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Everybody Wants a Piece of the Action

blacknblue.jpgOur next unsuccessful Sunset Strip band is Black 'N Blue. Their lead singer, Jamie St. James, is Warran'ts new frontman. In addition to St. James, Black 'N Blue was comprised of guitarists Tommy Thayer and Jeff Warner and bassist Patrick Young. Drummer Pete Holmes rounded out the mix.

Black 'N Blue had promise. They landed a major label deal, and they opened for KISS in 1985. Despite the wide exposure of a KISS audience, Black 'N Blue never managed a hit single, but did sell nearly a million units of their debut album. Black 'N Blue disbanded in 1989. They regrouped in 1997 for a one-off show that was later made into the album One Night Only - Live. You can hear the best of Black 'N Blue on their Ultimate Collection.

In addition to Warrant, Black 'N Blue members have played in bands such as Freight Train Jane, Dry Rot and Monster. Tommy Thayer now performs with KISS.


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