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Happy Holiday Weekend!

Most of us office dwellers are off today since tomorrow is the actual Independence Day holiday - and that means a three day weekend! Fantastic. Seems like a great time for a classic summer anthem: "Summertime Girls" by Y&T.


Farm Rock Atlanta Is A Thing

Where will you be the weekend of November 6 and 7? Will it be Atlanta? Farm Rock Atlanta is going down the first weekend in November and some awesome bands are on the bill including Great White, Kix, Slaughter, LA Guns, Autograph, Britny Fox and more. Tickets are cheap too. Just $100 for two day VIP and 2 day GA is just $45. Buy tickets online now. Good stuff!

Sorry y'all... we can't hold it any longer... since the rumor of a Farm Rock Atlanta show leaked a ways back, we have...

Posted by Farm Rock Atlanta on Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Whitesnake Comes To Ohio

Whitesnake are coming to the Dayton area next week. I wrote a feature for the Dayton City Paper and that article is below and then jumps over to the DCP site. And yes, I'm going to the show and will be doing a review! Holla!

“We have the advantage of being a sterling band,” Whitesnake bassist Michael Devin tells the Dayton City Paper. “We’ve been around a long time and have put out a lot of music. That’s advantageous because it affords us a certain amount of listeners that new bands won’t have. Audiences now are just more fickle. Even if you grew up with bands in the ’90s or after, the loyalty or allegiance to the band isn’t the same.”

The guys of Whitesnake will roll through the northern Miami Valley Tuesday, July 7, for a gig in the new Rose Music Center at The Heights. Irish rockers The Answer will provide support.

If you don’t recognize the name “Michael Devin” as part of the Whitesnake lineup, there’s good reason: He’s one of the newer members of the band. He joined five years ago, just in time to be a part of the highly regarded Forevermore album. Before joining the ’Snake, he was a member of Lynch Mob and also Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience. Still, being a member of Whitesnake is a completely different animal, especially since frontman David Coverdale is one of the most iconic voices in classic rock. Sharing a stage with Coverdale each night has presented some special opportunities.

“The sheer power of his voice is awe inspiring,” Devin says. “I’ve always aspired to be a singer—but I have chronic shyness. And David pulled that right out of me. He said, ‘There’s no time for shyness, no room for it.’ He said, ‘If you’re a singer, be a singer. Get up there and sing!’ And I didn’t have a choice. He was in my face. If I was too shy, he would come right up to me [while I was playing bass] and sing in my face. He rattled me out of that shyness. Then I started singing with a side band with musicians Brian Tichy and Doug Aldrich. I was singing lead and playing bass. I would have never been able to get to that point had it not been for Coverdale. For that, I am eternally grateful.”

Continue reading on The Dayton City Paper website. 


Get Ready: Geoff Tate Is Back

Former Queensryche frontman Geoff Tate and his new band called Operation: Mindcrime is about to release The Key. The debut will come out September 18 via Frontiers.

Kelly Gray joins Geoff in the band, cementing that post Queensryche bond. Also in the band are John Moyer, Simon Wright, Brian Tichy, Randy Gane and Scott Moughton. Wright and Tichy are both drummers, so that's interesting for sure. Also, can we please talk about Geoff's hair in the photo below? Good grief! Here's a sample of The Key.


Bobby Blotzer's RATT Experience: First Videos

I was 100% skeptical when Bobby Blotzer announced he was starting a band and calling it Bobby Blotzer's RATT Experience. As the way things are (or aren't I suppose is more accurate) with the original RATT lineup these days, Blotzer's new group is the only option. Well Blotzer and company played together for the first time this past weekend... and the clips from the show are really awesome. The members are Bobby Blotzer, Josh Alan, Scott Griffin, Doc Ellis & Blaze. Here's some clips.

Here's the full setlist:


Steel Panther Supports History

Fully support this. #Followyourhappy #wemadehistory #metalandequalityforall

#LoveWins #DoWhoeverYouWant #LetsGetItOn

Posted by Steel Panther on Saturday, June 27, 2015

A New Trixter Video Is Here...

...and it is adorable. Flashbacks from the past! Here's "Human Era."

The album of the same name comes out June 9.