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Winery Dogs Announce Limited Edition Vinyl 

From my inbox:
October 17, 2017 -- On Record Store Day’s Black Friday, November 24, THE WINERY DOGS--Richie Kotzen (vocals, guitar), Billy Sheehan (bass), Mike Portnoy (drums)—will release a limited edition vinyl of their recently released DOG YEARS: LIVE IN SANTIAGO & BEYOND 2013-2016 exclusively to independent record stores. It consists of three red and white marble colored vinyl albums, featuring the live audio from the concert as well as the DOG YEARS EP.
For participating stores, fans can go to
Originally released in both standard and deluxe editions August 4 on Loud & Proud Records, DOG YEARS: LIVE IN SANTIAGO & BEYOND 2013-2016 is a collection of live concert footage, music videos, and an EP of previously unreleased studio tracks. A trailer can be seen on the label’s official YouTube page
A standard two-disc edition of DOG YEARS: LIVE IN SANTIAGO & BEYOND 2013-2016 includes one Blu-Ray disc of the 100-minute concert, eight music videos from the band’s two albums, and the DOG YEARS EP on CD. A special edition five-disc package consists of one Blu-Ray disc, one DVD of the live concert material and the eight music videos, the DOG YEARS EP on CD, as well as two CDs of the live concert audio.


Nikki Sixx Announces Audio Version Of 'The Heroin Diaries'

The 10th anniversary audio book edition of The Heroin Diaries will hit stores October 24. You can pre-order now. I've never been much of an audio book person. I've always preferred to read the words on the page but I can imagine for a long trip or regular, long commutes, audio books would be great fun.

On October 27, Nikki will be doing an in-person book event at the Barnes and Noble at The Grove in Los Angeles at 7p.m. Get in line for an autograph if you're in the area.


The Darkness 'Solid Gold'

The Darkness released a new album called Pinewood Smile on October 6. One of the tracks from the album is "Solid Gold" and it's a riot. Basically, it's a parody of the entire record industry and it seems pretty spot on to me. The riff on this song is killer, too and the video is just classic. I wish The Darkness much success with this new album - they deserve it. I'd love to see them live in concert someday.


Europe Streams New Song 'Election Day'

You can now stream "Election Day" the new song by Europe. The track is off the upcoming album Walk the Earth due out Friday.

I'm finally starting to feel better. My voice is back and I had some actual energy yesterday. I'm hoping to take it easy again today. I'll probably catch up on TV and listen to some music. My Bengals are on a bye, so I'll skip football. Thanks to everyone who messaged me with tips on how to get my voice back. It's been one long week.


Hardcore Superstar Back With New Video

One of the best bands going is Hardcore Superstar. The band just released the video for "Have Mercy On Me" which is a great track. The band hits the road with FOZZY later this month for dates all over Europe. Good fun.


Nikki Sixx To End Radio Show 'Sixx Sense'

This one surprises me. Nikki Sixx will end his nationally syndicated radio show "Sixx Sense" on December 31 of this year. He is moving on to work on other projects. It will be interesting to see if Nikki ends up on satellite radio at some point.


Letting Go, Getting 'Rocks'

I've been sick for over a week now. It started with horrible stomach pains and progressed to exhaustion, the worst sore throat of my life and now day three of laryngitis. In short, it's been the pits. I'm mainly a marketer at my day job, but I'm also the PR person when there is a crisis and yesterday, sadly, we had one of those. Sometimes things happen that put everything else in to perspective, you know? You're reminded that life is really short and there's no point wasting time on people who suck, jobs you hate, bands you don't like... or diet ice cream. Don't even get me started on diet ice cream.

So I made it through my day of hell, keeping in mind things were much worse for many others. After dinner I watched some episodes of M*A*S*H and then Survivor. My husband and I talked about Eminem - Eric has always been a huge fan. While I've always been into Metal, Eric really loved rap in the 90s and early 2000s, especially Notorious B.I.G. and Eminem.

So anyway, I was reflecting on all the stuff that Eric and I like and I realized I hadn't listened to an actual Aerosmith CD in my car... in ages. Aerosmith is my favorite band and I listened to them while working last week but it struck me as odd that I didn't have a single CD of my favorite band in my car. How is this possible? I tend to take things in the house, file them away and then forget about it. I don't like clutter, so everything is "away" - either on a shelf or in a box, etc. This time, "away" means a giant CD zip binder that should probably really live in my car. The thing holds like 200 albums or something. It's just sitting in the top of my closet, not doing anything other than collecting dust. All because it's more "orderly" there.

So after a week of hell and day of chaos, I vowed to live a little: take down the CD binder, let it live in my car and be slightly messy. Who cares if the CDs won't always be in order or the binder takes up space in the backseat? I don't ever drive anyone else, anyway! Live a little. I'll be listening to Rocks on the way to work tomorrow.