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I'm Visiting Graceland Today

I've never been to Graceland before as I'm not a massive Elvis fan. I certainly appreciate and respect all his contributions to rock music but I'm not one of those who go to Graceland each year or own a ton of Elvis collectibles. Still, I'm excited to continue my rock n' roll New Year's vacation with a stop at Elvis' mansion. This trip has been a whirlwind for sure and I'll give you a full report when I get home next week. With any luck, I'll find a Glam souvenir to add to my collection.

For now, some vids of Elvis playing a New Year's Eve concert back in 1976.

The rest of the concert is on YouTube. It has five parts. Some of the comments below each clip are quite interesting.

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I have been several times "Im from Morristown, Tennessee originally". You will be extremely impressed. Elvis was the ORIGINAL rock star and the king of rock and roll. Have fun Allyson, send us a full report!
January 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKenny Ozz
That video reminds me of my New Years eve in friend and I snuck to see the King at the Civic Arena. We were shocked at how big Elvis got, but still loved the show. Elvis even joked about his size before singing "Hound Dog" I was 14, my buddy was 11...we knew that Elvis wouldn't be around forever so we made a pact to lie about staying over the other's house. Took our paper route money and headed for "dahntahn" (that's Pittsburghese for DOWNTOWN for you outsiders LOL). Good show until the "Trilogy" then it became a GREAT show. Sadly Elvis was dead before the end of the year, but we got to see the KING live! Thankfully he was bigger cuz we were in the rafters hahaha. The voice was still there...
January 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSweet Lou
Graceland is AMAZING! Elvis fan or not, seeing the King's house is quite impressive and breathtaking. It's not a museum you're walking's his house! That's what I had to keep telling myself. I hope you have fun! And try to go take a tour of Sun Studios! The history in that place will give you goosebumps for sure!!!!
January 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterChristine Sixx
Totally agree with that assessment of Elvis, Kenny O! You are right as ever when you proclaim Elvis the ORIGINAL Rockstar! Chuck Berry may have invented it (I know, we could debate that and he's a rockstar himself), but Elvis was the bigger rockstar, vaulted to that rarefied air at the tippy-top of Rockstardom, making him the one we could consider the first real, total Rockstar!!!

My fave Elvis songs -- "Suspicious Minds", "Hound Dog", "Jailhouse Rock", "That's All Right Mama" (considered to be the first Rock and Roll record), "In The Ghetto", "Heartbreak Hotel", "Don't Be Cruel", "Love Me Tender", "All Shook Up", "(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear", "Hard Headed Woman", "Are You Lonesome Tonight", "(Marie's The Name) Of His Latest Flame", "Can't Help Falling In Love", "Little Sister", "Return To Sender", "Polk Salad Annie", "Burning Love", "A Little Less Conversation"... I could keep going but we'd be here all day and as you can tell, sometimes that practically happens with Metalboy! on here, hahaha!!!

...and a little bit obscure, but one of the best, "Patch It Up" from the movie, "That's The Way It Is" and recorded on August 10th, 1970, from the first of six Las Vegas shows that were documented in concert and backstage, etc. for the film. I was able to get the soundtrack as a German import.

I highly recommend seeing this, too! It and many of the other shows through the years are out on DVD and not only look killer but sound killer!

Especially check out his comeback TV special from '68, if you want to see what a real Rockstar is. He was also known for being the originator of such cool rockstar behavior like shooting out TV's and giving away Cadillacs. And let's not forget, he loved "the boys from Led Zeppelin...", as he so fondly referred to them.

There are stories of late night parties at Graceland where he had Zeppelin cranked to the max! Just imagine that when you are walking through the place (Sadly, I've never been, either. I'm so jealous of you all! But I plan to go this summer.), through rooms like "The Jungle Room" and imagine the live version of "Whole Lotta Love" from 'The Song Remains The Same' , with it's "Boogie Mama" segway, blaring through the built-ins.

"...Boogie Mama, Boogie Mama... Shake it one more time for Elvis..."

TCB! (Yeah, you can find out what that stands for on Wikipedia but watch "That's The Way It Is", to get the real flavor.)

And Christine Sixx, is right, go check out Sun Studios (I'm dyin' to), where the first Rock and Roll record (arguably) was recorded! I'm definitely gonna do that when I go to Graceland... Dang, I'm jealous, but you can see footage of the place, in the meantime, if you are like me and haven't been there yet, in a documentary of the place, "Good Rockin' Tonight -- The Legacy of Sun Records".

