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Almost Like Being There...

gunsfamily_wm.JPGI'm going to watch L.A. Guns live (on the Internet!).

This morning, Tracii Guns, Paul Black, Jeremy Guns and Chad Stewart announced that their upcoming performance at the Galaxy Theater in Santa Ana, California will be streamed live. The show is set for August 31st.

Now, here's the catch (there's always a catch): the event is pay-per-view. The company, known as Webcastia, specializes in live concerts and sporting events.

Leatherwolf is also on the bill for the show. Webcastia is charging $11.95 for the privilege of watching.

For more information on Webcastia, go to

Reader Comments (6)

I would love to see that!
August 27, 2007 | Unregistered CommenteraXe mAn
I can think of exactly one person who is going to be willing to pay $11.95 for this, and her name rhymes with Ballyson.
August 27, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterVince Neilstein
I am willing to pay $11.95 for it!
August 27, 2007 | Unregistered CommenteraXe mAn
I'd have to be completely bored to watch it for free!
August 28, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterbob_vinyl
yeah, put Phil Lewis on instead and I will happily pay $30 for it....haha.
November 24, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterdisagree
Come on Traci Guns is that is big as you can get? reaching all the cyber pukes, Open for someone huge lately? I know you can the blow the best of them off the stage..................CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
August 23, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterJoe B. Thunder

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