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Broken Teeth Will Not 'Roll Over'

Continuing my coverage by absentia while I'm busying getting Shiprocked, I thought it would be fun to post a couple Broken Teeth clips. Jason McMaster is probably best known for fronting Dangerous Toys, but he also spends a lot of time slinging the mic for Broken Teeth. The band's most recent album is simply called Electric, and that's a fitting word for the work! Featuring 12 tunes, McMaster says the album is "...A cross between Screaming for Vengeance turning into Highway to Hell."

Here's "Roll Over" from Electric

Here's "Undertaker"

Reader Comments (20)

GREAT BAND! I have had the privilege of opening for these guys twice here in Cincinnati. Jason is very down to earth. A super-nice guy. He complimented our set and even helped us carry our gear!!
November 16, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterKenny Ozz
Yep, killer old school hard rock
November 16, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJack

Finally, Al! Something I can unequivocally, undeniably get behind! This dude, McMaster can do no wrong in my book. A total modern day living legend of Glam Metal, as far as I'm concerned.

Kenny! Jack! Where the hell did the rest of the kidz frickin' go?

I sure am glad I escaped that Insider dude. I think it might one of Al's close relatives, or somethin'. Sorry, if it is, Al. I'm just havin' some fun with the fact I really cannot get into SK and I hope he duzn't get too p*ssed I ripped his fave band too much. Obviously, lots of my faves are suspect, but for much different reasons. A lot of my faves don't pretend to be good like those boyz. my faves are too busy rockin' out to be tryin' so hard to be an important band. They just wind up bein' that way like this guy, McMaster, effortlessly throwin' it away like the funniest frickin' comic you ever heard and realize there's a lot of depth to what he's sayin'...

Okay, McMaster...

I would think Broken Teeth would be right up there as far as things to comment on, considering the noble heritage of the inimitable Jason McMaster, who I'll gladly hero worship to no end! This guy gets it and he and his compadre's are crankin' up the kinda stuff Metalboy! loves!

Just watched the vids above. Like the first one a lot and the second not as much. Broken Teeth really seem really routed in that whole AC/DC knock off trip a la some of the older bands like Rhino Bucket and Dirty Looks have never stopped playin'. And I love it!

Apparently McMaster always got pegged as an Axl knock off but I hear a lot of references, really, and not just Axl, which I never got hung up on, McMaster just sounded so good all the time, unlike Axl, who, to me, at times sounds like a shrill, screaming little old lady, and believe me, I did the eyes closed comparison test, albeit, not simultaneously, between Axl (who I saw with not only the "Appetite" crew but also both versions of the Use Your Illusion crew all back in the day) and my dear old Mother (RIP) when she used to scream at me for not cleanin' my room. Something she'd still be doin' with her unconscious impression of Axl over how I'm still keepin' it sometimes.

Personally, though, I do think he has Axl down pat, almost doin' him better than Axl does with a slightly less rough quality, I think McMaster sounds a lot like a cross between Robert Plant and Joe Elliot, too, but really he's got a great distinctive voice, all that aside. His voice is more trashed now, and we can't be sure of what brought that on but probably all that Jack and cigarette smoke had a lot to do with it.

I'd still go to see 'em if they came to town, tho, for sure. This is my kinda Rock and Roll. B*llsy and pure. And I think it has Metal qualities, at least how I view Metal. Those boyz over gettin' there kicks in Saigon with Saigon Kick can and probably gettin' cast in Extreme Mullet Makeovers, too, from whoever messed up that Saigon Kick guitarist's hair.

Never saw Dangerous Toys back in the day and I'm kickin' myself ever since. The first time I ever heard 'em was the world premiere of "Scared" off their first album on MTV, "Headbanger's Ball" in '88.

I remember this cuz I went out and bought it the next day. "Teasin' Pleasin'", "Sportin' A Woody", and most of the other songs, just killer, b*lls out Metal! Kinda like ZZ Top meets early Kix or somethin' I think the trace amounts of ZZ Top are there in their sound because of their Texas roots.

Just listenin' to all the stuff now. Killer Glam Metal of the first order. So, I got the first two records when they came out, actually an advance copy of 'Hellacious Acres" from my buddy who worked at Sony writin' copy for ads to run in anything from Kerrang to Rolling Stone, depending on the band plus press releases, etc. Why the hell didn't he get me into one of their NYC shows off "Hellacious"? He did get me into Ozzy, 3rd row, and weirder still he was dating the sister of the drummer of the opening act, Prong, which weren't too bad if ya like that sorta thing. They had that one song which was kinda cool and could pertain to some of the altercations I get into on here with people like MetalbUy and The Insider... and that song would be...

