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Backstage at Rocklahoma: Gypsy Pistoleros

Bring Back Glam! snatched Lee Pistolero of the Gypsy Pistoleros from an artist tent backstage at Rocklahoma. During the interview, Lee talks about playing to the large crowd, the heat and a stripper pole. Transcription follows.

pistoleros_wm.JPGBring Back Glam!: Tell me what it was like to play Rocklahoma?

Lee Pistolero: Um…hot. No, seriously it was very cool. We were drunk; we had a blast (laughter). There were a lot of people that flew from the U.K. to see us as well, so it was great. It was a nice, low key introduction to the States.

BBG: You did a good job of promoting your involvement with the event.

Lee: Thank you. Well, and thanks to you darling for your help. As soon as we were basically offstage, we were invited back for next year on a better day and a better (time) spot.

BBG: Did the promoters give you any indication of other European bands planned for next year?

Lee: Yes, apparently Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.

BBG: The promoters told you that for sure?

Lee: That’s from a myriad of sources…it’s going up a notch next year. I don’t know if there will be a separate day for glam bands or whether it will be a mix.

BBG: Interesting. So, if the days are separated by genre, would you want to be with the glam bands or more traditional Metal?

Lee: Glam. We’ve done a little with Motorhead and the Ramones, but I think we fit more with glam. Soon, we’re going out with Beautiful Creatures, a U.K. tour in January. We’ve been partying here (at Rocklahoma) with all the other bands and the fans we’ve been talking to (online) for the past three months.

BBG: Were the Gypsy Pistoleros part of the all-star jam on Thursday night?

Lee: No, that was Joe Leste and Steven Adler…That was cool, because our first ever tour was with Adler’s Appetite.

BBG: What was the crowd reaction to your Spanglish?

Lee: Great!

BBG: Really?

Lee: Yes! Really good, we didn’t really plan it. Once we finished it, we sort of just walked off the stage and into the audience. They were mad. It took us about 40 minutes to walk from one side of the audience to the other. That was very cool.

BBG: You played at 4:15 Thursday, so you didn’t get to open the festival like you wanted.

Lee: No, some band called URO Steppe played first. Shit, I tell you. Whatever. I really thought it would be cool to open. This thing is big, and it’s going to get bigger as well.

BBG: About how many people were in the crowd when you took the stage?

Lee: I haven’t the faintest idea. I put it at around four or five thousand.

allysonandlee_wm.JPGBBG: I feel like I heard an event organizer say six thousand for Thursday. Is that the biggest crowd ever for the Gypsy Pistoleros?

Lee: Yes. In Spain, we’ve done several thousand, but nothing like this.

BBG: So, you’ve got a lot of gigs planned in and around Europe. When are you coming back to the States?

Lee: Well, Rocklahoma is confirmed for next year. We’ve still got to sort out our licensing deal. There’s quite a bit of interest in the band. Rolling Stone is here. They want to interview us.

BBG: Are you excited about that.

Lee: Yeah. Well, you know what it means over here in the States. It’s huge.

BBG: The last time we talked, you said there was some major label interest in the Gypsy Pistoleros. Has that interest kicked up a notch?

Lee: Yeah, but unfortunately they are going for angles and they want to change... Like the labels ask “Is this rock n’ roll?” Well, that’s all it is man. They want to try to usher us into a specific category. Some of it is ridiculous.

BBG: Are you going to stay the entire festival? (Editor’s note: I saw Lee Pistolero working the crowd every day of Rocklahoma).

Lee: Yes. Tonight, we’re going to a hot tub party. They have a stripper pole –

BBG: Wait, where is a stripper pole?

Lee: It’s in the Microtel just down the road –

BBG: The Microtel has a stripper pole?

Lee: Oh yes. Plus, we’re actually staying at the Hilton in Tulsa, with Vince Neil, Twisted Sister and L.A. Guns, so that is going to get really messy!

BBG: (Lots of laughter). Alright then Lee. Thanks for the interview. Good luck!

Lee: You’re welcome and thanks for all the promotion. We really appreciate it.

Reader Comments (4)

Very cool interview. I can't wait to see what bands line up for next year's Rocklahoma!
July 17, 2007 | Unregistered CommenteraXe mAn
I have yet to hear these guys, but I like that they are honest and don't seem to have just the typical rock star attitude.
July 18, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterMetal Mark
These guys are so good! I'm so glad I got to see them & that they're coming back next year.
July 31, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterRachel
These guys are GREAT! I very much enjoyed being with them in the states. Very honored to call them friends. GET READY ROK 08!!!
January 1, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterGlampress Angee Pistolero

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