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Crashdiet Will Record Again!

It's pretty ironic that Blabbermouth ran a story about Crashdiet entering the studio today. Ironic because two days ago I filed an interview request with the band's publicist. I sort of had a vibe something was about to go down, just by watching comments and traffic on the band's Myspace. Simon Cruz joined the band not long ago after singer H. Olliver Twisted jumped ship. Obviously I hope the band stays true to their Glam sound. Rest in Sleaze is better than The Unattractive Revolution, but both discs are quite good - certainly better than most bands could ever dream of producing. So, when I do my interview for Noiscreep, I'll save a little for BBG! and we'll all bask in the Swedish Glam glow.

Now, we shall relive some of Crashdiet's best songs. Someday I'll see these guys live in Sweden - I swear!

"It's a Miracle"

"Riot in Everyone"

Reader Comments (16)

great band. glad to see them back. their debut cd crushs that that 2nd cd.
November 13, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterbumblefootboy
Fans of C D might enjoy another Swedish band called Mama Kin, so look them up if you have a minute to spare.
November 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterSnoot
"Falling Rain" from the 2nd album is a great ballad also.
November 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJT Carter
pretty good songs here i m gonna have to check them out further
November 13, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterglamrocker archie
Dudez! Gotta admit, I bought their last one when it came out and gave it a spin once and filed it. I'll go dig it back out and put it through the paces again and get back.

But for real, it does show that there's a helluva lot goin' on with Sweden both with the new boyz and the old boyz back out on the circuit...

If Al's right to see these dude's in Sweden, she may be right. Hell, we can all meet at the show maybe, hahaha...

I'd also want to check out all the other bands on the scene. I think they've still got a big swedish metal fest happenin' over there. That would be the ticket! So instead of the extent of my knowledge of Sweden, which is as about as deep as a bowl of Swedish Meatballs at Ikea, we can be it...

Y'know, like the expression when everyone's strangling each other over the conference table or the concrete slab on a construction site, for that matter (I've pumped the gas and designed the pumps, if you get my drift)...

And you are the only calm person there observing the mayhem...

And when everyone wants your opinion one way or the other, as everyone pauses to reload...

And you say...

"I'm Sweden."

Well, I'm with Al's bit about "basking in 'Swedish Glam Glow'"...

Let's be it.

We can really flog this subject and at last become experts on it. As I said on her Europe post, I've thought about for months to do an all Swedish Glam Fest playlist on my iTunes and still haven't as I'm really going to town on a global umbrella overview of '80 - '93 (Thanks Kenny, Laine's DD "Cockroach" stuff'll be goin' on) of which the grandaddy is clockin' in at 300+ cuts with no overlap for a total of 20.9 hours and counting. In other words, the parameters I set are as follows...

1) Only one song per band

2) Only '80-'93, though I let 1 creep in from '79 (Zep's "In The Evening", what can I say... think that kinda set up the 80's a little having been released in November '79 -- Whoa... hey, it's November ''09 now! 30 years since that guitar lead crashed landed from outerspace -- twice, if you care to note that detail about it and get crushed again tonight. There's an article on the web somewhere, I think, where Page describes how he achieved that crash landing effect on that lead and this has to be the longest paragraph ever to be encased by parentheses), and I let a few creep in from '94, usually if they were recorded in '93 and then finally put out in early '94, etc...

3) A band can appear again if they get a new singer.

4) A singer can appear again if they get or join a new band, which leads to things like Blackmore and some of these other various characters appearing on the playlist several times but I space 'em out far and wide.

5) Every songs gotta have crunch in some shape or form in the guitar department. Hey, man, there's a name someone can have for a band or an album, cuz I ain't gonna be usin' it anytime soon... Uh, yeah, you should be able to find that in our Guitar Department... Prrrrrraaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnng!!!!!!
Maybe Satch, Vai, Yngwie should form that one (with Mick Ralphs on Rhythm, Michael Anthony on Bass and Jason Bonham on drums)...