"Prove You Wrong".

Anyway, back on the subject at hand, Jason McMaster, tho, granted more about his past life in Dangerous Toys, who, the more I listen to it is absolutely right up there with the top of the heap of Glam Metal, without question.

Here's the list of what I got on the ol' iTunes and cut into various playlists.

1) "Teas'n', Pleas'n. Kinda sped up, punked up, ZZ guitars. Killer words and just pilin' on the hooks, licks and riffs like nobody's business. So amazing with all the changes, they've got like 5 great songs worth of hooks in this one alone... Awesome!

2) "Scared", the standout, for me. Swear it swings almost like jazz, yet it's pure Glam Metal. Totally fresh and new and unlike anything else when it came out. From a scream to a whisper singin' on McMaster's paranoid and frenetic vocals. Funny and cryptic lyrics. Another killer guitarfest. This is how it's done boyz. Frickin' mean *ss and smart *ss and kinda psycho clostrophobic but in a good way.

3) "Sport'n a Woody", Now this is smart *ss and mean *ss... and frickin' funny as hell. Some of the funniest lyrics in Glam Metal but with a great tune behind 'em all the while. What a showcase of the band, for real. Jammin' and Swingin'! Dynamix frickin' galore. And it's so damned funny. See what I mean about not takin' yourself too seriously, dudes? Yet they are still totally killer at the same time. That's frickin' what entertainment's all about. Not annoying affected vocals and tryin' too hard overplayin'.

4) Gimme No Lip. Bad *ss and Funny *ss formula in full force here, too, folks. Again funny, smart *ss lyrics. B^lls out Glam Metal boogie of the highest order. Here's where the Robert Plant thing comes in for me to great effect. Great vocal/guitar exchanges a la Plant/Page here. Killer. Hear for yourself. Awesome!

5) "Best of Friends". There only power ballad. At least off these first two records. Great twist, tho. Instead of the ol' Romance Lost motif of most power ballads, this is about losin' a bro. Great stuff.

6) "Angel N U". Oh, man, killer! A regular Texas Glam Metal Blues Guitar Hodown! Check out the dual lead guitar exchanges. Phew, this is hot Whiskey soaked Glam Metal at it's finest because nothing those L.A. Strip boys can come close to this kind of Texas Mean Metal.

7) "Feel Like Makin' Love". A slightly revved up 80's Hair Metal treatment of the Bad Company classic. Great for gettin' a 70's tune on an 80's Glam Metal Playlist.

8) "Gypsy (Black n' Blue Valentine)". Great lyrics. Great tune. Great playin' Man, it sure is harder to describe something positively than it is to rip it to shreds the way I usually do on these comments pages. It's kind of a Love/Hate song (no not Jizzy's outfit). What I mean is it's not your normal love song. It's got some hate in there, too, albeit like The Insider's passive aggressive approach. It's relatively subtle and between the lines here. Something rare in Metal of any kind which is either too obvious in the lyrics or nonsensical yet pretending to be deep. I dunno. Someone see if they can describe this one better for me, man, I'm for once at a loss for words. Cool song!

8) Demon Bell (The Ballad Of Horace Pinker). Killer, literally! About a serial killer with a death wish. This is from the "Shocker" horror flick soundtrack. Man, this is mean, mean, mean... yet funny as hell. More contempo metal, if you will, than the rest of their canon (with the exception of "Scared" which is closer kin to this one). You could almost see 'em goin' more in this direction had they kept it goin' with the big budgets and big producers before they had to go indie, etc. like so many of 'em after everyone got shot out of cannons from MTV Headquarters. And dudes, ya gotta get the "Shocker" soundtrack. It's just loaded with Glam Metal goodies. An essential for any serious (hahaha!!!) Glam Metallist! I think you can still find it cheap on Amazon, if you can't afford to steal it, so to speak. It'll blow your frickin' Metal skull caps off, or in the case of The Insider, his backwards baseball cap off!

Okay, so now I told ya where I am on McMaster...