Granted it ain't the same as being there but at least it will give you an idea for it and it's importance in Rock and Roll History, if you haven't been yet. Man, you people on Bring Back Glam don't fool around!
January 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Holy H*ll, Lou! You are sooooo lucky to have seen the King! I've got bootleg concert footage of him doing "Amazing Grace" just weeks before he died (I think you can find this on YouTube) and he's playing piano and he is huge but you are right about one key detail... He never lost his voice.

If only he and those around him knew what we know today, he might have lived. Long Live The King!
January 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Yo Metalboy! It was one of THE coolest things that I did in my youth that didn't involve substance abuse hahahahaha. At my age I have been lucky enough to see ALL of the GREATS in their PRIME. These dino/reunion tours are always a disappointment...for the MOST part. LOL let me clarify THAT, cuz some have been great, some good, but most...BORING. I've become jaded with these cash grabs by bands. I've seen AC/DC with Bon Scott, Van Halen on EVERY tour up to and including 1984 (also won $500 from my buddy who didn't believe we saw them OPEN for Journey on their FIRST tour in the U.S...and he was WITH me), Skynyrd with RVZ, Aerosmith, Kiss, ZZ Top and the mighty ZEP! As a very small child I saw the Stones at an amusement park here in Pittsburgh. I didn't "see" the Beatles in concert, but was at the Airport with my cousins and have film of the "mop tops" LITERALLY LOL walking down the stairs onto the tarmac. I saw the Monkees with Hendrix, Herman's Hermits with The WHO as a 7 year old. I saw The Who with Moon several times. My mom took me to see the Doors when I was 8...some of THAT show is on "Absolutely Live." Randy Rhoads with Ozzy 5 times (Def Lep opened for them on 2 of the shows) The ORIGINAL Whitesnake prior to the hit machine albums...LOL. Sab with Ozzy and Uria Heep BEFORE the break up. Pink Floyd on The Wall tour.. Elton on Thanksgiving with a certain JOHN LENNON who came out for several songs..I could go on LOL. Not to mention MJ when he was with the J5 hahaha.
January 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSweet Lou
OOOPS on thing I do disagree with you on...nothing and I mean NOTHING could have kept Elvis alive. Its almost like these guys were DESTINED to die by their own hands...Elvis, Cobain, Morrison, Farley, Belushi, MJ. All their people knew what was going on not only behind closed doors, but in their heads. These greats would have died sooner or later, sadly.
January 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSweet Lou
I hear ya, Sweet Lou...

But then again, your theory about the fate of some of our biggest Rockstars destined to die at their own hands, tho interesting, isn't airtight.

Lennon didn't die at his own hand, though some say he sensed it was coming, which seems unfathomable but possible. Dimebag didn't see it coming (I like their first 3 records the best, as an aside) and Nikki Sixx was dead but those fantastic L.A. EMS people revived him.

And then think about all the legends who are still with us. One example is Keith Richards who, I'm sure, at one time or another, inadvertantly "tried his hand" at taking himself out. My fave about him is the one about him getting blood transfusions on a Lear Jet on one of The Stone's world tours back in the early 70's. He'd leave L.A., for example, a junkie and arrive in New York clean and sober with bells on.

If the Memphis Mafia had known or cared about Elvis' problems, they could have helped him. Back then, we just didn't know how to deal with this stuff. And it still happens, obviously. Michael Jackson just didn't get it, either.

He was eating lots of raw organic and all that kind of thing but didn't understand the pills and everything else his "Doctors" had been feeding him over the years was killing him and would ultimately kill him for good. The family could have intervened but they are old school and didn't get it either. You are right, he could have wanted it, but what the hell was that quack live-in doctor of his thinking if he enabled him in any way. I really think he just didn't get it.

Prescription drugs have now surpassed illicit drugs in yearly drug related deaths. Whether it's Elvis, Hendrix, or even the Hollywood set like Anna Nicole or Heath Ledger, none of 'em seemed to get it but they sure as hell had no problem getting the drugs, which is astonishing, really. It's a tricky subject, really, cuz it's rife with "what if's" and "why's".

Let's hope Tyler pulls through so he can defy your theory, too...

