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Dare Rules

As I continue my quest to bring back glam, I remind you of Dare. Darren Wharton (formerly of Thin Lizzy) formed Dare in the mid-80s and by 1989, Out of Silence was on store shelves. The album is great and features the singles "Heartbreaker" and "Don't Let Go."

If you don't recall "Heartbreaker," here's the song:

Dare isn't a defunct act. In fact, the band released an album of new material last year called Arc of the Dawn. On Wharton's Myspace page, he writes that Dare's music features Celtic overtones. I don't know about all that -- to me it all just sounds like straight ahead rock. If you're American, you can buy the import of Arc of the Dawn through Amazon for just over $30. Of course, the album is also available as a download for way cheaper. I'd love to see Dare in concert but I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

Raise your hand if you've seen Dare in concert!

"Nothing is Stronger than Love" (official video)

Reader Comments (10)

Okay, just tell us right out, Al, you're tryin' to kill us, either via "Death by Laughter" or "Death by AOR Asphixiation".

Just kiddin', well, kinda...

Look, this stuff is Cheeze Metal of the highest order. Now, normally I'm a sucker for this kinda stuff but I'm hurtin' to really totally "love" these guys the way I have with some of the other bands you've turned me onto in the pretty recent past (i.e. Roxxi, etc.) Still, keep 'em comin'. I'm getting this one no matter how much I nitpick 'em...

"Heartbreaker" is classic AOR, the one time when using the adjective "classic" doesn't necessarily mean it's good. AOR is what destroyed radio and this may have been one of the final nails in the coffin.

Still, I kinda like it.

But I just can't go there with ya when it comes to "Don't Let Go". This is just plain horrible in my book. It just ain't Rock'n'Roll as far as I'm concerned. It almost sounds like The Police meets Survivor. Where is the crunch? Argh!

Well, at least there's some redemption for Dare in the last video you've posted here, "Nothing Is Stronger Than Love". Man, this is the kind of Cheeze Metal that Metalboy! totally adores! This is a classic AOR-ish Hair Metal Powerballad that will fit snuggly right in between F.M. (not the Canadian one, the U.K. one) and Alien on my "Love Roxx" playlist, which will now number 294 songs with the addition of this one (22.2 hours without overlap of different bands unless they get a new singer, or if a singer has a new band or solo stuff. Same goes for the guitarist. If a member starts a new band, say, the way George Lynch did, with a new singer, etc., then that counts as a different band, Kapish? That means there are 294 bands on this playlist. There are other quirky conditions, but you get the picture).

It's the Glam Metal completist in me that will get this album, not my Metalboy! alter ego. But, hey, Al, though, I may be mildly overcritical, you've done it again -- unearthing yet another band that was destined to the Metal Memories Scrap Heap until you determined it was worthy enough to bring it back, in true "Bring Back Glam" fashion. Thanx, Al.

Even after all my criticism of Dare, I owe you for yet again exposing a new band to me. Thanx, once again, to Allyson, our ever vigilant Glammistress and all the other Glam Metalkidz on here who have suggested great finds to me such as this. Kenny O, Jack, nirVana, Christian, JT, Bryon, Bob, Peter, Gary, Gator, Snoot, Glenn, Brian, Lucifer, Will, KixRules, Xandra, Liam, Rob Rocker and Glamrockerarchie, among otherz... You all ROCK!

Dare will, no doubt, for better or worse, be an excellent addition to my playlists. Thanx again, again, Al! Rock On, Girl!
January 30, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Dude! have you listened to the radio today? or heard the crap and I mean out rite crap that is "today's" music?
Come on, it's fine to have your opinion but to say AOR is what destroyed radio? I don't think so!, at least they didn't need pro tools or other electronic gadgets to make them sound real. Give those bands credit where credit is due, they played live off the floor rock n roll.
January 31, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterlooksthatkill
Yoo-hoo! looksthatkill and any of you other Metal Black Leather Couch French Fries out there, nudge, nudge, it's time to wake the h*ll up and...


Where has everybody been? I remember when we was gettin' 33 comments on Pretty Boy Floyd. Why ain't we gettin' that with DARE? I'm totally mystified...