Now, I suppose I should investigate the Dangerous Toys output after Pearl Jam but what can I say, dudes, I'm stuck in '93, tho I am keepin' up with the kids like Crash Diet, Mad Margritt, Crazy Lixx, etc., etc. and some of the old dudes who are new again, like McMaster. I think I'm gonna look into and listen more to Broken Teeth. They got the cred. And they got the b*lls.

To Jason McMaster and his band of merry Broken Teeth. Carry the torch! Like those WWF Monks in that second vid which I think is a viral they created in tribute for Stone Cold Steve Austin or whoever that is with the eyes rolled into the back of his head. I wonder if that keyboardist from Europe one of you tripped over out in San Jose took lessons from him for that second vid over on Al's Europe post on here. Also, those WWF Monks look like they could be headed over to the Cauldron so I better find my Walmart Kiss towel and get the hell out of here, watch it Insider, I'm comin' thru!!!!!

p.s. Wouldn't those WWF MF's look cool wearin' some of these Charvelles and Jacksons in the pile next to the Cauldron, and jammin' out with McMaster kinda like Kane Roberts outsizin' Alice Cooper and everyone else when he was onstage with him for a coupla years. And where the hell is Glen Danzig? He could always resort to being a Pro Wrestler. Now we're talkin'! The world's coolest comb over, talk about unusual "Hair" Metal hair do's (right, Bleiler? Pinnick? Funny, Mickey Finn's doesn't bug me... maybe because "Feel The Shake" is cool and your not, Insider.) Sorry if I p*ss ya off, Glen, but I gotta go see Gretchen off to Nebraska now, ugh!

Cheerz n' Jeerz, boyz. Let's see if we can convene the Counsel for a symposium on McMaster (Metal Master!) & Company. And how come none of the Metal Chix ever join the Counsel? They'll probably show up with their Metal Amazon Sisters to chuck me in, too! But before you do, look at the solid I did for ya over on Queensryche, where I list all the killer chick Metal singers...

To McMaster! One of the greats!... not grates, or ingrates, for that matter!

Disclaimer: The usual typos and overkill personal insults I'm spewing tryin' to defend myself and keep out of the Metal Asylum Dubrow (RIP...God bless his soul... talk about chops! And b*lls! ) was kept in for awhile in that "(Bang Your Head) Metal Health" vid...
November 17, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
"Now, I suppose I should investigate the Dangerous Toys output after Pearl Jam but what can I say, dudes, I'm stuck in '93"

I'd say the last two D-toy's studio releases, Pissed and The Rtist 4mally Known As, are the best of their catalogue; at the very least they are certainly the heaviest.
November 17, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJack
Ooo! Ouch! I'm bleedin'... I'll check it out, Jack. Appreciate you reachin' back to '93 and grabbin' me to give me the tips.
I do however like a lot of the new stuff from new bands who are kids probably half your age, too, man. They even think the stuff your talkin' about is old. Even if it was released 5 weeks ago.*

*Shortest entry to date next to Rockhead...
November 17, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
just some friendly advice that you may be missing out on some great music. Seems to me once they got off a major label, they were free to widen their musical vision (not to sound pretentious or anything, because the last thing D-toys or Jason M are is pretentious).

Anyhow, I love all kinds of glam/sleaze/whathaveyou going from the NY Dolls and Alice, up to Crucified Barbara and Hardcore Superstar - so it's all good in the hood.
November 18, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJack
I'm on it, Jack!

Gotchya! I should not be abandoning Dangerous Toys! I think I actually got the one that came out after their Sony deal was long gone.

Though I view those 2 Sony albums as classics and like the extra studio polish of Max Norman's production (that guy has produced some real monsters!), I see your point about how cool DT is with a rougher/harder sound. I even think I may have P*ssed and The Rtist on CD, having bought them when they came out. At least, P*ssed, I'm pretty sure.

It's a shame, I'll admit, that I think I just filed 'em after just one play. Now their in storage 1000 miles away, so I'm gonna cop 'em again for another twirl. Friendly advice is all I need to check something out again, for sure!

Hey, Jack!, do you have the "Shocker" soundtrack? Y'know, it's got Dangerous Toy's "Demon Bell, The Ballad of Horace Pinker)" on it. Killer.

You mentioned the Dolls -- saw 'em in a little roadhouse club at the end of the summer of 2007, called the Stephen Talkhouse (some Indian dude's name from the early 1800's or somethin') in Amagansett, Long Island (in the Hamptons). They were beyond belief!