Now, dude!... I am not worthy! I can't believe the legendary performers and performances you have seen. The Who with Moon? Hendrix with the Monkees (I just finished readin' about that in the excellent Hendrix biography, "Room Full of Mirrors")? The Doors? Whoa! The Jackson 5? Rhodes with Ozzy 5 times? The Stones when you were a kid? And of course, Elvis! Man, you are like the Forrest Gump (I mean this as a compliment) of Rock and Roll. You saw just about everything there is to see!

Though I can't go to quite that level, I did see a lot. My first Rock and Roll show was J. Geils Band in '75 point blank. I saw Uriah Heep in '76 opening for Blue Oyster Cult. I saw Tull. I saw Tommy Bolan. Stones twice. I saw Zeppelin in '77 (when did you see 'em?) I saw Skynyrd with Ronnie open for Aerosmith point blank. I saw AC/DC 9 times including 3 with Bon Scott. I saw Aerosmith in '75, '76, '79, '82 with Crespo and '07. ZZ twice, once off 'Eliminator' and then off 'Recycler' though I wish I saw 'em off 'Fandango' more. Springsteen 5 times, Trower twice, I saw Van Halen open for and blow away Nugent like a month after the first album came out and then saw 'em off 'Fair Warning'. I saw the Ramones 11 times, I saw lots of punk including the Pistols, the Damned, 999, the Dead Boys, Stranglers, Joan Jett off "I Love Rock and Roll", Crue twice, Junkyard twice, Alice in Chains, Roxx Gang twice, D.A.D., Black Crowes, White Lion, Ozzy in with Zakk Wilde point blank, G'n'R 5 times, 3 of 'em with Izzy. Divinyls, Rlasmatics, James Brown, Queen with Mercury, Bowie with Stevie Ray Vaughan on guitar, Kiss with the original line-up, the Avengers, XTC, Patti Smith, The New York Dolls, Ratt with Crosby, Warrant twice, Britny Fox, Kix like 15 times at least, Cheap Trick in '78, '79, '80, '96, '04, Trower 3 times, Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush (hahaha!!!) 3 times, Nugent 4 times including 3 with St. Holmes, Steeler with Malmsteen, Bulletboys, Bang Tango, L.A. Guns, 3 times, Lizzy Borden 3 times, Saxon twice, Dirty Looks, Black Crowes 3 times, Kingdom Come, Mr. Big (hahaha!!!), The Cult, Circus of Power, Accept with Udo, War Babies, Babylon A.D., Sweet F.A., Every Mother's Nightmare, Salty Dog, The Almighty, Badlands, Child's Play, Savatage, Heart, Slayer, Chuck Berry, WW III, Poison, Faith No More, Kik Tracee, Enuff Z'Nuff, Roxy Blue, Shotgun Messiah, Sea Hags, The London Quireboys, The Electric Angels, Leatherwolf, Velvet Revolver, Crack the Sky, Spread Eagle, NRBQ, Leon Russell, Dickie Betts, Blondie, Circle Jerks, Black Flag, U.K. Subs, Shakin' Street, Nazareth, The Cars, The Cure, Duran Duran (hahaha!!!), Tom Waits, Leon Redbone, Kieth Richards and The Expensive Winos, The Presidents Of The United States, Life, Sex & Death, Dangerous Toys, Baton Rouge, Beggars & Thieves, Tangerine Dream, Sisters of Mercy, Public Enemy (hahaha!!!), Rick Derringer, Tesla, Trixter, Black'n'Blue, Blonz, Trouble, Donnie Iris, Danger Danger, Steve Stevens and The Atomic Playboys, Saigon Kick, Extreme (barf), Alvin Lee, Buddy Guy, Eric Burdon, Southside Johnny, Savoy Brown, Type O Negative, McQueen Street, Kings of the Sun, Southgang and I could go on, too! Oh, and I bought Farley, Sandler, Spade and Chris Rock beers once at Catch A Rising Star in like '90 or '91 but I think they let me do it cuz of the hot blonde I was with. Now that's a subject. I bought Debbie Harry a drink. Joe Jackson a drink. Brian Connelly of Sweet several shots. Steve Stevens a beer. Leslie West a couple of beers. Hilarious!

Though I didn't get to see some of the biggies you did, I am still so thankful for those I did see and look forward to seeing many more including ones I've managed to miss that are still out there...