Not... So we'll make this bigger than little ol' DARE, but what DARE represents and maybe that will get yo' a*ses up to comment like you should on the wholesale selling out of MTV, Radio, et al to the likes of what we are about to witness on the Grammy's tonight. I mean, just think about it. Crash Diet would just rock the roof off that joint but it ain't never gonna happen. Not tonight, at any rate...

So, let's face it...

Bands LIKE Dare helped kill radio, not necessarily Dare, themselves, since I don't think they really got any radio play. It's because of crap like them, that listeners retaliated and that fascilitated the Robo-programmers to fill the void with "legit" Smallternative and worse, (C)rap and Hippity-Hop music. Had multiplatinum crap similar to the less successful Dare, not become such a machine made commodity, perhaps radio still would have been allowed to rock the way it was supposed to.

But the advertisers, as usual, wielded too much influence and wound up messing up their own plan for world domination, which could have been achieved had they just supported real Rock'n'Roll, which, in turn, would have kept the listeners listening anyway, cuz they always would have wanted to hear real Rock and Roll back then, if you get right down to it, without becoming victims, succumbing to the thinking of the Record Co.'s/Radio's programmers that was into systematically brainwashing 'em with repeated listening to tripe like "When I See You Smile" or "High Enough", which listeners ultimately burned out on (F.M. Lite is a format where you can still find this crap if you need it.

And this system is still in place, brainwashing kids into listening to whatever Pop/Hop crap they want to shovel into their heads these days. I will say, however, with the onset of the current systematic rejection by the latest younger generation of the au courant state of music (see, looksthatkill, R'n'R ain't dead, afterall), via Rockband and Guitar Hero and Dad's influence with a steady daily feeding of AC/DC and Priest over the formative years as a result of the kids getting kicked out of their big sister's room and not being allowed to listen to her Hippity-Hop crap with her.

Of course, it's the generational brainwashing of the older sis's and kids -- our radio listener of the day -- that has won out to the point where what would have been Hot Metal Chix like we had en masse back in the day are now boppin' to the mostly uninspired riffless beats that sound supply them with the perfect soundtrack for 'em to behave like busted out Brooklyn Ho's on the dancefloor as opposed to the groupies of yore, like a Pamela Des Barres and Bebe Buell, far classier versions than today's model, simply because those chix rocked out, hahaha!

These chix today haven't a clue what real music was back then. They are all unqualifiably overimpressed with today's Hop and Pop genre's and worship the holy Technics turntable stuck in the backpack on a nerdo club DJ's back "sashaying" out the door on his way to a repeat "performance" at some after hours joint with a bevy of supermodels with fake I.D.'s, when back in the day, it was Tour Buses, Customized Dreamliner Jets, 14 tractor trailers, 5 P.A.'s, 200 Marshall Stacks, 88 guitars, and no need for a fake I.D. because no one gave a sh*t!

Do I sound jaded? Look I try to tell these chix (I sucked face with a 19 year old hottie in Baltimore last weekend who I couldn't convince to go to Cheap Trick for the life of me because she duzn't like "Rock". She looked totally 80's Glam but the only stuff that gets her hot under the leather is Beyonce and Jay-Zish kinda stuff (which, look, I appreciate, but I'm with ya, looksthatkill, it kinda sux by comparison to the stuff called Rock'n'Roll and of which there is plenty of out there today... Case in point... Crash Diet, Papa Roach, Miss Crazy, Hot Leg, Vains of Jenna, Loud'n'Nasty, Gunfire '76, Bullet, 77, Charm City Devils, Stone Gods, Big C*ck, JET, Stonerider, Burn Halo, Airbourne, Wolfmother, Towers of London, Crazy Lixx, The Poodlez, Big Elf, Dynazty, The Hellacopters, Wig Wam, Mad Margritt, Million Dollar Reload, etc. But she'll never hear any of that sh*t cuz she just goes with whatever the radio, MTV and the club DJ's serve up to her.

But as much as I loved suckin' face with her (Metalboy! is a thousand years old!), I realize now, we gotta go into "Take No Prisonerz" mode on this kinda thing, and that it this... She ain't lookin' for Rock'n'Roll and Rock'n'Roll ain't lookin' for her.

I found plenty of "switched on" chix at Cheap Trick including a young hottie who introduced me to Nick, the lead guitarist of Charm City Devils. Rock'n'Roll is alive and well in Baltimore and other parts of the country obviously, based on y'all's stories and that joint Al goes to out where she lives, as that seems like the perfect example.

