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Metallica Release 'Moth Into Flame' Video

Metallica just released the video for "Moth Into Flame." The song is on the upcoming album Hardwired...To Self-Destruct, which is scheduled for a November 18 release. I gotta say, I like it. You?


My Beloved! Rare Videos Of Steve Clark, Def Leppard Posted Online

The Rock Brigade forum just uploaded some rare Pyromania-era footage featuring Steve Clark! Everyone knows I'm crazy for Steve Clark, so this is huge for me. The clips are in three parts, each 20 minutes long.


Stryper To Take Hiatus 

It's a low-key kind of day for me. I had a lovely breakfast, spent a million dollars on groceries, took a long walk and I'm about to plant myself on the couch to watch hours of football. There isn't too much going on in the music world right now. I feel like the only thing anyone cares about is politics. The big Lincoln - Douglas, er, Clinton - Trump debate is tomorrow night, so that's all the news is focusing on. And even the music news is filled with artists giving their (basically worthless) commentary on the state of affairs in this country right now.

All that said, I'll just leave you with this: Stryper is apparently taking a hiatus after their 30th anniversary tour. This doesn't surprise me, in fact most bands take a break after a new album and/or tour. The real news about this hiatus comes from within the statement that the band members will take time off "to think and pray about the direction of the band going forward." This doesn't exactly sound positive. My advice is to go see Stryper live if you haven't had the chance. In fact, that advice applies to every band we love. I fear we're losing opportunities to do so.


Ok Then.

Why does Bobby Blotzer look so artificial in this photo? Bad photoshop? This is still gonna be a hard pass for me I'm afraid. 



More Info on Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis Reunion

Apparently, we're not the only ones excited to see if the chemistry still exists between Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis. Phil just did an interview and said the same thing! I guess the guys have to play and work together for Phil to know if the chemistry still exists. For our sake, I hope it does!


Metallica’s Global Citizen Performance Will Be Streamed Live

Metallica’s set at the Global Citizen festival will be streamed live. The festival is in New York this Saturday. You can watch the show on MSNBC, Facebook or YouTube. The streaming begins at 3pm EST.

I'm going to a wedding Saturday evening but I should be home in time to catch Metallica's set. I'm looking forward to this for sure. A concert in the comfort of my own home that doesn't cost a dime!


It's Happening: New L.A.Guns With Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis

News via LA Weekly: Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns are joining forces once again to record a new album as L.A. Guns. The new album will be on Frontiers and I'll be buying it on the very first day! I'm very excited about this!