...just so long as none of them die before I get the chance!
January 3, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Forest Gump inadvertently helped and some how profited either financially or morally from his exploits...ME? I HATED Hendrix when I saw (actually HEARD from the rafters) LOL. I told him since there were no left handed guitars around that he should just restring a righthanded on to be like a left handed guitar hahahahaha. **for those WITHOUT a sense of humor, I was kidding***

I was a CHILD and that was a bit much for a kid wanting his bubblegum pop. I wish I could say that I loved it and even as a child saw the genius, but alas...nada hahahaha. The Gump connection however is a decent analogy because like him I was ignorant to what really WAS happening around me in MOST instances. The Doors however I DID love as a kid...every time I hear"Break On Through," its like a musical time machine for me, but then again so are so many songs that affect me like that. Music was my solace as a child and a man/child LOL. So the first Stones (BTW Brian Jones was alive and well there too), Hendrix, and Who performances I got to see, I was just too damn young to appreciate or even COMPREHEND what I had witnessed. It WAS a littel much for a kid at the time who only wanted "Last Train to Clarksville" or "Mrs. Brown." hahahahaha.

To answer your Zep question...
Led Zeppelin I saw at Three Rivers Stadium (RIP)on July 24th 1973. It would be the most people I ever saw in ONE PLACE till 1976...Frampton and the Beach Boys (with Brian Wilson making one of only SEVERAL concert appearences) would play to 58,000 people setting a new record in Pittsburgh. Then I saw Zep TWICE in February 75' at The Civic Arena...Plant was sick as a dog, but we did get to hear Physical Graffiti songs BEFORE they were released. Why so cool? Cuz we didn't have the internet for "scoops" of upcoming releases and needless to one LEAKED songs to the average joe hahahaha. That would be the last time until I saw them at Live Aid without John Henry Bonham...that performace was DISMAL!! (I did have tickets for both aborted tours when Plant's son passed and then JHB died.) I couldn't WAIT for this Live Aid performance and then BOOM...HORRID! But it WAS to be Led Zeppelin, alas with Phil Collins UGH! Talk about a buzz kill. I dig Phil Collins and it wasn't HIS fault that the band was ill-prepared for this performance (although I HAVE to blame SOMEONE and NOT my HEROES lol).
The ONLY band I NEVER got to see live in their prime that I wanted to...the SEX PISTOLS with Sid. I saw a couple of the "reunion" abortions, but that was it. I did however see The Clash, U2, The Police,Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarded WELL before they became icons at a little venue called The Decade and Graffiti. I still have ALL the autographs from each band LOL. I HATED Soundgarden by the way...and mostly anything else that would come out of Seattle aside from Starbucks, Queesryche, Duff McKagen and Boeing aircrafts LOL.
Even though my house burnt down over a year ago, alot of my memoriabllia was not destroyed (showing that God DOES love rock n roll LOL. A lot is still packed in boxes in my garage that I am going to HAVE to go through and see what really DID survive and not just take the insurance companies and restoration companies word for hahahaha.

As for you buying drinks...dude you hung with the wrong crowd. I've had free drinks for the GOD..SAM KINISON, as well as a few lines of some primo peruvian hahahaha A very special thanks to Carl LeBove who wrote a lot of Sam's material for getting me into Sammy's hotel room...met and partied with Sam on several days in Pittsburgh.

Motley on their first solo tour AND then when they opened for Ozzy. I was privy to two certain female DJ's giving oral compensation to Tommy and Nikki all the while Mick was avoiding some psycho chick who kept calling him. As for Vince, we pounded a fifth of Gin whilst the mayhem was going on. I still have the empty bottle SIGEND by Vince that says...PUKE ON THE DEVIL SWEET LOU, Vince Neil. LMAO

I SPILLED a beer on Sting's bass at a show they did at a bar in Johnstown off the Pitt/Jtown Campus. He almost KILLED my friend thinking it was him...I fessed up and said I didn't ya fuck. He laughed, shook his head and HIT me with the bass when they did "Walkin' on the Moon."

I flicked a butt of a roach at that douchebag singer from Faith No More when they opened for GnR/Metallica in Pittsburgh. We were in the pit at the stadium and this douche thought it would be a good idea to bitch at my buddy and I for smoking weed while they performed...I'm sure if there is a bootleg of this show, you'll hear it. I threw him the finger and flicked the kicked roach at him. After the show security came over to my buddy and I and took us backstage to meet Mr. Bungle himself. He said he was just clowning and asked if we "were holding any green" When we told him we did, he tried getting us busted...what a DICK. Little did he know, his BOSS on the tour was a personal friend of my buddy Bob and proceeded to have us escorted to his dressing room. This was BEFORE the Brazilian was fully involved in letting undesirables around him hahahahaha.

