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Down with the Establishment

For whatever reason, the Grammy awards consistently snub some of the most popular - and talented - musicians. I started wondering if any of my beloved glam bands were Grammy winners. Sadly, I'm pretty sure the answer is no. The recording industry introduced the category of Best Hard Rock/Metal Group Performance in 1989. That was the year Motley Crue (Dr. Feelgood)  or Metallica (Metallica)  should have won. Jethro Tull took home the statuette instead.

After the initial snub, Metallica went on to win six Grammy awards. Aerosmith has won four. Black Sabbath has one Grammy, for the re-release of "Iron Man" in the late nineties.

You probably think Def Leppard has at least one Grammy, considering the importance Pyromania had on rock during the 1980s. Hysteria remains one of the highest selling rock albums of all time. Nope, no Grammy awards. Not even for best music video...a category I'm not sure should even exist.

Let's talk about the best video winners. Some glam acts created the most elaborate videos for their time on MTV. The first Grammy for best video was awarded in 1984. It went to Duran Duran for "Hungry Like a Wolf." Other winners for best music video include David Bowie, USA for Africa, Dire Straits, Michael Jackson, and Paula Abdul. As you would guess, U2 also won a Grammy for best video (for Vertigo, no less). What videos do I think deserve a Grammy? "November Rain" by Guns N' Roses (still one of the most expensive videos of all time), "Cryin" by Aerosmith, and "Looks that Kill" by Motley Crue. I know for a fact that at least a few rock acts are recognized voters for the Grammys. It just baffles me that no real rock acts ever win.

Poison? Zip. Motley Crue? Zero. RATT? Zilch.

But don't worry: Led Zeppelin never won either.

Grammy darlings U2 have won more Grammys than any other "rock group." Whatever.

Tune in February 11, 2007 for the 49th annual Grammy awards. I'm sure there will be plenty more snubs to talk about the next day.

At least Milli Vanilli was recognized...




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