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Rexx in Effect

rexx.jpgThe glam mistress was poking around last night and came across quite a few "forgotten" bands.

One of the most unique sounding is Diamond Rexx.

Formed in Chicago in 1985, Diamond Rexx are a band infused with Motley Crue good looks and thrash metal  sensibilities. Make no mistake dear readers, the boys in Diamond Rexx like their music hard and fast.

Diamond Rexx  scored a major label recording contract with Island and released  Land of the Damned in 1987.

Singer Johnny Cattone, guitarist S. Scott Priest, bass player Dave Andre and stick man Nasti Habits jammed  on this debut disc.

After a slew of personnel changes, Diamond Rexx released Rated Rexx in 1989 and Golden Gates in 1990. As grunge swept across the nation, Diamond Rexx fell off the face of the earth.

Or did they?

Surprising everyone in the music business, Diamond Rexx reformed and released the aptly titled Rexx Erected in 2001. Evil soon followed at the dawn of 2002.  The newer discs are much harder than their debut.

Why are so many glam bands obessed with consonants? Diamond Rexx features a double X, and the name "Nikki Sixx" is a veritable cornucopia of alliterative consonants.

The glam tribute band "Metal Skool" mock double consonant use with the bassist choosing the stage name of Lexxi Foxxx (he says the spare "X" is for extra sex). Ironically enough, the band's name ignores the double consonant rule and instead opts for double vowels. Scandal!

Other glam bands to observe the double consonant rule are Alcatrazz, Ratt, and Roxx Gang.

I have to point out that Diamond Rexx  drummer Nasti Habits shares the same name as the former back-up singers for Motley Crue. I highly doubt this is coincidental, even though the Crue's Nasty Habits spelled their names phonetically correct.

Believe it or not, Diamond Rexx enlisted the help of black metal  drummer Bill Schmidt for their turn of the millennium comeback. I don't understand how a man with such a vanilla name was involved with the likes of Mayhem, Master, or Warcry...but it's true.

Diamond Rexx is again on hiatus, but you can hear some of their later work on iTunes.





Reader Comments (8)

I remember seeing full page ads for Land of the damned, but never bought it. I might slip over to eBay to see if I can pick up any of their stuff. I would like to hear them.
March 4, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterMetal Mark
I haven't heard any of Diamond Rexx yet either. I remember seeing the cover for Land of the Damned back in the late 80's or early 90's and always wondered about that group.
March 5, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterHard Rock Hideout
They sound like a good band!!
I have never heard of them!!
I'll have to check em' out sometime!!
Great Blog Allyson!!!
Bring Back Glam!!!
March 7, 2007 | Unregistered CommenteraXe mAn
Thanxx for the kind words. Some of you know Ive played on all the discs after the debut, im now in my own band KICKING K8. Check it, thanxx for a blast from the past.

March 25, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterBilly Nychay
in case you're wondering what happened to the vanilla named drummer bill schmidt- he is living the life of a true loser! he's extremely emaciated and his sole purpose in life is smoking crack,snorting coke, smoking pot,drinking and stealing money and using women who have money to support his drug habit. i was briefly involved with him and can honestly say have never met anyone so depraved and heartless and downright insane. his mood swings are frightening! he will undoubtedly have a tragic end!
July 3, 2007 | Unregistered Commenteredie s
December 10, 2007 | Unregistered Commentermaster
hey chode did you forget about me and f and m contact me!!!! 815-893-0869
December 16, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterjoe faciano
Bill looked me up @ myspace this is manika, it's been good for me in az just want to know how you
June 17, 2009 | Unregistered Commentermanika

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