I should hold most of this for a book huh? LOL. You and I should get together and put some ideas down...then prepare for the lawsuits hahahaha.
January 3, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSweet Lou
Oh, sorry got on a MetalBoy! roll there...LOL. KIDDING my man, I like most of what you spew...

As for the death at their on hands...first let me assure you, the Keith Richards, Eric Claptons etc were nothing more than casual users contrary what they say. If I'm not mistaken, Clapton's heroin addiction was exposed as made up and I firmly believe that Richards was no where NEAR what they want fans to believe. F'd up rockstars? Sure, but addicts like the press says? Nope, I don't believe it. Page's heroin use was well documented, but was never a strung out rockstar like Slash, Adler, Staley, etc. There is a fine line between casual users (which I believe most of those 60's guys were) and ADDICTS. The addict WILL eventually die at their own hands, the casual user will just have bad luck (see Len Bias).

Tyler is LUCKY he didn't end up like the shooting stars I mentioned in my previous posts. I think the difference of the dead rockstars...they had management, agents, etc that only cared about the MONEY and hanger-on'rs that only cared about the drugs. They never cancelled tours, etc, they just kept PUSHING, and PUSHING and not allowing these guys to slow it down and try to get it together. It took Slash to get BOOTED out of GnR to keep him from becoming a statistic. As for Nikki...his stories are mostly just that..stories. I believe he did drugs, but nowhere NEAR the level he wants you to believe. Its PR with most of this dillweeds. I worked with addicts years ago and the success stories seem to be mostly with "rockstars" because the "cleaned" up ones were only casual, save for the Tylers, Perrys, Slashs, etc. You would be SHOCKED by the actual percentages of heroin and crack users...the numbers of successful recoveries are minimal at best, barely double digits.

Lennon, Dimebag, and others as such were killed by NON-drug usage and not at their own hands. Where they partiers? Absolutely, but they were really addicts like the Farley's, Belushi's, Adler's, etc

And to show God DID have a sense of humor with Kinison, he let Sam clean up and then he got killed by a drunk driver. Somehow I think ol' Sammy would find humor in THAT one OH OOOOOOOOOOOOH!

I just believe the ones I mentioned previously were destined to die by their own self and the people surrounding them. You look at the Memphis Mafia, the Michael Jackson keepers, the Farleys, etc. They ALL said "he was gonna do what he wanted, there was no stopping." THEY knew that the addict was being controlled by the drugs not really cure the addict, the ADDICT needs to WANT to be cured. Not WISH they could be cured, they have to WANT to WORK at it and sadly, the deceased heroes of ours didn't want it or think they needed it. It comes down to the psychological makeup of these cats, if it wasn't drugs for the most parts it would probably some other blatant suicide type death. Harsh? Yep, but its the truth in "most" cases.
January 3, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSweet Lou
Right, Lou. The Rockstars in question didn't want to be cured or didn't think they needed it, because no one or our society at the time (Elvis, the Memphis Mafia, his 'Doctors', Priscilla, Linda Thompson) flagged it, simply because people back then generally didn't know what to make of it and/or how to handle it (i.e. intervention, etc.) primarily because of either straight up lack of education or being uneducated on the subject of addiction...

Hey, when I said you are the Forrest Gump of Rock and Roll, I meant strictly in the sense of the fact that you saw all of these bands the way the character Gump saw all the milestone events through the decades that were represented in the movie.

It is astounding you saw Zep so many times, etc. You will get a kick out of the fact that my friends and I were "spoken to" by Richard Cole for making too much noise, since we were in the 3rd row and whooping it up a bit too much, shall we say. Here's what he told us terrified teens... "Mr. Plant would like you to discontinue or else there shall be measures". Needless to say, Page was absolutely stellar at this time ('77 -- which I consider to be their height).

Well, dude, though I did see a fair amount of shows back in the day with the original line-ups, I regret having not seen more and particularly those you missed, including the Monkees! I did see the Pistols with the original line-up at Roseland on that '97 reunion tour but I thought it was pretty awesome because Matlock was the original bass player and also wrote a great deal of the original material. I actually like that Jones kinda became a Metal guitarist because he sorta Metalized the Pistols at this point and I thought it really kicked a*s!!!

