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New Guns n' Roses Live Video

GnR played in New Jersey recently and the shows were electric! I'm loving all these lives clips popping up online, especially high quality stuff. You can sit inside in the AC and have a little desk concert today while you work. Welcome to Monday!


Tesla Release New Track, 'Save That Goodness'

Tesla will release Mechanical Resonance Live! on August 28 and the album will feature a new track called "Save That Goodness." It was written by Def Leppard's Phil Collen. I have to say, the song is darn good. I'm glad to hear some new stuff from Tesla.


Hall and Oates Live Review

On Wednesday night, I saw Hall and Oates live at Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati. I went with my husband Eric and most of the folks in the crowd seemed to be couples. The audience definitely trended much older than me. It was hot and there was a really good crowd and people seemed to be in a good  mood. 


The show started at 9 and the duo breezed through hit after hit. The entire setlist is below. The backing band was great and I was amazed at the older man named Charles DeChant who played saxophone and flute. First, he looked like Bernie Sanders with really, really long hair. Second, he was wearing a three piece suit and it was 95 degrees, but whatever. He was a great musician and turns out, he's been with Hall and Oates since 1976! The highlight of the show for me was, of course, "She's Gone," my very favorite Hall and Oates tune. 


At one point, Eric leaned over and said, "Man they are corny" and I said, "Of course they are!" Both Daryl Hall and John Oates seemed to be having a genuinely good time, occasionally reminiscing about their hits and when they originally wrote them. 


I have to say the show was definitely a different concert vibe than what I'm used to. Sure, people danced and sang along, but the crowd wasn't rowdy like at a rock show. There was a hipster couple in front of me and they were having a blast and a half, so that was fun to watch too. I'm glad I went. The show was worth the money. Definitely a bucket list band. You should see them if you like any of the awesome pop tunes below. 


Out of Touch
Did It in a Minute
Say It Isn't So
You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' (The Righteous Brothers cover)
Las Vegas Turnaround (The Stewardess Song)
She's Gone
Sara Smile
Do What You Want, Be What You Are
I Can't Go for That (No Can Do)
Rich Girl
You Make My Dreams
Kiss on My List
Private Eyes



Joe Perry, Back On The Road

Happy Friday! This is some good news: Joe Perry is headed back out on the road with the Hollywood Vampires tonight! Joe collapsed on stage on July 10. Sources are now saying it was a combination of exhaustion and dehydration that made Joe sick. I really hope he's better.


Another Reunion: Temple of the Dog

Temple of the Dog, the early 90s supergroup featuring members of Soundgarden, Mother Love Bone and Eddie Vedder before he was in Pearl Jam, will reunite this fall. The tour will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the band's self-titled debut (and only) album. The reunion tour will only be five stops and Vedder isn't involved. Here are the dates:

November 4 - Philadelphia, PA @ Tower Theater
November 7 - New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden
November 11 - San Francisco, CA @Bill Graham Civic Center
November 14 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Forum
November 20 - Seattle, WA @ Paramount Theater 

Temple of the Dog will always be special to me because the song "Hunger Strike" is basically amazing. The band came out in that sweet period before grunge killed all the good music and Temple of the Dog was just regarded as a rock band. I remember racing to the TV with my childhood best friend Samantha every time the video came on. We loved the song and thought Eddie Vedder was too cute! 


Frank Hannon Releases Solo Track, Video

Frank Hannon of Tesla is out with a solo track. The song is called "Never Slowin' Down" and he's got a video to support the track, too. Frank is a great guitarist and this song does his skills justice! I'm glad to see him being creative outside of Tesla.


Let's Just Vote For Alice

Seriously, let's just vote for Alice Cooper. He's running a special "campaign" with his track "Elected." He might be running for president or prime minister or both, but anyway, it's all good and cool. Plus this is a smart marketing gimmick for him too. Here is the cornerstone of Alice's campaign:

1. Getting Brian Johnson back in AC/DC
2. A snake in every pot
3. No more pencils, no more books
4. Adding Lemmy to Mt Rushmore
5. Rename Big Ben “Big Lemmy”
6. Groucho Marx on the $50 bill
7. Peter Sellers on the £20 note
8. Cupholders required for every airplane seat
9. Ban on talking during movies in movie theatres
10. Ban on taking selfies, except on a designated National Selfie Day

As you can see, Alice has some real winners here - just absolutely great ideas! And quite frankly, why don't we have cup holders on planes? And yes, let's ban all selfies always!