In fact, I remember at the end of the show it seemed like they were lookin' at each other in disbelief at how good they were that night. They just kept jammin' and jammin' and lookin' at each other, trying to figure out where to end the last song. Hey, you ever seen that Don Kirschner's "In Concert" clip of 'em from '74! on YouTube? Man, these guys invented Glam Metal and Punk all in one album, including the Glam Metal Look! And that album came out in '72! And how about that Dolls Documentary, "All Dolled Up"? One of the most amazing things I've ever seen, bar none!

Don't know why more people haven't jumped into this comments section. Broken Teeth! Dangerous Toys! Jason McMaster! Mammoth Metal! You'd think they'd be all over it. I hope people aren't deterred by my long-*ss comments.

I will try making 'em shorter in the future, but since I already have you here...

How about a couple of lists to address your (and everyone else's, hopefully) interest in Glam/Sleaze/Whathaveyou, as you so adroitly put it...

Old School (remember where I'm stuck in, hahaha!!!):

L.A. Guns
Cherry Street
Faster Pussycat (1st 1)
Motley Crue (Too Fast For Love)
Spread Eagle
Bang Gang (Love Sells) Ever heard this? Awesome indy, one of the last ones out the door the first go 'round (before Pearl Jam yodeled their way into your hearts, hahaha!!! I even think these guys were from Seattle, too, initially, if I remember, correctly. How ironic!)
Smashed Gladys (Chick singer. Awesome!)
Hanoi Rocks
Michael Monroe (solo)
Shooting Gallery (Andy McCoy, post Hanoi Rocks)
Jeruselem Slim (Monroe and Steve Stevens!)
Poison (hahaha!!! Hey, man that first one cops from Thunders almost as much as The Pistols did)
Dogs D'Amour
Cats n' Boots
Law & Order
Celebrity Skin
Sea Hags
Rock City Angels (whoa!)
Jesse Strange
Slash Puppet
War Babies
Jet Boy
Shotgun Messiah
Roxx Gang
Princess Pang (Chick singer. Killer!)
Royal Court of China
Circus of Power
Wendy O. Williams

Remind me of who I forgot or just plain never knew about!

New School (Not gonna have as many as you, but here goes...):

Buck Cherry (not exactly new, but new enough for this old boy. Talk about Bring Back Glam! I think these guys literally brought back Glam Metal with "Lit Up" in 1999. You may be too young to remember, but I'll tell ya, when I heard this first hit the radio... even think I was drivin' out to Santa Monica on Sunset, swear to God, cuz at that time I was out there lots on biz... I thought, "Hello! About %=$#!@*&+ time!" It had been like 7 years since anything new came out like this. It was really the first new song that sounded totally catchy with all the attributes of the old 80's stuff but brilliantly fresh... updated... kinda like Aerosmith meets AC/DC meets punk. Yep I'll boil it all down to this one song as gettin' the credit for Bringin' Back Glam singlehandedly... Unfortunately, there were bands who got there first like Dangerous Toys who never gave up since '89, but somehow these guys got the exposure and the "hits". I attribute it to timing and having great material. People were just gettin' sick of the same old sh*t when this came out. Massive! Amazing it never hit the Billboard Hot 100, however it did reach #1 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks Charts, the thing they use to program radio with. I don't know about you, but I heard it everywhere. It was like it killed whatever was played before it and after it on FM Radio back in '99! Hello, U2, suckah's! Cut to now, with their bona fide hits, "Crazy Bitch", "Next to You", and "Sorry", etc. Love "Highway Star", too, which I think I found out about on here. Obviously, I can't say enough about these guys, unfortunately, for some. But IMHO, they have paved the way for everyone else.

Vains of Jenna
Dirty Penny
Charm City Devils (the biggest thing out of the Baltimore area since Kix!
Crash Kelly
The Answer
Miss Crazy
The Last Vegas (Yeah, huge!)
Burn Halo
Theory of a Deadman
The Used
Crazy Lixx
Mad Margritt
The Poodles
Steel Panther
The Hellacopters
Towers of London (Another early one to get exposure. I really thought they were going to crack it over here. Here's an example of where you wish we were really makin' it like the 80's when Glam/Hair just dominated the radio. Here's their last desperate attempt... a cover of "Freebird" whcih is actually pretty cool but you can see how it kinda misses, which is more about the production more than anything. Also, their not the songwriters Buckcherry are. Still I love 'em!
Wig Wam (well, at least "Hard to Be a Rock'n'Roller")

and how about Hurricane Party?

