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Motley Crue Live Review - SOLA 09 Tour


Motley Crue are currently on a small winter tour, supporting their album Saints of Los Angeles. The Last Vegas, Theory of a Deadman and Hinder are providing support.

Last night, Motley played to a nearly full crowd at the Rockford, Illinois MetroCentre. For me and Heather, the show started like always: a few missteps, a near death experience and a giant line in the cold.

There’s always a line in the cold.

The near death experience was a ride in a unmarked cab with no meter, so it’s highly possible Heather and I just wandered up to a strange man that needed money. The driver was pretty adamant that we’d called for his services, but with no number on the side of the station could we be sure?

Scary cabs be damned, we arrived at the concert venue unharmed, only to find that security hadn’t opened the doors when promised and there were literally thousands of people snaked around the building. Standing outside in 20 degree weather for 45 minutes isn’t the most fun thing to do on a Sunday night, but at least there was free entertainment. Did I mention there were protestors?

Oh yes, the protestors.

I’ve been to a lot of rock shows and never actually encountered a group of people carrying signs, holding Bibles and reading scripture. The signs talked a lot of sins and evil. I guess they heard Motley was in town and might know a few things about both, I’m not sure. At any rate, I fully support a person’s first amendment right to exercise free speech and assembly. Some of the Motley concertgoers were not quite as patriotic as Heather and I. The protestors were heckled a lot and ended up with police protection by way of a cop car. A street separated the concert crowd from the Jesus fans.

Once inside and through the massive security detail, I was not pleased to learn I’d missed The Last Vegas. I was certain the curtain would be held a few minutes since, well, no one was actually inside for the show. I’m sure The Last Vegas played for 500 people, which sucks. The MetroCentre screwed up big time on not opening the doors earlier.

I picked up Theory of a Deadman’s Scars & Souvenirs over the weekend, mainly because the song “Hate My Life” makes me giggle. Sure, Theory of a Deadman sounds a lot like Nickelback (for obvious reasons. If you don’t know why, read the Wiki article), but I still like this band. They were pretty good live – their set was high energy and there wasn’t much stage banter, which basically everyone knows I hate. The best part of the set – aside from “Hate My Life” was, of course, “Bad Girlfriend.” Heather pointed out that every member of Theory of a Deadman must be damaged considering all the “I hate women” songs.

So then it was time for Hinder. Everyone that reads this site with any regularity knows I do not like this band. That doesn’t mean I’m going to suck a lemon and scowl at a rock show. No, I stood the entire time – and I clapped. Even if I don’t like Hinder’s music, I realize I can’t get on stage and perform for thousands, so that deserves some applause. Hinder’s set was not so long, but they did play their most radio friendly songs like “Use Me,” “Lips of an Angel,” “Without You” and “Get Stoned.” Now, I’ll admit: Hinder sounded much better last night versus when I saw them in December in Dayton. In Dayton, Austin Winkler’s voice was literally just shot to hell. He didn’t sound nearly that strained last night, which is a good thing. He also moved around on stage a lot more. Actually, the entire band moved around a lot more and at the end of the song, Austin came into the crowd. Yes, at one point he was singing right to me and Heather. No, I didn’t say anything mean. I just observed.

So now it was time for Motley Crue. Ok, so again everyone knows this wasn’t my first time. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting much. I figured the set would be identical to Crue Fest, and that would be that. I also thought the band would phone it in because, well, they can.

They didn’t.

Motley got off to a really rough start with “Kickstart My Heart.” Vince Neil ran on stage and was immediately skipping words and I sighed. After this rough song, something happened and the band actually started performing as a highly functioning unit. Moreover, the band looked happy to be on stage together.

Here’s the set:

Kickstart My Heart

Wild Side
Shout at the Devil
Saints of Los Angeles

Mick guitar solo

Live Wire

Too Fast For Love

On with the Show
Looks That Kill

Jailhouse Rock with Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick

Mutherfucker of the Year

White Trash Circus

Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)

Same Old Situation

Primal Scream

Band introductions (seriously, they introduced themselves)

Girls, Girls, Girls

Dr. Feelgood

Home Sweet Home

Now maybe you noticed that Motley played “Jailhouse Rock” with Rick Nielsen. Remember, Motley covered this on Girls, Girls, Girls but I’m sure they haven’t played in it a long time. Motley brought Nick on stage to jam with the band – a very cool bonus to the Rockford show. Vince admitted the song may or may not go well. The tune sort of fell apart in the middle and Vince was reading the words for awhile, but that’s o.k. The band was having fun. At the end of the song, there were hugs all around and everyone was all smiles.

Did I mention Motley were honestly having fun? I mean, they really acted like they wanted to be on stage with each other. Fist bumps, hugs, mic sharing – the whole bit. And it wasn’t contrived, either. You can tell when a band is forcing affection. This was actually real. I was impressed. The show was so much better for the congenial atmosphere.

Nikki addressed the crowd before “Primal Scream” and admitted to Rick Neilsen – and everyone in the audience – that Motley stole “Too Fast for Love” from Cheap Trick, saying “’s too late now and you can’t sue us!” Something tells me Cheap Trick knew this a long time ago.

So, midway through the show, Vince is actually singing the words. I mean, there are a few times when he lets the crowd carry him...or he just forgets, but overall, he did a really good job. Mick’s solo was longer than usual, too. Best part of all? No titty cam. That’s right, Tommy kept his childish camera to himself, allowing the band to play more tunes. In fact, Tommy only really came out to the crowd once during the show to hand his Jager bottle to the pit. He said Motley were thankful for their “fans, friends, family...and a new president.” Much applause. After all, I was in Illinois.