I thought of some other shows I forgot to mention...

Quiet Riot, Slaughter, Talking Heads (hahaha!!! But 4th row and for free), The Cure (once with no more than a dozen people in the audience, which was totally amazing if your into this sort of thing), The Police, 4th row, too, off 'Sycronicity' with a little southern band people had barely heard of, "R.E.M", opening for 'em. Wish I had seen 'em in the club like you did, tho, dude. That was also before Sting became known as full of himself (like Bono), at least outside of your incident. And I saw Brian Setzer Orchestra, the Buzzcocks, Los Straight Jackets, The Ventures (with the classic line-up at a small bar in Georgetown where a punker stole the lead guitarist's hat and three songs later his buddies who went after him got him to come back and return only to get a hug by the guitarist!), Soundgarden (snore), Prong, Boston (off 'Don't Look Back' -- killer! But Delp didn't sing as high as you would think. I saw Fleetwood Mac and then Lindsay Buckingham years later at Town Hall, NYC, with 6 other guitarists to replicate the recordings of Mac and solo stuff, guitar track by guitar track. I had jazzer Ron Carter, rocker John Curry (main sesh guy for Alice Cooper on 'Poison', etc.) and Will Lee (of Letterman and one time bassist for Ace Frehley, hahaha!!!) do tracks for some of my commercials. I also saw Kraftwerk (those guys showed up at Warner Theater in two identical silver 'Vettes and a matching silver Mercedes Truck with the equipment), The Beach Boys with Brian Wilson at the Mall in D.C., Brian Wilson years later at Jones Beach performing the entire Pet Sounds album plus some greatest hits of both Beach Boys and solo stuff. What a genius! I also saw as a kid, the original Dave Brubeck Quartet with Paul Desmond in '72. I also got to see Oscar Petersen (when he still played with both hands) with Joe Pass on guitar (whoa!). Other jazz artists I've seen: Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers, Herbie Mann, Wynton Marsalis solo, then with his brother, then with his brother and Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, Joe Corello, Herbie Hancock, as well as bluezers, Muddy Waters and Luther Allison. There are still others, I'm sure but it's quite a journey through my brain to remember 'em all. Interestingly enough, it's the Metal Godz that fascinate me the most, as I'm sure it duz the most for people on here, and I still wanna see so many of 'em like Priest, Scorps, Cinderella (hmmmm...), etc., etc.

As far as Kief Richards...

You know the joke...

"There's alive. There's dead. And there's Keith Richards."

Long Live, Rock and Roll!
January 3, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Dude, I think we ALL have a Richard Cole story hahahaha. That dude was IN---SANE! He wasn't so kind to my friend and I at the Arena shows. He actually grabbed me by the back of my shirt. Tore the beotch right off hahahaha. He didn't like the fact I had a camera and was backstage. After he sat us down playing Godfather...he threw a Zep shirt at me and said, "you understand darling. Now kindly get the FUCK out....NOW!!!!!!"

Well, thats all for now...I can't wait to hear about ALLY'S Graceland VISIT!!!
January 3, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSweet Lou
I agree, Lou. It should be great to hear what she'll report about Graceland. She's got such a great reporter's point of view on things. I'm dyin' to get down there now and will also incorporate a visit to Sun Studios into the trip as Christine Sixx suggests.

Very amusing about Richard Cole. Here's another amusing story about Jimmy Page. Shortly after Zep broke up, Pagey played at all ARMS Charity Concerts and at one in particular, the date at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, my friend was lucky enough to watch the entire event backstage.

This also included witnessing an episode where Page was seen leaning back in a chair just off stage, arms folded, refusing to go on until his "doctor" showed up. Needless to say, the doctor made his house call appointment in the nick of time for the sake of all concerned, particularly the audience.

Just curious, if you don't mind telling us, how many shows were you backstage for? And did you ever see Deep Purple in any permutation but still with Blackmore? And if so, do you have any stories you wish to tell?

And do you have any 80's Hair/Glam Metal backstage stories for us besides the Crue tale you so kindly shared with us in one of your previous comments above?

And what is it, if you can tell us, that your friend did for a living so that he was able to go backstage with you so much?

Rock On, SL!
January 3, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Metalboy! I have seen many many shows from backstage...I used to pride myself on getting into shows "under the radar" i.e., sneaking in without paying LOL. My favorite story is sneaking into the Ozzy show on the 2nd leg of the Blizzard of Ozz tour. I met Randy and Rudy earlier in the day and they gave me tickets to the show. They did NOT however give me passes, they were surprised when they saw us backstage. We were watching the opening band play and I was bored as hell. I was fairly under the influence of "sweet leaf" and THAT may have attributed to my missing what I saw. After the show their guitar player is pissed his gallon of vodka is empty. I proceed to offer some Mother Nature and the band is like SHOCKED. They tell me to keep anything and everything from the "little man" LOL. The guitarist tells me he'd love a bottle and if I could get one he'd be "deeply indebted." SO I call a friend and tell him to bring some booze to the Stanley and we'd get him to meet Ozzy. He FREAKED, of course we couldn't get him to meet Ozzy "per se" but we wanted to "look cool" to this band from Sheffield hahahahha. Long story short...he shows up with a couple of fifths and we see first hand that this band sucked onstage, but backstage they were a HUGE hit with the women. My buddy told them they would be at the arena next time around and I laughed aloud that they sure would..IF they bought a ticket to get in. Next thing I remember I'm in the back lot by the garbage can with a cold beer on my head. Seems the boys of Def Leppard didn't have a sense of humor and Pete Willis aka "the little man" might have been too f**ked up to play the guitar well that night, but he could swing it with precision hahahahaha. I ended up with 4 stitches on my head and a story that I will cherish for the rest of my life! WHICH there is a VERY cool follow up story running into the band many many years later LOL.

As for the first time I saw Purple, it was with Coverdale. I was one of the chuckleheads that didn't know Gillen wasn't with them. BUT...I became a HUGE Coverdale fan, hence all the Whitesnake shows. *Sidenote* I was dismayed when they OPENED for Quiet Riot on the Condition Critical tour, not to mention Armored Saint got scratched that night, but I did sit with them LOL.

I saw the Mach II version on the Perfect Strangers tour...where I got to meet my hero Ian Gillen. Nice guy, little hands LOL. I also got to meet the man, the myth, the legend and I am not speaking about Jon Lord...Ritchie Blackmore. Very brief and almost as I annoyed him in asking for the autograph. Oddly enough he seemed PLEASED to act pissy LOL. The other guys were EXTREMELY kind though. I got to hang with them after a show in Akron after Blackmore left, probably around 96-97 maybe?

There are plenty more stories of bands, but some are really NOT for here LMAO.
January 3, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSweet Lou
I have had some very cool runs with some blues greats who I totally worshipped and a couple of famous jazz guys that I had NO idea who they were LOL
January 3, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSweet Lou
Gotcha on the DL on the excerpts from your forthcoming book, "Backstage Diaries".

BTW, that version of Purple with Coverdale was killer! Love all the Whitesnake stuff. And Blackmore is the myth. Flawless playing, generally and it seems like he's kill himself if he ever hit a wrong note, so not only was he a perfectionist when it came to everyone else (particularly singers), but on himself as well.

And as far as your Blackmore autograph story goes, yeah, I heard he only half-kiddingly busted fans chops when he met them, secretly enjoying the adoration, as you would suspect.

Once again, I'm an idiot for never seeing them and will probably break down and see 'em with Blackmore's son playin' lead (if that isn't a hilarious chain of events that led to that happening), since it duzn't look like Ritchie Sr. will be comin' back now that he's drinkin' his wife's Renaissance Fair Kool-Aid.

Here's a story just in about Blackmore from my ex-lead guitarist. He saw him with Rainbow back in '81 at Louie's Rock City in Falls Church, VA, when Graham Bonnet was lead vocalist. Anyway, talk about guitars gettin' swung around, Blackmore, as was his schtick, was flingin' his Strat in the air, throwin' it higher and higher until it unexpectedly stuck in the ceiling. With that Blackmore exited the stage. Killer way to end the show, doncha think?