Hey, halfway back to Crash Diet...

That 2nd Europe vid, y'know the "updated sound" one (forget the name of the song and too lazy to jump back over) where the dude's got the flyin' V... How about those eyes rolled back behind the keyboardists head. Yikes... Somethin' for Friday the 13th, if there ever was one... I guess this is supposed to be the gauntlet being thrown down by Europe to these kidz like Crash Diet (see, I knew I'd bring it back around)... We are the Swedish Metal Overlords and you will obey our faux Flying V Death Metal post production digital pedal effects treatment tho I got a feelin' Crash and the other Kidz ain't gonna play that yet still have a lot of respect for 'em especially when they are shondeling over their heads in those frickin' corporate jets from the other vid where it would be cool if they flew in from that vid over to the "Little Bo Peep meets Death Metal" vid to pick 'em up so the could fly up nice and close so you could see 'em through the windows of the cockpits of each jet only to find all of 'em now have their eyes rolled into the back of their heads also, Joey Tempest as the pilot of one and the lead guitarist of the other (or should it be the keyboardist for obvious reasons). Cripes, I suggest that any one who reads this woh wonders as badly as I do what the hell I'm talking about, just pop back over to the "'Europe, New Love In Town'" post, for my reference points, like that's gonna help. And what about their flight attendants? I see flawless blondes and brunettes, 21 years of age, and, you guessed it, their eyes are in the back of their heads, too! "Coffee, tea or arrrrrrghhhhhh!!! Like some scene out of "True Blood", and everyone dressed like a NetJets commercial but with Europe as the guest stars... and Crash Diet who come in at the end like Swedish modern day Beatles and save the day for all of Sweden by giving the flight attendants a real dose of Swedish Glam Metal as the anecdote to spring 'em from the clutches of Europe and bring 'em down to the Club Rock and Roll in Stockholm,, for a good Glam Metal Thrashing the way it's supposed to be done. Not this faux Death Metal Grip Spell Europe's tryin' to put us under in that second vid. I mean, c'mon with the exception of "Carrie" and I think this Swedish Metal Aid Vid these guys reek of being a borderline joke, sorry guys. The only spots where I really see Tempest shine and really seem like he's meaning it is "Carrie" and what he's doin' in the SwedeMetalAid thingy (by the way, I just checked Wiki and there was a single so see ya over on eBay to fight over it or we'll have to fight 'til the death in Sweden -- which is considered to be a neutral country until we start generating a cloud of fists and boots with lightning bolts and Gibson Explorers and one quick shot of Rick Nielsen's head poppin' out for some inexplicable reason... as we scramble for the last copy of our now beloved symbol of Sweden, the charity single of the Joey Tempest penned song, "Give A Helpin' Hand".

And if that whole thing reads like a comic book, and a realize a rather deranged one to boot (Friday the 13th comin' through again as I thwart off the white eyed wonders of Europe one last time -- until we compile that playlist of Swedemetal -- and please Swedish Death Metallers stay in the dundgeon on that project, unless you want to go invade an unendorsed mock sister site called "Get Rid Of Death Metal" you will automatically be diverted to if you try and junk it up over here with the real stuff instead of this tripe Europe's tryin' to foist on me. I'll take my Death Metal lite if you don't mind and Europe's got the goods on that one with this latest vid she has posted over there. One last thing on the oriental rugs of Europe's "New Love In Town" vid... those are there as a subliminal symbol of what's really going on here as far as Europe is concerned...


And that ain't what's goin' on with Crash Diet for sure here...

Just watched the vids again and though it looks like they were hurtin' for footage in the first one cuz they probably undershot it a little, it's the standout track by far between the two. Soaring choruses and soaring guitars! It's really quite phenomenal, actually! You can even hear a little influence of dare I say, Europe in here (the good aspects, natch, in some ways better), or maybe just the cumulative effect of them just basically inately carrying the torch of Swedish Metal with this one cuz it's got elements of Treat, too, in it. And how about the scene where the guitarist is kickin' back enjoyin' a nice little afternoon Tattoo given by his girlfriend (well, his girlfriend at least until she's done with it... then it's off to the next, hahaha...

