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Same as it Never Was

It's not uncommon to run across songs with the exact same title, and completely different meaning. Take, for example "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by both Hanoi Rocks and Green Day.

For Hanoi Rocks, the song was a minor hit as the band's career was cut short by the tragic death of their drummer, Razzle. For Green Day, "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" was a huge hit, catapulting the alternative band to a new level of fame.

Hanoi Rocks was formed in Finland at the dawn of the 1980s. They toured relentlessly, trying to gain fan support when label backing was, well, lacking.

Hanoi Rocks finally landed a major label debut with Two Steps from the Move and they even shot a video for "Boulevard of Broken Dreams." It's classic glam, with big hair and eye liner. Michael Monroe's voice reminds me of Mick Jagger.

Lyrics in their version include:

"All these broken dreams/
have made me see.
That I'm strung out somebody rescue me.
Well, do I have to tell you that I love you.
Do I have to tell you that I care.
Do I have to tell you that I need you to be there."

It's a 360 degree turn for Green Day. Lyrics to their version include:

"I walk this empty street/
On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams/
Where the city sleeps/
and I'm the only one and I walk alone."

It's interesting that Hanoi Rocks can create semi-hopeful lyrics out of a song with a such a drab title.

Hanoi Rocks broke-up in the mid-1980s. They reformed with various members in 2002.

The band is heading out on tour next month.

[For Hanoi Rocks, lyrics by Ezrin, Hunter, McCoy. Copyright 1984].
[For Green Day, lyrics by Armstrong. Copyright 2005].





Reader Comments (3)

I'll take the Hanoi Rocks version. :)

February 15, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterHard Rock Hideout
I came this way via Metal Mark, who I've had the pleasure of sharing a blogging circle with for at least a year now.

Thanks for highlighting Hanoi Rocks--one of the better bands that didn't quite make the general public's attention. I still pop Two Steps From the Move out now and then.

And the HR version is light years better than that whiny, I-hate-my-life Green Day crap.

-- david
February 15, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterDavid Amulet
Its also a song by UK 70s act Smokie, though written and recorded in the twilight of their career. It was enormous in Germany, where they maintained a steady following.
February 17, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterKev Moore

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