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The Last Day of 2009

For me, 2009 sucked in a lot of ways and I'm glad this year is just about over. I'm hitting the road early and heading to Nashville to ring in 2010 with my husband at the Hard Rock Cafe. Apparently there's a street party or something. The real reason we're going south is to see Lynam and Sevendust Friday night in Birmingham, Alabama. I'm interviewing Sevendust before the show but I'm most excited to see my Lynam boys again.

With that, I'm out. I'll leave you with this: Aerosmith doing "Rats in the Cellar" live on New Year's Eve back in 1984.

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Hey, Heavy Metal Kidz!

Happy New Metal Year!

I spent the afternoon semi-comatose (not from any chandelier swingin', mind you) on the beach listenin' to all the big "hitz" of 2009 for the last time in 2009.

Stuff like:

1) Lynam, "Enemy" from 'Tragic City Symphony'. So jealous of Al and her husband seein' 'em in Birmingham!

2) Hot Leg, "Whichever Way You Want It" from 'Red Light Fever', Justin's overlooked comeback. Guyz, check it out, it's killer!

3) Gunfire '76, "Los Angel-less" from 'Casualties & Tragedies'. This is easily one of my faves of faves.

4) Loud n' Nasty, "Nast Girls" from the 'No One Rocks Like You' EP. Killer as ever!

5) Crucified Barbara, "Sex Action" from 'Til Death Do Us Party'. These chix rokk!!!

6) 77, "Shake It Up" from '21st Century Rock'. AC/DC freax!

7) Charm City Devils, "Let's Rock-N-Roll (Endless Road)" from 'Let's Rock-N-Roll". Best thing out of the Baltimore area since Kix. Rock-N-Roll Killerz!

8) Vains of Jenna, "Everybody Loves You When Your Dead" and "Refugee" from 'The Art of Telling Lies'. Near the top of the heap!

9) The Last Vegas, "I'm Bad" from 'Whatever Gets You Off". Top of the heap this year!

10) Wolfmother, "Back Round" from 'Cosmic Egg'. Guyz, Hello? Rock and Roll!

11) Dynazty, "Lights Out In Candyland" from 'Bring the Thunder". So Rock n' Roll!

12) Steel Panther, "Death To All But Metal" from 'Feel the Steel". Joke on a joke that's no joke. It's actually good, too!

Tips of the iceburg... some other honorable mentions for 2009... Them Crooked Vultures, G'n'R, The Veer Union, Kortini, Jorn, The Answer, Saxon,

Best Metal Albums of the Decade... Zan Clan, "We Are Zan Clan", AC/DC, "Black Ice", G'n'R, "Chinese Democracy", Motley Crue, "The Dirt", Miss Crazy, 'Can't Get Enough", Airborne, "Runnin' Wild", Cheap Trick, "The Latest", Bullet, "Bite the Bullet", The Poodles, "Metal Will Stand Tall", Wolfmother, "Wolfmother", Buckcherry, "15", Buckcherry, "Time Bomb", Monster Magnet, "Monolithic Baby", Big Cock, "Motherload", Stonerider, "Three Legs of Trouble", Wildstreet, "Wildstreet", Hungry Heart, "Hungry Heart", Crooked X, "Crooked X", Hurricane Party, "Get This"...

2009: Let this be the year that Glam went back into Metal, thanx to all here, especially Al, without whom none of this would be possible, and to the Counsel of the Cauldron (Boyz, you know who you are) and all the Metal Kidz who pop on and off of here... like 80% of the stuff listed above for "Best of '09" or "Best of the Decade", I never would have even known about if it weren't for Al's or your recommendations on this very site! Thanx for makin' me a better Metalhead because of it!

Al, Kenny O, Snoot, Xandra, Glam Rocker Archie, Christian, NirVana, Danny, Glen, Crued, Jen, Kari, Brian, Bryon, Reptile Blvd, Christine Sixx, Metalbuy & The Insider (even you Eyeore prix!), :D, Motley Crue 666, Bob, ???? ????, Gary, Jack Leg, Sweet Lou, Liam, Steffan, JT, Bumblefootboy, Lucifer (hey, how is it down there? Hahaha!!!), Looks That Kill, Anyone Else, et al., couldn't of done it without ya! May you have a Metal New Year and many more to come!
January 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Oops! Forgot Big Elf for Best of the Decade, too. Yikes! I know I forgot to mention some other stuff. Hopefully y'all ain't too hung over to add some more... Cheerz n' Jeerz!
January 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
...and The Darkness for Best of the Decade, too! Sheez, I am such a burnout! And shoutouts to Aaron, Troy, Gerry G, Peter, Gator, Sinbiner, Xavier, Al Rose, Mike, Nate, Chey, Christopher, Lennon, Sweet Lou, Gil, Scott, Roy, Fitz, Meds, Spool, Renee, Ace, Trinity, Cory, Wendy, Hootie, TNT, Chris D., Ryo Vie, Papa Rocker, T.O. Snob, Chessie, Ellie and Anthony for all your opinions and tips, too!
January 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
And Crash Diet across the soundboard! How could I forget them! What the h*ll is wrong with me?! Wait, don't answer that! I'm lookin' to start 2010 on a high note (like Matijevic!)...
January 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!

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