The second one, to me, suffers a little with the mixed metaphors of the title and lyrics, but that may just a little language barrier thing goin' on with the translation. The sentiment they are trying to get across here probably works perfectly in their native tongue (yikes, let's not mention that one by Poison right now shall we, I've obviously got enough problems already keepin' it on Crash Diet, for sure, let alone keeping on track, period!).

Dig the logo. Want the shirt. And I'm with Al. Let's get 'em in Sweden. After we all fight over the SwedeMetalAid single, hahaha!!!

Okay, so that's it as far as I'm concerned this is now officially Swedish Metal Month for me...

Don't you love how she sets these nice little traps for us...

p.s. Sorry again, guys for all the digression, but I was going for at least keeping it on topic about Sweden. Speaking of Sweden again... like Crash Diet's logo being cool... How about Treat... Now that's frickin' cool! Sorry about the typos and ariel grammatical displays defying the norms of all English language usage on the planet and the weird metaphors and tangents... All right... I'll make one more pass at the posts here and off I go to play with the playlists... Loadin' in Law and Order's second one off the tip MetalbUy's prankin' me with. Don't worry MetalbUy really is another person. It's not my alter ego who thinks I'm actually Steve Summers on the DL in search of a girlfriend. If she doesn't look like that chrome robot chick on the cover of that Autograph album, "That's The Stuff" I'm really not interested. I've got enough problems with these Lacosted chix drivin' BMW's as it is down here... I can see the headline and subhead in the local paper now... Headline: "Mild Mannered Metaloid Lacosted by Golf Cart Women". Saved By Robot Woman Escaped From 'Autograph'
Album Cover. Hey, one last thing (that in itself, is a funny notion at this point)... Have you seen that promo for That Metal Show? Y'know, I think it's those two dudes who are actually funny... well, they're definitely gettin' funnier and the show is... that whole bit with Lita and Gillette was hysterical as well as that Overkill dude), not Frump, I mean Trunk (this dude is gonna kill me if he ever accidently stumbles on any of this stuff.. There's another headline... "Golfer Crushed By Trunk. No Tree In Sight". To his credit, though, the guy is passionate. It just sucks he doesn't know who the Dead Boys are ... check out both "Sonic Reducers", the original by the Dead Boys and the cover by Overkill. He should not only know it, he should love it. That just a given this guy should know it all, tho I admit I don't know 1/16th of what he does... anyway it's got the funny dudes, this promo that's just come out... as these two comic book monsters and man, take my word for it, frickin' killer hilarious but not as funny as those Europe vids, sorry... Sure is weird I've gone off on this comic book tangent, tho I did commission Neil Adams to do about $20,000 bux worth of storyboard illustrations. Man were they pissed... What, you expected me to draw this sh*t? Think Madmen on acid with me barefoot with long hair dealing with the clowns on that show stealin' all my ideas all day long but me stealin' all their Betty's whioe their doin' that and nailin' vintage Herman Miller contract office furniture like that on the show to the ceiling after everyone's gone home and you've got a pretty good idea of what I'm all about...oh, and with Crash Diet blaring "It's A Miracle" on the P.A. Gotta stay on subject donchya know. Phew. Got this all up before Midnite and the next one I gotta be dealin' with, hahahaha!!! Adios, Metalachos, Riba, Rrrrrrribahhhhhhh!!!!!!!
November 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Crashdiet are freaking amazing!!!! R.I.S and U.R. are both phenomanol cds. im so pumped for thier new one!
November 14, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMotleyCrue666
ooh, 'citing.
I love Crashdiet, and their new singer sounds pretty alright. Stoked.
November 14, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterLucifer
They are killer! We should all get a junket together and go over and see them, Crazy Lixx, Zan Clan, Vains of Jenna and Sister Sin and some of the oldster SwedeMetal bands if they are playin'!
November 15, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Oh, the oldsters are playing Metalboy! Treat's just been comfirmed for a Rock the boat type of thing between Denmark and Norway. Electric Boys are opening up for Alice Cooper in december. Denmark's Skagarack and Pretty Maids are featured on a doublebill in a few weeks.

