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Free Bird!

ozzy.jpgIn an announcement meant to shock the rock world, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne announced yesterday that tickets to Ozzfest 2007 will be free!

The picture to the left was snapped by a great WireImage photographer during the Ozzfest 2007 announcement yesterday.

Now, there are already naysayers, complaining and reminding all of us about the economic mantra "there's no such thing as a free lunch."

While this is probably true, I do believe at least some tickets will be given out for free. While several press releases say to visit for tickets, there isn't a clear way to claim the prize. There is also no information on seating style, although I assume carnival because the festival will be open-air.

This new free format leaves a lot of open questions, including which acts will be part of the Ozzfest line-up. Right now, Ozzfest is set for 25 dates, starting July 7 in Los Angeles. Other cities on the tour include San Diego, San Francisco, Phoenix, Dallas, St. Louis, Chicago, Columbus (Ohio), New York, Boston and more.

Since it's unclear who will play on this "free fest," a lot of music fans are guessing a majority of the bill will be comprised of younger, lesser known bands. Only time will tell, but I'm excited. There's no excuse to complain about a free concert, especially one that you know will feature a legendary headliner.

Yes the beer, hot dogs and swag will cost a fortune, but I've never been to a concert where the t-shirts were less than 30 bucks anyway. Plus, who says you need to spend your entire allowance at the show?






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