During “Shout at the Devil,” Motley inserted photos of George Bush, who “seemed” to be flipping off the camera. Seemed appropriate to me.

The band introductions were odd, if not loveable. Tommy flew off the stage and onto a barrier railing when it was time for his name. Again, seemed appropriate to me.

Overall, I’ve got to say it was a great show. Motley were better last night than they were at Crue Fest, at that’s saying something because I liked the Cincinnati stop of tour quite a lot. Great show, worth the money. Still mad I missed The Last Vegas.




Reader Comments (18)

SWEET! I can't wait for 5 days till im goin!
and im glad u kinda enjoyed hinder!
I hope Motley plays Looks that Kill!
February 16, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMotleyCrue666
Funny you should say that I saw them on 2/13 and they played Looks that Kill. They did that in place of Jailhouse Rock. Otherwise the setlist was the same. Basically the same show Allyson saw with the exception of Tommy getting a girl to show her breasts and then thanking God for a new president. Also some interaction with Nikki bringing a child on stage and commenting about how the child said he wants his mom and that Nikki wants the child's mom too. The line was so long at my show that I missed Last Vegas and Theory of a Deadman. No loss for me. Wouldn't have cared if I missed Hinder either though. Overall good show.
February 16, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMary
They played "Looks that Kill" - I wrote it down last night, must have missed typing it this morning.

February 16, 2009 | Registered CommenterAllyson B. Crawford
I can't wait for March 16th! That's when I get to see the Motley Mayhem at Madison Square Garden!

I'm really looking forward to The Last Vegas, Theory, and Hinder too. I've been a Theory fan for a while and this will be my second time seeing them live (my first is actually going to be the night before at a club in New Jersey).

And the best news of your whole review? No Tittie Cam! I like breasts as much as the next guy, but I always found the tittie cam to be a little immature, I must admit. It must be due to getting old and having a daughter. Some things in life drastically change your view of the world.

Thanks for the review and the setlist Allyson. I am so excited for next month!
February 16, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterRyo Vie
Allyson forgot to mention the half drunken domestic dispute going on in line behind us. Quote of the night.. Wife "Whatever. You married me." Husband: "You weren't drunk when I married you." Classic.
Alright, all "outside entertainment" aside, I thought the whole show was fantastic. I am sad though to have missed the Last Vegas. Theory of A Deadman put on an energetic show and the crowd was really into it.
Unlike Allyson, I like Hinder, and I really enjoyed their performance. Much respect to Allyson though. She stood up and feigned interest in the performace like a champ. She did NOT sit down with her arms crossed scowling at the stage like I've seen one too many times recently from supposed "fans".
Motley's show was fascinating to me. They really had a happy energy on stage that I did not think they were capable of anymore. I think they were really having fun up there. And thank god Tommy skipped tittie cam for at least one night. The whole show actually felt more "unscripted" than usual. It was nice not knowing what was going to come next, and left me wanting more. A couple of times Princess Nikki tossed water bottles into the crowd and I held my breath waiting for the inevitable tirade, but there was no drama. That guy is amazing. You can watch that clip on YouTube and hate him to high hell. Then he gets on stage, starts playing, and you love him all over again. He may be the devil. But, satan or not, he and the others put on an unbelievable show. I am a little skeptical as to what caused the obvious shift in attitude, but whatever it was, I hope they keep it up.
February 16, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterHeather
hay heather and alley-cat glad you had a great time! seeing this show sunday night. doing a 3 hour road trip.Heather i had to laff at your "princess" nikki remark,while true, nikki is my boy! ive been a nikki fan since 81. alley-cat was dead on with her comparison with theory to nickleback.

take care ladies and Rock on
February 16, 2009 | Unregistered Commentercrued
ok thanks yeah i just need to hear looks that kill.
and i heard in other shows they have been doing louder than hell.
February 17, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMotleyCrue666
It all sounds so great. I cant wait to see them here in Baltimore !!!
February 17, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterDamnp78
what youtube clip ?
February 17, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterDamnp78

Here is the youtube clip.

And the comments are hilarious.

I should note that he has since "apologized". Sort of.
February 17, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterHeather
I am so fucking jealous! Come to europe already!
February 18, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterInk N' Sleaze
Nice. Thanks for the link.
February 18, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterDamnp78
Its cool that youre finally coming around on Hinder. I used to hate them too. I still hate their song get stoned. Its pure crap. But other than that they are easily one of the greatest rock bands to come out in the last 5 years. And nobody is "bringing back glam" more than them dudes at this moment.
February 18, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterKenny Crawford
sucks that you missed the last Vegas. they were my favorite part of the show. except for Motley of course. Hinder rocked too. i really cannot stand theory of a deadman there. its beyond me really why motley would take them out on the road.
February 21, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterChey
Just saw them last night.
Greatest night/concert of my life.
The Last Vegas = Amazing and were a perfect opener. (Best Song = I'm Bad)
Theory Of A Deadman = Beyond Amazing, didnt know if hinder could follow. (Best Song = Hate My Life)
Hinder - Studio = Amazing. Live = Even Better. (Best Song = Heven Sent)
Motley Crue - Started off really rough... ended being the greatest band/performance ever. (Best Song - Saints Of Los Angeles or Primal Scream)
February 22, 2009 | Unregistered Commentermotleycrue666
The best part no tittie cam? Cmon, it may be immature but you gotta give some credit for originality and how awesome it is.
March 7, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterChase
Just saw em Saturday night and they all kicked ass ! The review was spot on ! What a great show !
March 16, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterDamnp78
screw hinder and theory of a deadman, i really dig the last vegas. and who cares if vince skips a few words, i saw em this summer with poison and its the best vocal ive heard from vince
May 3, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterdevin

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