But if you wanna see Vains of Jenna you'd better stay in the US. They don't make the trip back home that often nowadays.
November 16, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterSnoot

Oh, man! Your killin' me!

Treat on one of these boat things? Between Denmark and Norway? Gotta find out more about it. Where can I look for dates, etc? I imagine their web site? Though I'm not seein' much goin' on there.

Vains of Jenna! Yes. That may be a good sign the kids are gonna save Rock'n'Roll and Bring Back Glam, the fact that those boyz are hangin' in the states. I'll try and track 'em. I wonder if they are gonna play or have ever played Florida?

Thanks for the info, Snoot! I'm gonna see if I can track ya on other comments pages of her posts on here. Love your name by the way. Wouldn't that be a great name for a band? Love one sylabble names and so few work. Yours also has a great many double entendre levels, too. You gotta start a band and if you already have one named somethin' else but you are called Snoot, break it to the band heretofor, the band shall be known as Snoot... just like Vandenberg, etc. Just watch you guys just take 'em by storm after you change the name. Trust me. If you don't have a band, go out and get one now. Name it Snoot, and we'll all be readin' about ya in Rolling Stone in no time flat, I can feel it.

Gotta say, tho, I got all the Pretty Maids stuff and I gotta tell ya, for some reason. I feel its just too many keyboards and not enough guitars plus weird words, which may have something to do with things getting lost in translation. Gotta say, too, showin' my space cadet credentials here, got the Electric Boys confused with my faves Electric Angels. Electric Boys as I recall, are just too funked out for me, personally, but I'll take another twirl with 'em, since you flagged 'em on that list, I assume...

But here's one thing that's not gonna get lost in translation right now...

SNOOT frickin' ROKS!

Great to hear from ya. The Insider over on The Saigon Kick thing really got me in my own Cauldron, gotta say, and the Counsel's still in deliberations on that band. You should go over there to comment on 'em if you know of 'em.
November 16, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!

Here's a link for the Treat cruise:

Yeah, I'm sing a band but it's not called Snoot.It's called Apa State Mental (garagepunk sorta thing), Sorry about the shameless plug Allyson!
The nickname I got by my American cousin way back when.
November 17, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterSnoot
Whoops! What I was trying to write in the previous post was "I sing in a band..."
November 17, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterSnoot

Whoa, dude! Thanks! That Rock The Boat thing looks killer. It's funny how that's kind of a parallel universe to that trip Al is on right now.

March is actually feasable. Now all I have to do is win the lotto tp finance it. Actually it doesn't look that crazy to do it.

And the bands!

Course, I'd be tempted to go even if it was just Treat! Gotta see 'em before I die and it might as well be March (that I see 'em. not die!... hahaha!!!

Quireboys! They're lookin' a little long in the tooth, ain't they? Think I mentioned somewhere on here I saw 'em when "A Little Bit O' What You Fancy" came out and the Electric Angels opened for 'em. Sag Harbor, NY, July 1990. Just did a quickie Wikipedia on 'em. Interesting to note that their manager at the time was Sharon Osbourne. They always were compared to Rod Stewart and Faces and even went so far as to have Stewart's guitarist play on the album and had Dylan's drummer on it, too, which is cool. Hey, man, let 'em compare! If you listen to it carefully, you really do get a subtle Metal feel comin' through, somethin' Stewart's stuff never really had. Love Stewart to no end but the songwriting here is pretty damn good to. I'd see 'em on this boat ride, for sure.

Winger! I'd see 'em and then throw 'em off, just kiddin'. By the looks of them, they'd be throwin' me off, if I tried that.

