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Cat Scratch Fever

alleycat.jpgHere's one for the "why weren't they famous?" file.

Alleycat Scratch is one of the best bands I've ever heard. Their album, Deadboys in Trash City, was originally released in 1993 and re-released in 2006.

While no longer together, Deadboys in Trash City remains a testament to the band's musical ability.

So just who was this mystical band?

Singer Eddie Robison, guitarist Devin Lovelace, bassist Bobby Dias and drummer Robbi Black eventually joined forces in California as grunge was threatening. Their late entry to the glam scene likely sealed their fate and this is such a shame. While trying to get a record deal, they boys in Alleycat Scratch had lots of fun on the Sunset Strip, but failed to land a label deal. Band members self-produced Deadboys in Trash City and released the album on their self-created Kick Your Cat records. Quite frankly, Deadboys in Trash City features tracks just as strong as anything released by (gasp!) Motley Crue.

Now you know I'm serious.

Here's the weird thing. When I played some Alleycat Scratch for my husband last night, he thought I was listening to Vains of Jenna. Admittedly some of the guitars sound the same, but I still think the band is closer to punk Poison than my Swedish VOJ.

So what are some of the strongest tracks on Deadboys in Trash City? Just about every track is worth multiple listens, but "Stilleto Strutter," "Cat's Got Your Tongue" and "Roses on My Grave" are the best. A power ballad of sorts "Roses on My Grave" sounds like a Poison/Tesla hybrid.

"Stilleto Strutter" features some phenomenal bass work, which makes me want to get up and dance. I guess that's the point.  

Maybe Alleycat Scratch sound like Poison and Motley Crue because they came on the scene so late and were obviously influenced by these glam masterminds. Whatever the case, you must buy this album if you don't already own a copy.

Here's the full track listing of Deadboys in Trash City:

 Stilletto Strut
Take A Bite (Outta Me)
Cats Got Your Tongue
Soul Survivor
Sexual Addiction
Love Sick Junkie
Cheap City Thrills
Roses On My Grave
Trash City
Plastic Dolls
Love Song
I Don't Like Mondays

Here's the good news: you can buy Deadboys in Trash City on iTunes, or used from or eBay. The bad news is that I couldn't find one YouTube video to share with you, dear glam readers.

If you'd like to hear some great music, listen to samples at Also, the official Myspace home of Bring Back Glam is featuring "Stilleto Strut." It's our official song obsession of the week.




Reader Comments (1)

Alleycat Scratch...what a great band!
Like many others, they were killed because of... grunge! I just heard of them recently! I got some of their stuff from "Deadboys In Trash City" off of iTunes just a few days ago!
"Stilleto Strutt" is my favorite song from them! And I also agree..they do sound similar to Motley Crue!
Great blog Allyson!
April 20, 2007 | Unregistered CommenteraXe mAn

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