There's some other sh*t, Endeverafter and Avenged Sevenfold, for example, and I have some of that, but aren't these more our modern day, and whoa, here we go, I'm probably gonna become somebody's pariah here... but aren't they kind of the modern day version of Journey or Nightranger? Hahaha!!! Oooo, I just kill myself with some of this stuff. Hopefully it doesn't get me killed. Oh, wait, here's the *ss saver...

"Not that there's anything wrong with that"...

BTW, they really didn't use that expression too much when I was walkin' the streets of Baltimore and NYC back in the day...

Jack, look, help me sort the bodies out on these lists... You seem like a pretty tough critic. What am I missing? What should I lose? What ain't Glam/Sleaze, etc. on both lists. If Jack has abandon ship, can somebody help make me become a semi-expert on this genre?

p.s. I learned about most of these from this very sight and also, oddly enough, iTunes Genius Bar thingy, y'know, when you buy somethin', it kicks up a few reco's to sample and buy. Of course. That may be viewed as cheating by some, especially those who enjoy screwin' the artists out of their Penny Royal Tea's...

Sorry, kidz, for using up the real estate but Kenny, Jack and I were gettin' pretty lonely over here! Hope I didn't chase everybody away with all of this...

Jack, I'm listening to Hardcore Superstar's new one right now. Done. I'm throwin' 'em on now. I know Al's had 'em on here, too, or a mention... And just threw down for Crucified Barbara.. I think I'm in love... with Crucified Barbara, that is, hahaha!!! I just got some other stuff, too... but right now, Crucified Barbara... What the hell else is out there?! Absolutely knock out, dude! NW, as in Not Worthy! I almost feel like chuckin' it all and just goin' with them exclusively! You really wanted to kill me and you did, dude! Thanks for the recs, Jack!!! I'm a frickin' amateur or at least I was until you got me onto CB! Yowwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!

I bet McMaster would come kick my *ss for goin' on and on here... And I bet he knows ZZ Top, too... Whoa!...

Where the hell is everybody? Maybe some people don't like to play with Dangerous Toys!

I'll see you in a couple of daze after Crucified Barbara is done with me... Unreal, Jack!...

p.s. Get Glam Rocker Archie! Where are ya on McMaster? Kenny O?! Where are ya, bro?! You guy's met Jack and his friends, Crucified Barbara, yet? Metal Monsters, one and all! Where's the rest of the Crue?

Disclaimer: Typos and Turrets...
November 19, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!

Forgot Junkyard.

Another killer band...

And I'll bet you agree.

Always felt they were kindred spirits of Dangerous Toys...

Lean, mean, Glam Sleaze machine...

Saw 'em twice, once off each or the first two albums...

Last thoughts I can't emphasize more about Dangerous Toys...

Some of the most imaginative stuff of the Glam Sleaze ilk with the funniest lyrics and some of the catchiest and unique music of the genre.

Jack, you mentioned Alice as one of your faves...

Did you know Jason McMaster says "Scared" is a homage to Alice Cooper?

Still can't get over Crucified Barbara.

Totally killer...

Oh, Kenny O, alas, parting is such sweet sorrow... Not me! Don't get your hopes up too much, folks, hahaha! And, not you! Danger Danger... It looks like our beloved Danger Danger "Cockroach" will now take it's place, chopped and channeled and firmly ensconced in my '80 - '93 Playlists. Move over rover (ouch!), Crucified Barbara is movin' in! The main suite at the Hotel iPod!

I'm in love with four chicks and I haven't heard anything nearly as catchy as they are in quite awhile, boyz... Thanks, Jack, for the tip, you are the first one who has absolutely, unequivocally, brought me firmly into the 21st century with a band I can truly embrace, and not just cuz they're beautiful... they are lipstick killer good! Talk about a way to Bring Back Glam! Crucified Barbara! Miss Moneypenny, book me a one way ticket to Stockholm!
November 19, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Glad you're digging CB, you might also want to check out Sister Sin - they are pretty similar (only one chick in this band, but not bad on the eyes). The SS debut came out a earlier this year.

I do like Junkyard, esp. the second album, but the first is cool too.

Just got Deadboys in Trash City from Alleycat Scratch recently, if you like PBF (and I know you do) you'd probably dig them.

