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NPR Does Wonderful Feature On Kip Winger

I love NPR. In fact, it is the only radio I listen to while in the car. Recently, Weekend Edition did a feature on Kip Winger and his move from the Glam world to classical. It's a really nice feature and worth your time.


The Guns n' Roses Tour Has Finally Started: Let's Watch Videos!

I feel like we've been talking about it forever,but it's finally here: the Guns n' Roses, "Not In This Lifetime" tour is officially underway. The tour started in Detroit Thursday night. The setlist is exactly the same (song-wise) as the show I saw in Las Vegas back in April, which honestly surprises me a little bit. It looks like they've added "Out Ta Get Me" which I don't recall from my Vegas show.

I still haven't purchased tickets for the Cincinnati stop that is coming up in just a few days. Trying to be frugal, but I know I'm going to get sucked in. 

Here's the set:

01. It's So Easy
02. Mr. Brownstone
03. Chinese Democracy
04. Welcome To The Jungle
05. Double Talkin' Jive
06. Estranged
07. Live And Let Die
08. Rocket Queen
09. You Could Be Mine
10. Raw Power (cover)
11. This I Love
12. Civil War
13. Coma
14. Speak Softly Love ("The Godfather")
15. Sweet Child O' Mine
16. Better
17. Out Ta Get Me
18. Wish You Were Here
19. November Rain
20. Knockin' On Heaven's Door (cover)
21. Nightrain 
22. Don't Cry
23. The Seeker (cover)
24. Paradise City

"Out Ta Get Me"

"November Rain" (listen to the crowd sing along!)


Stryper Announce 30th Anniversary Tour

Thirty years in the making, Stryper will tour in their original yellow and black costumes for the To Hell With the Devil anniversary tour. The tour will feature all four original members.

The tour dates will be announced soon. Everyone knows I'm not a big Stryper fan, but I do think it would be cool to see the band in their famous, throw-back costumes. I mean, I didn't get to see it live for the first time like many of you did. So who is planning on attending this tour? 


Def Leppard Premiere 'Man Enough' Video

From my inbox:

Def Leppard has debuted a video for their new single "Man Enough" exclusively via Live Nation TV. The single just cracked the top 10 on the Classic Rock charts and is the third track off their latest self-titled studio album.

Def Leppard was recorded in early 2015 at front man Joe Elliott's studio in Dublin, Ireland. The self-titled album release marked their first new collection of material in seven years and 11th official studio release. The album debuted in the Top 5 on Billboard's Top 200 chart in the U.S. and went Top 10 in 25 countries, including a #1 in Japan. The band's previous two singles off of their new album, "Let's Go" and "Dangerous," also went to #1 on the Classic Radio charts.


Kansas Readies New Album

So Kansas is about to release a new album. It will be their first new album in sixteen years. The album will be called The Prelude Implicit. I must say, I wasn't expecting new music from Kansas this year but I'm excited to hear what the band puts out.


SIXX: A.M. and Disturbed Together On Stage

This is cool: SIXX:A.M. joined Disturbed on stage during Hellfest (France) over the weekend. They did a cover of Motley Crue's "Shout At The Devil" and it's pretty darn good. The video below is the full Disturbed performance. SIXX:A.M. comes out at around 35 minutes. It's pro-shot and you should definitely watch.


Whitesnake in Huber Heights, Ohio - Live Review

On Wednesday, I saw Whitesnake with special guests Whitford/St. Holmes at the Rose Music Center in Huber Heights. Whitford St. Holmes were amazing! They only played 30 minutes and I wanted more. I loved the snippets of Aerosmith, which of course included "Last Child." Also, the  band did the Ted Nugent hit "Stranglehold" and the crowd really loved that. I was in the pit, so I got to really watch Brand noodle his guitar. After their set, Brad Whitford and Derek St. Holmes signed CDs. I didn't venture over, but I know quite a few did. 

Even after Whitford/St. Holmes finished their set, the crowd was really light... as in, no one was in the venue. I kept looking around, wondering where everyone was but I brushed it off since the weather was kind of band with storms in the area. By the time Whitesnake took the stage, more people had showed up but the already small venue was not full by any means. The band had played PNC Pavilion in Cincinnati just the night before, so it was probably a mistake to book these shows back to back. 

When Whitesnake came out, they sounded and looked great! The full setlist is below, but I will say the middle of the show lagged. There were too many solos (even a bass solo!) so David Coverdale could have a break I guess. I give him a pass. He's 64 after all! No, he can't hit all the high notes anymore, but overall he sounded really good. 

My husband and I had a great time. The venue is new and beautiful, parking was a breeze and I was home and in bed by 11. That's cool now because I'm old and I have a day job. 

If you get a chance to see Whitesnake on this summer run, do it. It is highly likely David Coverdale is retiring next year, so this is about it folks.  

Bad Boys

Slide It In

Love Ain't No Stranger

The Deeper the Love

Fool for Your Loving

Sailing Ships

Judgment Day

Guitar Solo

Slow an' Easy

Bass Solo

Crying in the Rain

Drum Solo

Is This Love

Give Me All Your Love

Here I Go Again

Still of the Night

Here's a video from my show: