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'Sick' by Duff McKagan's Loaded: The Bring Back Glam! Album Review

Duff McKagan is a household name around these parts. After all, he is the original bassist for Guns n' Roses and spends a lot of time searching for new singers with his current main band Velvet Revolver. In his downtime, Duff writes financial columns and recorded a CD with his side band Loaded. Last week, Duff McKagan's Loaded released Sick, an all out punk onslaught with just enough Glam thrown in for good measure. Yeah, this album rocks.



Sick (Century Media) features these songs:

Sleaze Factory
The Slide
Mothers Day
I See Through You
Forgive Me
No Shame
Blind Date Girl
Wasted Heart (electric version)
No More

The best songs are on the first half of the album - but really all the content here is great. It sounds impossible, but Sick is very interesting in that the tracks sound raw - but still polished. Perhaps that's the brilliance of living in a ProTools world. At any rate, Duff's love of punk rings through and so does his voice. No, he isn't a great singer, but that's not the point. This is a rock record about love and loss and having fun and you don't really need to sing like Tony Bennett to get those messages across.

Make sure you listen to "Sleaze Factory" and "Flatline." If you don't find yourself humming the hook to "Flatline" after a few listens, then there is something seriously wrong with your hearing.

Hopefully, Duff McKagan's Loaded will enjoy a nice bit of success because Sick is a well produced effort featuring songs just perfect for driving in the summer with the windows down.  

Duff McKagan's Loaded is:

Duff McKagan - guitar/vocals
Geoff Reading
- drums
Jeff Rouse
- bass
Mike Squires
- lead guitar

Reader Comments (3)

Nice review, Allyson.

The European ltd. Edition comes in a beautiful box with a poster and a live DVD containing 11 songs from a concert in Glasgow (Live at The Garage 2008), the "No More" promo video, the Webisodes # 1 - 4 and the UK Tour Webisode.

Oh, and I'm gonna see them live in June with Mötley Crüe! Can't wait ;-)

April 14, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterFrank
I freakin LOVED Duff's Believe In Me release back in 1993. So im probably gonna pick this up. I didnt even know it was out. So thanks for the review!
April 14, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterKenny Ozz
This is a great release ! Better than the last VR record and definitely better than the drink coaster known as Chinese Democracy. Highly suggest this.
April 16, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterScot

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