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Girl: Killing Time

killingtime.jpgMusic groups disband all the time, and Girl broke-up right when they could have become huge. The band cites a variety of reasons for the break-up including poor management, bad A&R, and a lot of drugs, specifically heroin. I find this a little ironic if Phil Lewis was dabbling in heroin and, years later, replaced Paul Black in L.A. Guns because he had a junk problem. Of course, I don’t know any member of Girl personally and wasn’t around, so I don’t know if Phil – or any other member – was really doping. As it stands, several factors contributed to the break-up of Girl right after the release of Wasted Youth. While Girl was no more, Jet Records still had plenty of new material and eventually released Killing Time around 1987. The track listing for Killing Time looks like this:

Nut Bush City Limits
Mad For It
White Prophet
This Town
Aeroplane Food
Make It Medical
Nothing But the Night
Big Night Out
Killing Time
Naughty Boy
King Rat
Love Is a Game
Black Max
Sound of Cars
You Really Got Me (Kinks cover)

Killing Time is an odd little mix of tracks. Perhaps this is because the songs were never recorded for a future release and were outtakes of the Sheer Greed and Wasted Youth sessions. Believe it or not, a highlight is the Kinks cover of “You Really Got Me.” It’s pretty true to the original, while maintaining a unique sound. “Mogal” is interesting in a post-hippie, New Wave of British Heavy Metal sort of way. The album’s title track is somewhat predictable for a Glam release, although I can see how this song would be suitable for a proper album. It has a harder edge and some good drum work. In some ways, it’s like listening to very raw L.A. Guns. Other times, it seems the song is a throwback to classic rock. It’s interesting to note that all week, I’ve been immersed in my Girl but haven’t really noticed a connection between the band and Def Leppard. While I can hear L.A. Guns in nearly every track, I really have to strain for some early Lep. I’m not sure what that says about Phil Collen and Phil Lewis respectively. Perhaps Collen is more of a collaborator in Def Lep, or able to break boundaries more freely? Maybe Lewis really did write a lot of early L.A. Guns songs, or he helped shape the guitar mastery of Tracii Guns? Whatever the case, it’s fascinating the listen to the musical progression of Girl, Def Leppard and L.A. Guns.

Back to Killing Time. In the way of rock, “Lucky” has a solid tempo and Lewis stylistically croons his way through the groove. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether Phil is singing or speaking, but he gets a pass because he’s British and accents are hot. Not to be outdone, “Love is a Game” is even better. Here, the production sounds a little better than “Lucky” and the guitar work and backing harmonies are impressive. This song sounds like it was intended to be a radio-friendly single. Oh, what might have been had the planets aligned.

Editor's note: I wonder if Janet Jackson ripped off the Killing Time cover for her multi-platinum, self-titled release.

Reader Comments (4)

I'm depressed. This is the CD I bid super high on ebay, and still lost. It will be mine, this I swear.
October 11, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterChristian Graus
Allyson, Thanks for the week of Girl - you rock for this!! Always loved this band. Just one question........did all of you who are bidding on the CD's completely snooze on "My Number - The Girl Anthology" released in 2001 on Castle/Sanctuary ?? It's got the entire "Wasted Youth" album, all but 3 tracks of Sheer Greed and 10 tracks from "Killing Time". Plus, 7 live tracks from "Live at the Marquee". I'm pretty sure it's still in print.
October 12, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterBritt Harlow
Thanks - I've ordered it from amazon, along with 4 tygers of pan tang CDs...
October 12, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterChristian Graus
Managed to get all releases of Girl on CD + some. I saw them live 20 times over a 3 year period and bootlegged all the show. I even have the 3 tracks they did on the OGWT which I found on a cassette in superb condition. I must have nearly 40 live bootlegs of the band.
Great band and I for one hope they get back together and play live once more.
June 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSTID

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