Now that's a Rockstar, bringing us back on topic, bigtime. And even more so, when you think that all of these guys loved Elvis! Man, if he lived, I'm convinced he woulda been jammin' with some of these characters. Imagine him at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ceremonies with Page, etc...

p.s. Though I never did see Blackmore (I suppose I could always catch him on the Renaissance Fair circuit, hahaha!!!), I did fall in love with this hot blonde a couple of years back just cuz her brother named the family's black lab "Blackmore" when they were growing up. I just thought that was the coolest and she turned out to be super-cool, too. Okay, man, I just bought six tickets to see Cheap Trick at Ramshead Live in Baltimore on Saturday, January 23rd. and I'll be headin' back there on March 13th to see Kix! And that's just the beginning. Al and you all have got me cranked up to see a lot of shows in 2010! I'm dyin' to see everyone I've talked about, including going to see some acts in Europe that don't seem to get over here too much, if at all. I'm gonna shoot for Shiprocked, too, if the roster shapes up nicely... And though it's true I will most likely not ever get to see Elvis (unless the sightings are actually true), I may get married by an Elvis impersonator out in Vegas at whichever Elvis Chapel is the most authentic (wait, isn't that an oxymoron. Oh, yeah! Oops, I forgot, I am a moron, hahaha!!! Well, don't tell the chik I convince to marry me there but chances are, she'll figure it out for herself...
January 3, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Metalboy! I actually heard a similar story about Blackmore tossing a guitar into the ceiling LOL. Wonder if the one I heard just grew like a snowball, leaving the strat stuck into the venues ceiling and Blackmore just taking a cue storming off the stage!?

Dean Davidson used to be known for pulling that kind of insanity onstage at times. He would shred on his Les Paul and just proceed to beat the living shit out of it in various ways, helping earning then nickname "Dizzy." A lot of those guitar shenannigans happened BEFORE Britny Fox was signed and more importantly, BEFORE Dean had a guitar endorsement. hahahahahha.
Taking a tip from you my dear Metalboy! I am going off subject...does anyone know how or where Britny (Cinderella, etc) got the "look" with the stagewear that they were known for?

January 4, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSweet Lou
Thriftshops, stealing their girlfriend's clothes and then, after the big record contracts, retaining "stylists" to take it further and further into the ridiculous. The whole thing spun off of "the look" of the New York Dolls, T. Rex, Slade, Bowie, etc... The Glam Rockerz. I think Tyler was kinda the bridge between the two genre's of Rock and Metal in terms of "the look".

The Glam Metallerz just copped it and magnified it to an even greater, over the top height of heights (quite literally, when you get a load of the hairdos, too!). Poison is more or less known for really maxing it out in the States, though I will say, Nitro took it a step further to the extreme (see the vid for "Freightrain" on YouTube), as well as Tigertailz and Wrathchild in the U.K.

All you need is a little Aquanet, Lou!

Happy New Metal Year and Have a High Decibel Decade, my friend!
January 4, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Metalboy! Perhaps some of those bands did the whole girlfriend/thrift shop thing, And YES the Dolls gave the cross dressing thing a shot in the ass BUT...
straight from the horse's mouth (Dean Davidson's)..."take a look at the the early Who, Lou." That was direct from "Dizzy" Dean. He told me they weren't looking to dress like chicks, but that seemed to take a whole thing of it's own on. Seems Britny got their look from the "mod" days of yore. I didn't dig too deep into it because being friend with Dean ya just know that when it comes to talking about Britny he just moved on. He did take a "little" of the look into Blackeyed Susuan, but after that he moved on, thankfully skipping the whole "glam cowboy" movement LOL. Contrary to the chicken or the egg origination, Cinderella, Britny, Poison, etc were all in the same time period starting out. Sure one band broke first and it would take a few year *sic* and a few months later, but they beginning was the same time for all of them for the most part.

January 5, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSweet Lou
Gotcha, Lou!

Hilarious observation on the whole "Glam Cowboy Movement". Glad Dizzy didn't fall for that. Forgot to tell ya, talk about everything happening around the same time, I saw Britny Fox at Limelight in NYC with Warrant opening for 'em back in the day. And Britny Fox was killer! And Warrant were pretty great, too!

But the Glam Cowboy thing really helped sidetrack Glam Metal bigtime. Look at doofus Michaels now. What a travesty, especially when you go back a few posts from Al here, and see that great clip of Poison when they were Paris or the early Poison stuff someone included in a link in the comments section of that post.

What the h*ll happened, Brett?

So misguided!

"For shame it had to be like that."
- Donnie Parnell, Kix, 1983

Peace out, bro...
January 5, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!

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