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Shoo Bop vs. Goin' Crazy

Do you own Diamond Dave (2003, Magna Carta) released by David Lee Roth? I don't own the disc, but I did come across the video for the single "Shoo Bop" and couldn't help but mutter "...What the hell?"

Steve Miller wrote "Shoo Bop" but I don't know if I'd claim author credit. Actually, Diamond Dave is mostly an album of cover tunes. I don't know much about the release other than "Shoo Bop" but if that track is any indication, my guess is the album is spotty. After Diamond Dave, David Lee Roth released Strummin' With the Devil, a bluegrass album of Van Halen tunes. This makes me think all parties involved were correct in getting the Van Halen reunion up and running. Anyway, here's the video for "Shoo Bop." It's completely crazy.

You know what...I actually think we should compare "Shoo Bop" to "Goin' Crazy."

After David Lee Roth left Van Halen in the mid-1980s, he released his phenomenal solo debut Eat 'Em and Smile. Despite his new status as a solo artist, David Lee Roth still had a label deal with Warner Bros. and a big budget for music videos. He also played ringmaster during a very expensive tour.Eat 'Em and Smile was a commercial success, thanks to singles like "Goin' Crazy" and "Yankee Rose." Now we all know Diamond Dave is a creative and zany guy, but some of his videos are pretty over-the-top. Here's the clip for "Goin' Crazy."

So, which is better (or maybe worse depending on your point of view)? "Goin' Crazy" is easily the better of the two songs...the videos, in my mind, are a toss-up.

Reader Comments (3)

I don't have the album in question. The one he did as the DLR band, was excellent, but I suspect things have been sliding from there.

LOVE Yankee Rose, I used to have the video on VHS and watch it over and over. Great, great song.
January 21, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterChristian Graus
I a big DLR fan and the one thing that always bothers me is that most people expect this guy to stay within the realm of Hard Rock because that's what he's been most successful with. If you've followed DLR's career, you'll notice that the guy goes out of his way to do things differently.

I own the Diamond Dave album and I think it's brilliant, for what it is. It's basically a covers album done with a Vegas style. If you get DLR then you'll get the concept behind the record. I prefer the DLR Band album because I like Hard Rock but you have to look at the Diamond Dave CD as a tune-up, and a promotional tool, for what was to come.

Heavy Metal Addiction
I have the CD, too. I'm a huge fan. Metalsludge posted that there were only 6000 units purchased of this recording. I've enjoyed most of what DLR has put out post Van Halen and my favorite CD is "Your Filthy Little Mouth" which is probably the recording that got the least favorable reviews.

However, I am thrilled that DLR is back with Van Halen. Can't wait until March: Philly, Atlantic City and North Jersey shows!
January 22, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterfletch

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