A few old school 80's bands I noticed were missing from your list that should be in any good sleazoids collection are:

Electric Angels
Star Star
TigerTailz (esp. Bezerk and Wazbones)
Roxx Gang (esp. their first one)
Royal Court of China
Candy (w/ Gilby Clarke)
Kill For Thrills (also w/ Gilby)
Sweet F.A. (named for the Sweet tune, of course)

And if you like Shotgun Messiah, check out Zan Clan - it's the original singers band. We Are Zan Clan, Who The Fu*k Are You is the album to get.

Btw, any idea where to get that Bang Gang on CD? I've had the cassette since it came out, but no luck on the upgrade.
November 19, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJack

Thanks for keepin' the conversation going...

I've got everything you mentioned on your list here. Incredible!

And I just can't get over Crucified Barbara! I'm listening to them right now! Thanks again for introducing me to them. I got a schoolboy crush on 8 chicks! Why? Cuz they got me so dizzy, I'm seein' double. Their stuff just flat out Glam Rocks! As I said, I wanna move to Sweden and start what will probably be their 100th Fan Club! Plus I can check out all the great bands over there, from Treat to Crash Diet and everyone else in between! Sweden Rocks! It always has and now even more so, and is, as Al has hinted at, too, the new epicenter of Glam Metal! If there's the equivalent of the Sunset Strip in Stockholm, I'm on it. If not, I want to help create it! Now!

Jack, if you can think of anything else, or if anyone else does, of any Glam Metal not listed that should be investigated, please let us know!

p.s. Don't chuck that cassette of Bang Gang, Jack! That's a collector's item cuz it's an original release. There is an original release of the CD on Amazon (it's been there for awhile, unless someone snatched it or might now if they read this. It's got the original chrome foil graphics on the cover. Subsequent reissues just had black, white, and red graphics. They are way more affordable than the original issue, if they are still on there. You'll still pay out the wazoo, either way, like I did, but I've never blown money more happily, as I'm sure you can imagine, since you know all too well how excellent the music is on that cassette! Also, you might save a couple of bux going the eBay route. I'm probably not telling you anything new in regards to these two routes but in this one case of Bang Gang, it will be well worth facing the music when you buy it.
November 19, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Oh, and there is also the greatest band of all time (or pretty damn close to it at any rate), that I somehow forgot to mention above...

The Wildhearts!!!

Even if just about everything else they have ever done wasn't totally brilliant too, they would still qualify as one of the best bands to ever exist just on the strength of their first full length - Earth Vs.

About the only thing that sux about them is all the money they cost me by rarely having a US record deal, and forcing me to buy all those expensive Japanese and British imports.
November 19, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJack
Metalbuy. A glaring omission from your glam list is TUFF. I will put their debut "what comes around goes around" against ANY album from the era.
November 20, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterKenny Ozz
Kenny O! There you are dude!


You got me!


As you say, a "Glaring" omission!

You are right!

I feel like more of a chump than Trunk when he gets stumped!

Into the Cauldron I go!

And willingly, I might add... I screwed up, dammit!



Sh*t yeah!

I am with ya, 110%! How did I forget them?! Got them on my iTunes big time, as you shall see below,"I Hate Kissin' You Goodbye" is also right near the end of my Power Ballad A-List Playlist but a few before the last track on the list, "Home Sweet Home", natch, by the Crue! BTW, that playlist is 271 cuts, no repeats and no repeats of bands.

That's over 21 hours of music with each song played by a different band. Oh, and it's only stuff circa '80 - '93. This is what should be piped into the Playboy Mansion for cryin' out LOUD!

Back on Tuff...

A lot of people think Tuff are kind of dubious and I believe they've been unjustly characterized as Poison knock-offs, partially because of Stevie's looks, and also because they got signed late in the game, when the genre was getting "tired", tho not for people like you, Jack, myself and our other fellow Cauldron huddlers that gather on Al's site.

No, siree, we never did get tired of this kinda stuff and never will. Okay, I went through my electronica phase with stuff like "Air", but that was just for wrangling the chicks at the Park Avenue parties, primarily, hahaha!!! But what the hell was I thinkin'?! Don't kill me, I promise I won't mention this non-Metal moment of weakness ever again!

But I never stopped listening to our kinda stuff, really and now I'm fully back on it and have been even more so, for just a little over a year now. Totally Nonstop Metal. My iPod is all 100% Glam Metal at this exact moment. My iTunes is loaded with 99.999% Glam Metal. As you all may have noticed, this is my primary obsession.