The others are probably good just considering how killer the scene is in these countries.

Again, thanks Snoot! This would be such a cool vacation that I probably never would have heard about had it not been for you.

Dude, It's awesome you got that band and the name is killer, too!

I assume all the other band members have last names but you just go by "Snoot"!

Just like that dude Spike from Quireboys.

Hey, man, so your band is Garage Punk. I was way into punk and still 'em to this day. Ramones, 14 times. Pistols, once. 9993 times. Plasmatics, twice. U.K. Subs, once. Black Flag, once. Circle Jerks, once. Dead Boys, once. Damned, once. Stranglers, once. Bad Brains, once. Pere Ubu, once. Dead Kennedys, once. Crime, once. Joan Jett, once. XTC, once.
AC/DC with Bon Scott, twice... hahaha!!! Hey, back then, we thought they were punk! Y'know, cuz of the little school boy outfit and songs like Problem Child! Hey, man, I mentioned this somewhere on here. Have you ever heard "Sonic Reducer" by the Dead Boys and also covered by Overkill? Check those back to back. If anyone else has pleez tell us!
November 18, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Metalboy! Sonic Reducer is a killer track for sure.
I saw Ramones once, Pistols once (on the first reunion mid 90's), Gang Green three times, Rancid twice, GBH twice and the list goes on...

On a separate note, my band just secured the support slot when The Hangmen swing by Copenhagen on December 9th. Soooo stoked!
The place is called The Rock, can't go wrong with a club with a name like that.
November 18, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterSnoot
Yeah, man...

The Dead Boys, "Young, Loud & Snotty" and 999 "Separates"...

My two fave punk albums...

"Sonic Reducer" by the Dead Boys from "Y,L & S", and "High Energy Plan" by 999, from "Separates", 2 of my fave cuts. The bomb goin' off at the end of "SR" and the "keyboard playing" in "HEP", killer touches. Not too "garage", I guess, maybe the Dead Boys are closer to that. Killer. Speaking of Garage, do you ever check out Little Steven's Underground Garage on his web site? I think I heard the Hangmen on there.

He covers a lot of territory from the 60's until now that might be considered "Garage" Rock from Punk to Classic Rock -- really anything that foots the bill, "Garage" being the operative word here. And ocassionally, very rarely, really, he does slip up and plays something Glam Metal like Twisted Sister or somethin'.

Also, so cool how the traditional rock song structure is turned inside out on "High Energy Plan" as the guitar lead is moved up to the first third of the song as opposed to how most of Metal/Classic Rock songs are structured with the lead in the last 3rd. Then we have the stuff where the whole song has a guitar lead goin' on, that's what I'm talkin' about!

Check out those two albums, if you haven't already.

If our Saigon Kickers and fellow Glamheads think we're off track talkin' about this stuff, keep in mind. A lot of this stuff can me directly traced to the NY Dolls, and stuff like Zeppelin, believe it or not, 2 main inspirators (another name for a band or album, no?) of Glam Metal.

Dude, are you in Copenhagen?

Wish'd I'd seen GBH.

Dude, so cool ya got that band!

I wanna go to "The Rock"!

That is so cool.

p.s. Have you ever heard "The Worlds Fastest Band", the Dickies? Hey man, forgot I saw Rancid, too and I saw the Buzzcocks, too!!! Forgot about that! That bomb sfx on "Sonic" must have shaken that memory loose from my Metalhead!
November 18, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Snoot! Forgot to mention, I saw The Dickies twice! Including with original founder and keyboardist, Chuck Wagon. Glam Metallers, check out their versions of stuff like, Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" or Zep's "Communication Breakdown". And their own stuff is really great, too!

Also, though not as Glam as some of the other songs they chose to cover, the Dickies version of the Moody Blues' "Nights In White Satin" is both hilarious and it totally smokes!

Crash Dieters: We're really not that off the mark as far as this discussion relating to Crash Diet, since they all share similar influences...
November 18, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!

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