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A Few Questions of The Answer

Ever wonder how a rock band feels when offered the chance of a lifetime? I was pondering this the other day, thinking about the biggest career advancements in rock. In my mind, nothing is bigger than playing with AC/DC. Irish band The Answer are touring the world with AC/DC right now. Wonder how that happened? I asked.

“We were recording B-sides for the singles in London and our manager took us out for a drink in the middle of the sessions,” explains The Answer guitarist Paul Mahon. “He said he had good news and bad news. We were originally slotted to go on tour with Black Stone Cherry in Europe but we wouldn't be going out with them. Then he slid a sheet of paper over to us. We turned it over and it was all the tour dates for AC/DC in America. We were over the moon – we had no idea that’s what the surprise would be. We had quite a few drinks that day and the recording of the B-sides stopped."

If you’ve ever been backstage at a rock show, you know the stereotypes of loud parties are not always true. Oftentimes, it’s just a bunch of people punching their time cards, getting a job done. But what about backstage at AC/DC?

“There’s been a few times when Brian Johnson would come, hang out and chat with us a lot,” says Mahon. “We just had a good conversation with Angus in Frankfurt and he only set down with us one time before. But he pretty much talked to us for an hour, just outside the dressing room. We talked about touring in Europe the first time with Bon (Scott) and how the tour went in America and making Black Ice. It was a very special conversation. He was very shy and kind of stayed to himself...and that was really cool night.”

The Answer have a lot to celebrate in  addition to their tour with AC/DC. The band’s American debut Everyday Demons hits stores tomorrow is already available as a digital download through iTunes.

You can read more of my interview with The Answer very soon over on Noisecreep.

Photo credit: The Answer. No copyright assumed.

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i love this band. from the first time i heard them i knew i'd be listening to them for awhile. there are some songs on teh new cd that i'm not sold on but i still need to listen to it a few more times before making up my mind for good about them. i'm very glas i got so see them opening for ac/dc but i just wish they'd been allowed to play longer.
March 30, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterdon

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