Why, just about 2 hours ago, I was running down the beach (it's like 82 degrees down here right now -- not trying to rub it in, just tellin' ya, besides where I live is so UnMetal, anyway! It quite sux in that regard! Sheeez!) and all of a sudden here's this 18 year old total babe walkin' down the beach toward me (Well, she looked 18!).

Now I'm runnin' with just the biggest grin on my face! And this chick shoots me the biggest most beautiful smile I've ever seen in my life, honestly. All white teeth, I'm surprised she wasn't blinded by her own mouth's reflection in my chromed Ray Ban Aviator shades. Her eyes were just wide and mesmerizing and fixated right on my face as I ran toward her.

And I ran right past her, smiling like an idiot. And that was it. Two ships passing in the night. Well, I thought about this. Am I hot? Ha! I'm a skinny oldster dude. Granted, I'm running fast toward her, so I'm not dead yet.

She was smiling and beaming at me because she thought I was smiling at her! When in fact, though I could tell she was beautiful, I was movin' so fast, I wasn't about making goo-goo eyes at her or anything. No, quite simply, she was just smiling, I mean just beaming, at me because she thought I was smiling at her...

But the reason I was smiling is because I was listening to "Rock And Roll Is Gonna Set The Night On Fire", by Pretty Boy Floyd!

That's how Metal and Glammed out Metal Boy is!

Something she'll never know and most likely, will also never know of. Tell ya what, if I run into her again tomorrow out there, I'll get her to listen to it, and I'll tell you what her reaction is.

Anyway, I've always loved Tuff and thought they were my kinda Glam Metal. Absolutely of the highest order, for me!

Here's what I got on my iTunes (let me know if I should reload anything I chopped that you think is worthwhile, which could very well mean throwin' the rest of "What Comes Around..." back on, at the very least...

Here's my Tuff stuff:

Dear Janie Lane (Hilarious!)
Tied To The Bells
Rattle My Bones
Sixteen Tons
Another Man's Gun
Summertime Goodbye
Sinner Street
Dead, Jail, or Rock'n Roll (live) (Michael Monroe cover)
American Hair Band (live)
Ruck-a-Pit Bridge
The All New Generation
I Hate Kissin' You Goodbye
Spit Like This
Good Guys Wear Black (love this one, too! It's on my A-List Heavy Glam Metal Playlist.)

The other stuff on here is parsed out over many other playlists.

Okay, boyz... Kenny O... Jack!

Here's another one...

What about...

Sweet Cheater?

Okay, they've been accused, rather unjustly, of bein' kinda like Ratt, partly cuz they took their name from an old Mickey Ratt song title. But I don't get it what all the fuss is about Sweet Cheater sounds like Sweet Cheater, not Ratt.

And, IMHO, do Sweet Cheater sound killer! It's an amazing story of how only recently did these tapes get released. They are actually demos that made the rounds to all the majors but did not yield them a deal. Apparently, they were very close to having one with MCA or somebody, but it fell through at the last minute.

Check out their album, "Eatin' Ain't Cheatin'", if you haven't already. Bloody stunning!

Tho, I admit they're more like Ratt than Tuff, I still think it's Glam/Sleaze/Trash Metal, albeit with cleaner guitars and a singer with better vocal range than the usual Glam/Sleaze/Trash fare.

Here's my claim about Sweet Cheater!:

Sweet Cheater is the best unsigned Glam Metal band in history!

Is this accurate? Do my facts check out?

What do you guys think of 'em?

TUFF! Yes!

Sweet Cheater! Yes, too!
November 20, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
I've actually got the Sweet Cheater CD, and it's not too damn shabby! Not ground breaking, but a fun CD to listen to. I mean, w/ songs like Summer and All Fired Up, how can you go wrong?
November 20, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJack

Yes, the Wildhearts!

Love 'em! Got nearly all of their stuff. But nothing past "The Wildhearts Must Be Destroyed". All British Imports.

Tell you what, I'm anxious to get the first one, "The Earth vs. The Wildhearts", again because the U.K. Import I bought when it came out has just awful fidelity, which frustrated the heck out of me. I'm gonna get it again, now that it's been remastered, for awhile, I imagine. Maybe even go for a Japanese version, as they tend to have the best sound quality.

