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Well, NOW It's News...

Despite the fact that I've been reporting this for well over two weeks now, Swedish rockers Vains of Jenna finally issued a formal press release about their spot on the upcoming Poison/RATT summer tour. VOJ may need a new publicist. I'm sure Stevie Rachelle worked hard to get these boys on the tour. Still, you need to strike while the iron is hot! Official release follows:

MONDAY, JUNE 11, 2007

HOLLYWOOD, CA-Who said Internet rumors always prove to be false? Paris Hilton is spending her summer vacation in jail while her good friend Lindsey Lohan finishes up her second stint in rehab and, yes, Swedish rockers VAINS OF JENNA are also foregoing the glitz and glamour of their adopted home of Hollywood to support POISON and RATT on a summer-long amphitheater tour.

"Rock n' Roll is back when VAINS OF JENNA takes the stage. Seeing is believing, and I believe!" Bobby Dall / Poison Bassist

After weeks of online speculation as to who exactly would be the support act for Poison's annual cross-country trek it was announced today that VAINS OF JENNA have in fact been added to 45 shows beginning Sun., June 17 in Charlotte, NC and concluding Sat., September 1 in West Palm Beach, FL.

"This is what the American dream is all about," said frontman Lizzy DeVine.

Since arriving stateside 13 months ago the members of VAINS OF JENNA - Nicki Kin (guitar), JP White (bass), Jacki Stone (drums) and Lizzy - have already played upwards of 200 shows and logged nearly 45,000 miles in a van all on their own-without the help of any road crew.

Barely two years removed from high school and finding their way around a foreign country they also happened to find a loyal supporter and friend in MTV pop culture icon BAM MARGERA (VIVA LA BAM, JACKASS), who immediately formed his own record company - FILTHY NOTE - in order to offer the then teenagers a record deal.

"These guys were so damn good when I first saw them that I decided right there on the spot to start my own record company," said BAM, of his eagerness to work the band. "They're that good."

Their debut LIT UP/LET DOWN was released last October along with their first video/single NOONE'S GONNA DO IT FOR YOU (directed by BAM). Album track DON'T GIVE A DAMN was also used as the theme song for the MTV series BAM'S UNHOLY UNION, a series in which they also made an appearance when they performed at BAM'S bachelor party in Las Vegas.

"We love to play the dumps and dives that reek of day old beer and stale cigarettes, but can't wait to experience thousands of rock n' roll fans on these big stages." Adds Bassist JP White

This summer VAINS OF JENNA will hit up radio with their second single HARD TO BE VAIN.

Reader Comments (2)

That is great news. It is finally official!
I can't wait for new stuff from them!
June 11, 2007 | Unregistered CommenteraXe mAn
Glad its official, but we all knew that already didn't we. :)

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