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Aerosmith Planning New Album

My beloved Aerosmith has delayed their (possible) farewell tour in the U.S. to 2018. That's because the band is working on a new album!

Joe Perry recently did a new interview with AZ Central and he spoke of the new album:

“We postponed the American tour we were supposed to do this fall. And we’re gonna go out and tour until we’re done. And we’re gonna try and hit every place we’ve ever played and never played. There’s always new places to go. New countries. I’d like to play China and the Far East. There’s a lot of places that are off the beaten path. Is this the last tour? Well, I don’t know. I don’t think so.”

The interview continues:

Perry said that “one of the reasons we postponed [the American] tour” was to “give ourselves some time to get something done. We definitely have another record in us, if not two. But we’ll see how that goes.”



Vixen Makes Lineup Change

This one kind of surprises me: guitarist Gina Stile has left Vixen. She's being replaced with Britt Lightning (and yes, that name made me laugh). Regardless Vixen is a great group of women and I wish them well. They are always fun live!


Rare KISS Bootleg Surfaces On YouTube 

Happy Monday. Today, a rare video clip of KISS during the Asylum tour back in December of 1985. The clip below was shot at the Glen Falls, New York stop of the tour.


KIX News: Not Good

It sure is jarring to see KIX mentioned on TMZ.

Apparently Ronnie Younkins didn't make the band's show last night. He just disappeared, but was found. I hope he's okay.


From The Comments - Watch This Video

Check out Eric Oswald, the brother of Jani Lane, play the intro to "Uncle Tom's Cabin" at the band's show in Akron, Ohio. He is the one doing the intro on the official recording as well. Remember, Jani grew up in Akron.

If you look at Eric's side profile, you can clearly see the resemblance to Jani. Something very cool to see indeed. H/T to oper8n for mentioning this in the comments section yesterday.


'The Dirt' Progressing (Apparently)

Looks like the Motley Crue biographic film The Dirt is moving forward... and will end up on Netflix and not get a big theatrical release. This doesn't surprise me.


In Honor of UK Record Store Day: 'The Def Leppard EP'

Happy Friday! This is exciting and fun news: From my inbox:

UMC/Mercury are pleased to announce the release of "The Def Leppard EP" in conjunction with Record Store Day 2017. This release marks the start of a series of catalogue releases over the next few years for Def Leppard.
22nd April 2017 will see the band release their original first EP with replica art and picture cover. This is a 12" version of the EP playing at 45rpm - a one off special for Record Store day and the first time it will be available in that format. The release is fully supported by the band. Track listing is as follows:
1 Ride Into The Sun (2:57)
2 Getcha Rocks Off (3:44)
3 The Overture (7:56)

The EP was originally recorded in November 1978 at Fairview studios in Hull and self-produced by the band. Released in January 1979 through the bands own Bludgeon Riffola label, this was the EP that launched one of the most successful and critically acclaimed rock bands of all time.
Def Leppard continues to release new music, most recently with their self titled studio album that was released to widespread critical acclaim in late 2015. The band also recently hit #1 with their live concert DVD, "And There Will BE A Next Time...Live From Detroit," released in February 2017.
With more than 100 million albums sold worldwide and two prestigious Diamond Awards in the USA, Def Leppard - Joe Elliott (vocals), Phil Collen (guitar), Rick "Sav" Savage (bass), Vivian Campbell (guitar) and Rick Allen (drums) - continue to be one of the most important forces in rock music. Over the course of their career the band has produced a series of classic groundbreaking albums that set the bar for generations of music fans and artists alike. The group's spectacular live shows and arsenal of hits have become synonymous with their name, leading Def Leppard to be heralded as an institution in both the music and touring industry. Most recently, the band won the fan voted Classic Rock Magazine Album of the Year award.
For further information on Record Store day -