Wished I coulda seen Ginger in The Quireboys but he was already gone when the first album came out. I did manage to see 'em at the Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor, NY (The Hamptons) with Electric Angels opening (amazing... hey, you mentioned Candy. Weren't a 2 guys from Electric Angels formally in Candy?).

Anyway, both bands were awesome and there were two fights involving the local Bonnackers (as the descendants of the originals of a certain part of the Hamptons are known as... read: Rednecks, for the most part) and Guy that took place while the show was still going on. And they never missed a beat! Phenomenal. Imagine what Ginger would have done in that situation, hahaha!!!

I tried to see the Wildhearts a few times but something would come up and I'd have to go out of town, or something.

Jack, have you seen 'em live?

Hey here's another one kinda like The Wildhearts, but maybe more Junkyardish...

But the real deal and were just killer... maybe not so Glam, but does kinda fit the whole Trash Metal vibe that was goin' on when it came out...

The Four Horsemen

Totally killer...

The standout track for me is...

"Rockin' Is Ma Business, And Business Is Good"

November 20, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Real quick (hahaha!!!), Jack!

It doesn't get anymore esoteric than this (or more nuts!) but it is on iTunes...

Do you have that :30 Candy live Radio plug?

Cool to break up a playlist with, if you don't...

In case you don't, it's on Candy's "Teenage Neon Jungle (Rare & Unreleased)", !st track, titled as "Intro", and is followed by "Whatever Happened to Fun", which, as described by the spot, was meant to be a hit.

It's interesting to note that this was an early band of real Glam Metal cognicenti like Gilby and, I think, those dudes from Electric Angels (unless I'm confusing 'em with someone else) and was really totally Power Pop.

But you can hear early progenitor, not yet fully evolved, Hair Metal-like touches of guitar on it, that make a good case for contending that Hair/Glam/Sleaze Metal owes a great deal to Power Pop (i.e. Cheap Trick, cited as inspiration by Motley Crue, as well as Cobain, among others, and yet, are also thought to be the grandaddies of Power Pop but also with Classic Rock and Metal references that led them to that honor), just as much as Glam Rock, Classic Metal and Punk references.

Long impossible "sentence", but I think I got it all in there. Here, that's one way to keep these things short!

Now, that's trivia!

p.s. And just to bring it all back to the subject at hand, Broken Teeth's Jason McMaster's former band, Dangerous Toys, shows a certain Power Pop, almost Cheap Trick-like, sensibilitly in certain elements of it's sound. Stuff like "Scared" has a real Pop feel, which I think you are not digging as much as their later stuff, based on what you said in that much earlier post, but I happen to love it! And let's not forget, so many of the bands we love used Cheap Trick's producer of 2 of Trick's classic albums, Tom Werman.
November 20, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
I have that Candy CD (Teenage Neon...), it's actually the only CD from them that's available (to my knowledge anyway), and yeah a couple of the guys went on to form Electric Angels (actually, the last few trax on the Candy CD are from things the guys did after Candy broke up).

I've never managed to see The Wildhearts either. Got real close when they were supposed to open for AC/DC about 10 years ago, but they ran out of money and dropped off the tour before it got to me.
November 21, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJack
You are so on it, Jack! Maybe The Wildhearts will get back out there. I actually now want to go around the world and catch these bands wherever they may be playing (even if it's a local pub somewhere in the U.K., as may be the case with Ginger and company), but right now I'm in the same situation The Wildhearts were in 10 years ago with that AC/DC tour, hahaha!!!
November 21, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Kenny O! Jack! Where the heck are you guyz?! And what about the rest of the Bad Boyz of Bring Back Glam?!

Man, how did we miss this one?... or did one of us mention it and I'm just blind?...

Johnny Crash!

Not a bad cut on their sole major release, "Neighborhood Threat" (1990).

Trivia: Nikki Sixx's fave band when they hit the L.A. scene in '90! Check out their Wikipedia thingy. One of the more interesting Wikipedia entries I've read. What a pedigree these guys had. You will be astonished at who was in this band, if you didn't know. Got this when it came out, but
had no idea about their history besides Sixx's support.
November 23, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Yep, that is another awesome album I still play on a regular basis. Also another one I only have on cassette; it really should get the remaster treatment. I also need to get the Tokyo Blade album the singer is on one of these days.

Gotta love a song like Baby's Like a Piano
November 24, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJack

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