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Three Metal Wishes

You know the whole "Genie in a bottle" fantasy, right? Rub a bottle, out pops a genie and you get three wishes. What if those were three Metal wishes? Say you had the chance to have any three things you wanted - the only stipulation being that the wish had to be related to Metal music in some way. What would you wish for?

I'm not sure I could say what I'd want, to be honest. The power here is great: the potential to turn back time, avert tragedies, avoid band member's mind blowing when you think about it. Of course, altering the course of one action, therefore changes so many I don't know.

I can't name all three of my wishes, but I know one of them would revolve me going back in time to really experience Glam on the Sunset Strip back in the early 80s. Other than that, I've got nothing. I can't wait to read your wishes - good luck, though. This is a hard one!

Reader Comments (12)

Sunset strip early 80's troubadour, whisky, Gazzari's
The Crue, Ratt, GNR, Van Halen the list goes on
November 7, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterlooksthatkill
GnR original line-up reunion, KISS to have never released Psycho Circus, and for Vixen to always look like they did in when the "Rev It Up" album was released.
November 7, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterBrian
Simon Cowell to retire from the music industry! (not really a metal wish but a general wish from everyone who loves real music)

A night-out with Bon Scott, John Bonham and Ozzy!

To go back and tell Dine-bag to put a bulletproof jacket on!

To go back and see all the bands I could have seen but never got round too (I was skint mainly)!
November 7, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterSinbiner
Thats meant to be Dime-Bag, Sorry guys!
November 7, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterSinbiner
1. That the original Guns n roses never broke up.

2.In light of recent events... That Areosmith never broke up.

3. That all our favorite bands best album is still ahead of them.
November 7, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMike
See Zep live, Razzle living, no such thing as Sammy Hagar
November 7, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterTroy
I would wish for:

1) Zeppelin to go on tour with Robert Plant in 2010.

2) Donny Parnell to rejoin Kix.

3) Me to have the voice of Michael Matijevic of Steelheart.
November 7, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Well, the Sunset Strip thing would be amazing, but...

-to play guitar like Eddie Van Halen

-to look out over 20,000 people who want to be you, or be with you.

-to be locked in a room with Bret Michael's cast-offs for an hour or two.
November 8, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterGEO II
1. To see Dangerous Toys live!

2. To see AC/DC one more time!

3. To have a compilation of my favorite obscure hair metal videos on dvd.
November 8, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterSav
1) To be at the Live Aid concert in Philly in 1985, watching the Black Sabbath reunion and Judas Priest. Both bands took the stage before noon, and despite the ungodly hour, both bands tore it up.

2) To see the original GNR lineup live. At a club. In 1987.

3) That Eddie Van Halen would stop being such a selfish asshole. After a while, pal, maybe it's YOU! And how about a shred of respect for Michael Anthony?
November 9, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterGator

Man, did you ever call that last wish.

Hey, man, I did see G'n'R in a club. The Bayou in Georgetown, D.C. 250 people. Just a couple of weeks after "Appetite" came out. They killed.

Funny, too...what I remember beyond the killer music and performance...

Axl kept going on and on about Poison (hahaha!!!) between songs...

Stuff like, "You know the problem with Poison is they aren't real Rock and Roll...", etc., etc. It was so funny cuz he was worried about Poison.

I mean, who the hell were they in comparison, really, though I did like that first record, "Look What The Cat Dragged In." Then again, as Glam as it is, it pales in comparison to "Appetite", though I don't really look at that album as Glam that much. It's more "Classic Rock", wouldn't ya say?

The other thing I remember was Slash sayin', shortly after one of Axl's rants on Poison, "Normally, I don't talk, but I just wanted everyone to know this is the last club we'll ever play, cuz we're goin' on tour with Motley Crue!". Everyone went nuts. Of course, they opened for Crue and blew 'em out of the water. And his statement was true to a point.

They did play clubs again, but did it by choice, playin' in two more, as far as I know -- CBGB's for a video and playin' the Roxy in NYC two nights as warm ups for the "Use Your Illusion Tour" (I was there both nights and actually watched about 3 songs standin' right next to Iggy Pop and talked to him for quite awhile -- cool guy to talk to, actually).

Izzy quit immediately after and Gilby stepped in. Though, nothing against him, I thought it was pretty much over after that, then having to watch them go through the motions at Madison Square Garden, where Slash told the audience, "This has been my dream to play here ever since I saw "The Song Remains The Same'.".

Sorry, dude, gotta say, tho, it was Iggy who really juiced that band. True, Slash was the lead guitarist, but it was Izzy who wrote almost all of their truly great stuff. I always thought Slash's playin' was kind of a cold and generic hybrid of Perry and Page's styles. But, hey, it worked...for awhile.
November 10, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
#1 - I wish I would have gotten past my apparent lack of natural born talent and actually taken guitar or bass lessons as a kid, and played in a band with my friends. Or at the least, forgiven myself that I could not sing as well as Don Dokken, Klaus Meine, Geddy Lee and Rob Halford and just went for it anyway. By the time I graduated high school in '87, you didn't even need a good voice any more to sing any kind of music.

#2 - I wish I had been a little older, had a little more cash, and a car, and been able to see the legends live in their prime. Zep, Aerosmith, DefLep, Scorpions, Crue - have seen them all later on, but it would have been so much better to see them in their prime.

#3 - I wish I could have been a band psychologist / creativity guru / DEA agent and kept these talented bands working together / writing together / relatively sober long enough to truly reach their potential:
* original Gn'R as stated above
* Skid Row w/ Bas Bach
* White Lion
* Hardline
November 10, 2009 | Unregistered CommenternirVrana

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