong side of the Atlantic Ocean.






Christian Graus - Contributor

World famous star of Iron Maiden books and videos, player of guitar and full time Nickelback enthusiast.





Brian Carvell - Contributor

I am a 37 year old attorney from Connecticut. My first Glam album was Quiet Riot's QRIII, and my first concert was Poison/Lita Ford/Britny Fox. If I could relive any concert from my youth, it would be Vixen/Electric Boys/Jetboy at Toads Place in New Haven, CT.  I'm a lifelong fan of Glam and metal and can't imagine ever not loving the music from the 80s. In my spare time, aside from raising two little girls with my wife, I am a drummer, enjoy working out, boxing and mud runs.