Let's just keep the clueless Hippity Hop Airheads out of it, shall we? Yeah, we could convert 'em, but I can't tell ya how many times I've tried. I've only seen one successful case of Rap/Hip-Hop intervention and usually they still fall off the wagon more than periodically.

But I digress, let's hop back into the Time Glammachine once again...

Before the AOR format (officially known as "Album Oriented Rock", but really meaning "Adult Oriented Rock" came into play) and so much great stuff that was gettin' played randomly just wound up in the scrap heap for a myopic list that varied little and formatted the entire country's radio stations into one homogenized network.

And that "network" rammed down our throats crap like Survivor, Toto, Journey, Night Ranger, REO Chuckwagon, Player, Loverboy, Triumph, Billy Squier, Pat Benatar, Kansas, Chicago, Jefferson Starship, Styx, Heart, Toto, John Waite, Genesis, Asia, Supertramp, Rush, Foreigner, 80's Cheap Trick (unfortunately), Air Supply and oodles of obscurio AOR acts that dressed up as Hair Bands like these clowns, Dare, but got limited play (F.M., Dare, etc.) or a couple of "hits" (i.e. Europe or Bad English).

They are bands like Dare, our springboard for this discussion of AOR and in the case of some of these, Metal Mediocrity. Some bands that fit this description that come to mind are Bad English, F.M. (UK), Tyketto, Giant, Hardline, Fair Warning, Europe, Damn Yankees, Bon Jovi, Boston (let's face it), 80's Bad Company, Blue Tears, Andy Taylor (oddly with Steve Jones from the Pistols on guitar -- see, everyone sells out eventually), Michael Bolton ("Everybody's Crazy"), Winger, House of Lords, Giuffria, Fate, 80's Kiss, Van Hagar, Autograph, Honeymoon Suite, Lancia, Stage Dolls, Harem Scarem, Silent Rage, Extreme, Mr. Big, Firehouse, Strangeways, Neverland, The Throbs, Wild Horses, Unruly Child, Signal, King Kobra, Donnie Iris, Nelson, Harlot, Orion The Hunter, Tin Drum, Lillian Axe, MSG, Vandenberg, Blue Murder, Van Zant, No Sweat, Zebra, Def Leppard (eventually), Shadow King, Von Groove, Alien, Danger Danger (sorry, Kenny O), Sheriff, Marillion, Pretty Maids, Lionheart, Diving For Pearls, New England, Riverdogs, Tattoo Rodeo, Valentine, among others, all virtually devoid of any irony or edge.

Sure, they can play live off the floor all they want but it becomes a little sketchy when you "dare" to characterize it as legit "Rock and Roll" cuz it just ain't, plain and simple. It's frickin' wimp rock and you know it! And any of it that actually might border on rockin' out the way Metalboy! likes it, is Cheeze Metal, for sure, which I love! But legit, ha! Fogetaboutit!

Then there are what I call the "part-timerz"... that is, the Hard Rockin' mainly Platinum selling Glam Metal acts that are also part time AOR wimps (and thus, Platinum sellers)...

Some examples are...

> Whitesnake (i.e. "Is This Love", "Here I Go Again", "Now You're Gone" or latest comedy sketch, "Lay Down Your Love).

> Rainbow (i.e. "Street Of Dreams", "Stone Cold", of course, featuring AOR master, Joe Lynn Turner on vox)

> Aerosmith (i.e. "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing", "Angel", "Crazy", "Dude Looks Like A Lady", "Janie's Got A Gun", "Love In An Elevator", "Rag Doll", "Amazing", "Cryin'", "The Other Side", "What It Takes", "Jaded", etc.)

> Poison (i.e. "I Won't Forget You", "Every Rose Has It's Thorn", "Something To Believe In", "Life Goes On", "Ride The Wind", "Stand" -- the latter being one of the most unintentionally hysterical and ridiculous attempts by such a joke act to actually try and sound sincere)

> Warrant (i.e. "Heaven", "Sometimes She Cries", "I Saw Red", "Sad Theresa", "Bed Of Roses", etc.)

> Def Leppard (i.e. "Hysteria", "Two Steps Behind" (acoustic), "Two Steps Behind" (electric), "Miss You In A Heartbeat" (both "mellow" and electric versions), "When Love And Hate Collide", "Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad", etc.)

