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Stryper, 'Sorry' -- New Video

There's a new Stryper video out this week. The clip is for the track "Sorry" from the upcoming album God Damn Evil. That new record will be released April 20.

There's a strong melody here and I have to admit I like this better than most other Stryper songs. I'll keep an open mind and check out the new album.


Amazing New L.A. Guns Live Clip Released

Check out L.A. Guns playing "Speed" below. The clip is from the DVD Made in Milan. I still need to grab this DVD (or borrow it from someone). It looks so amazing.


Alice Cooper As King Herod -- Promo Video

We already know that Alice Cooper will star as King Herod in Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert set to air Easter Sunday on NBC. Now the network has released a promo trailer of the event and it looks pretty epic. In case you're wondering, the amazing John Legend will star as Jesus Christ.


Saxon, 'Nosferatu (The Vampire's Waltz)' -- New Video

It's time for some new Saxon! The band just dropped their video for "Nosferatu (The Vampire's Waltz)" which I think is maybe the best metal song title of all time. The track is from the band's newest album called Thunderbolt. Hang on, it's almost Friday!


Judas Priest, 'Firepower' -- First Time Live

It's apparently Judas Priest week here on BBG! and that's great. Priest just kicked off their big tour in support of Firepower. Of course I had to share the video of the band performing "Firepower" live for the first time! Enjoy.


Tuesday Two-Fer I: Judas Priest

Today's post is from our friend HIM. This is a special Tuesday series we'll explore over the next few weeks, all penned by HIM.

My distaste for “lists” is well-established. Increasingly, it seems that every metal site with space to fill features lists of the “greatest” or the “best” or the “ultimate” songs by bands. Often, these just reduce down to whatever songs the author likes, often with a thin veneer of justification as against any other competing list of its kind.

I tend towards the middle period of Judas Priest. That is partially a function of when I started listening to them, partially a result of what I think “makes” Priest so awesome. Can I enjoy a cover of Joan Baez? Sure. Can I get behind, ahem, “Ram It Down”? You bet.

First Pick: “The Rage,” British Steel (1980)

It is hard for me to find a Priest song that so perfectly captures all the different tones in the ‘classic’ Priest canon. Does it rock hard? Undoubtedly. Does it features quirky digressions? Ditto. Is Halford’s scream used like a weapon, dispatched only when needed? Certainly. The song retains some of the lyrical elements from their earlier years, while not straying too far into the paint-by-the-numbers range displayed on later releases.

Second Pick: “Night Comes Down,” Defenders Of The Faith (1984)

I realize that many see Defenders as Screaming-lite. I see it as more of a continuation, and one that doesn’t suffer by comparison to the slightly better previous release. This song shows how easy it is for Judas Priest to switch into reflective mode, only to ramp it right up when the moment requires. It also highlights the variations in Halford’s vocals, the way he can amp up the emotional content without leaning too hard on those screams for which he is rightfully celebrated.

Honorable Mention: “Devil’s Child,” Screaming for Vengeance (1982). Don’t drink all of Priest’s gin.

Dishonorable Mention: “Johnny B. Goode,” Ram It Down (1988). Not goode. Not goode at all.


How Many Times: Warrant Edition

I was in the car with Eric yesterday and he popped on Hair Nation. The songs went something like this: Britny Fox, "Girl School," Motley Crue "Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)" and then Warrant with "Down Boys."

Notwithstanding anything, I've heard all those songs an approximate combined total of 985,633 times. For whatever reason, I settled on Warrant and said out loud "How many times have we heard 'Down Boys'?" to which Eric just snickered. I do wonder how many times I've heard that particular song. It's weird. I bet I've listened to Def Leppard's entire Hysteria album more than any other record over the course of my life. It never really feels old to me. But man, "Down Boys" seemed old yesterday and it just grated on me. Must be burn out?