> Motley Crue (i.e. "Home Sweet Home", "You're All I Need", "Without You", "Don't Go Away Mad", etc.)

> Ozzy Osbourne (i.e. "Goodbye To Romance", "So Tired", "If I Close My Eyes Forever")

I could go on, but I figure everyone that reads this will be tortured enough by the notion that half the crap they like is actually "Cheeze Metal" of the highest order and far from the legit world of real Rock'n'Roll.

Quite unsimply put, "sell out' Powerballads by all of the usual "Hair Metal" suspects who had the smarts, talent and chops to create and produce the stuff, heed to the whims of the Rock & Roll Machine that made perfectly formulated Corporate Rock to satiate the demands of the Radio but which would ultimately drive the listening sheep away as the genre got fried out. Bands that could have still made it without the wimpery (tho they did make millions more doing it) wound up going through the motions, supplying uninspired material and just mailing it in (Case in point, "Cherry Pie") for the Record Machine, The Robo-Radio and the bored sheep listeners. This caused a Radio Retaliation and the Robo-programmers where more than happy to fill the void with even crappier music (i.e. "New Romantic", "Alternative", Boy Band B*llsh*t, "Hippity Hop", "Pop", "R&B" and other such (C)rap, which just magnified and evolved into what it is today.

And that is, of course, something even more boring, I concede, looksthatkill, for the most part, than the stuff I'm complaining about from the 80's & early 90's. It's just that the stuff I'm complaining about, the stuff the Record Execs and the radio allegedly wanted, wound up being the very fodder that gave them evidence of why they were directed to pull the plug on it.

It stuff that could best be described as boring, "Hair Metal Homogeny".

Geez, looksthatkill, with a name like that, you oughta know what real Rock and Roll is, and that would be the entire "Too Fast For Love" album, but not a third of "Dr. Feelgood" (i.e "Without You", "Don't Go Away Mad", etc.). You know what that is... you can smell the Limburger now!

And for all of you who refuse to let AOR die regardless of everything I've said here, check out Neon Leon, a new band that studiously sound like Journey and Toto. Here's your chance to not solely thrive on your retreads as much as I do, but actually listen to someone new and "dare" I say, "hip", because they are trying so hard not to be. You'll see...

p.s. Look, I have most of the crap I've been filleting here in my collection but they are all guilty pleasures at best and in my possession mainly as part of "rock" history. Yet, I'll readily admit, it sure is a lot better to listen to this wimp/cheeze when I'm goin' to sleep instead of resorting to sleeping pills. In fact, that's just it -- yeah, you can consider it "Rock" but for gawd sakes, boy, don't "DARE" call it "Rock'n'Roll", cuz it just ain't, man. Rock'n'Roll is Chuck Berry, Elvis, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, The Stones, Hendrix, The Who, Zeppelin, Aerosmith (though Tyler & Co. have had their moments of selling out, too, as I flagged earlier), The Sex Pistols, The Ramones, The Clash (yeah, even they sold out, too, eventually, tho), among others, as well as current acts such as Buckcherry and our other current faves on BBG.

Disclaimer: I can't look at this thing anymore. Rock ain't dead but crap like DARE didn't help it live either, boyz. Snap out of it! And "Rock It" instead! Typos, run-ons, inconsistencies, discrepencies -- the hell with it all! Let's Rock and not like DARE or any of the other crap I flagged. It's time to realize, "Rock And Roll Is Gonna Set The Night On Fire"!
January 31, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Sorry to say i saw Dare and they were ermmm not good i think Skin were a better band to come out of the flourishing aor scene that engrossed England at the time bands like Thunder,FM,Magnum did really well in the uk charts heres a link enjoy

January 31, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBASHSTER
Hard to mention this in the same breath as some of the other crap I'm going to mention in the following commentary, but I thought of another example of 100% Pure, Unadulterated (well, depends on what definition, hahaha!!!), Authentic, Real Rock and Roll... The Glam Metal Progenitorz par exemplar...

The one and only!...

New York Dolls!

Anyway, Thunder is pretty great, which is why I didn't mention 'em in my previous diatribe, as they might be AOR but still rock out with some great tunes and incredible sound. F.M., however, and Magnum, not so great, Bashter. It duzn't matter how well a band duz, dude. It's how well they ROCK!

Right now, I've been getting into serious Glam Metal CD collecting, unearthing demos from unsigned bands that are vastly superior to many bands that actually "made it".

Imagine unearthing the demos of the Pennsylvania band, Paris. Paris is frickin' great and there is stuff out there like that. The only difference between Paris and these other bands is that Paris subsequently became Poison.

So when Allyson posted a thing on 'em here and requested help in finding the demos, a lot of people came out of the Bring Back Glam woodwork (well, more like "legion"), commenting that they had the demos and would get 'em to her.

And I thought for a minute, how many people who have the Paris demos would actually have 'em had Paris not become Poison. In my case, based on the Glam Metal rarities I've been getting into lately, chances are I would have the Paris demos regardless of whether they became Poison or not.

That said, how about you, Bringbackglammerz? Are you able to think on your own and get into stuff if it hasn't been pre-approved and brainwashed into you by The Hype Machine? Would you still have the Paris demos if they hadn't become Poison?

And you know what the truth is...

The answer would most likely be a resounding "NO!".

And I can't say I blame you. It has to be a conscious decision on your part to go out into the territory of Total Rock & Roll Freedom! But, hey, c'mon, based on most of the behavioral patternz I've seen displayed by y'all's comments here over the last year or so, I think you are fully capable, really.

So quit being frickin' Rock Sheep and frickin' Rock Out now!

There is so much stuff vastly superior to the crap that's been programmed into our brainz since 1980 as the only acceptable Glam Metal suitable for your karefully kultivated Krunch Metalled krafted ears. You need to start going beyond your normal threshold of acceptance of what you are willing to embrace in the Glam Metal genre.

You just keep listening to the same crap over and over again (hey, man, look, I do it, too!) or set aside your "Glam Metal time" to listen to the same ol' sh*t when you aren't listening to the same ol' current or relatively recent (anything from '92 to the present) pop or country crap that's been preapproved for you. Geeez, how 'bout lettin' your earz do some work.

Holy Metal Mackeral, Gawd forbid if you buy something solely based on one single rocker's recommendation, or even randomly, without even listening to it beforehand like people used to do in the old daze, when you used to pick something up based only on how cool the album cover looked (Aerosmith's first one, for me, in '72!). I have done this so much lately with almost 80% positive results.

I've gotten a lot of new stuff, solely based on nothing more than the kind tips from you characterz on here or nothing more than ten-second soundbites from iTunes samples.

But my latest kick that I'm blowin' most of my paychex on theze days are mostly the actual demo CD's and rare Japanese only releases of a fair amount of L.A. bands and the like (Swedish and German, predominantly), who could only get deals either in Japan or Europe. And the stuff roxx! and outroxx! most of the crap you all have come to accept as the finest Metal money can buy because you aren't letting your earz think enuff for you anymore!

Guyz, it's not about pre exceptance! It's about ideas! It's about what's catchy to you! It duzn't have to be a multi platinum or soon-to-be multiplatinum artist in order for it to be "OK" for you to listen to it. Don't believe the HYPE!

How it soundz when YOU, the individual, plunk the needle on it or shove it into the CD player is what's important. Not just cuz the Machine tells you to like it.

Or how it sounds after you surreptitiously download it thus screwing the artist out of any bux, which is why Al always mentions the importance of paying for your music, folks!

But can you deal with being honest and fair human beingz or is your idea of succeeding in this world one of getting over on the very artists you listen to and worship?

Anyway, I don't know why I'm so f'n p*ssed off. Think it has somethin' to do with the whole charade of the Grammy's I'm watchin' right now. How ironic that a few yearz ago I watched Beyonce sourpussed as Green Day cleaned up and now tuning in to but watch (not butt watch, hahaha!!! -- that was during the opener of Gaga's number) Greenday sell out with a Broadway number from their upcoming Musical and then Beyonce, in if you can't beat 'em join 'em moment, giving us a psuedo pop/glam version of "If I Was A Boy", which actually almost rocked.

Hey, at least the guitarists had flyin' V's and B.C. Riches and sh*t and they were hittin' some semi crunchy (albeit ever so carefully buried in the mix) guitarz just under the poppy surface.

Actually, it was pretty good, kinda almost moving, and I thought the Reverse Wehrmacht was a nice touch, too.

But if outrageous is the general goal here, Taylor Swift and Bon Jovi (I'm rootin' for "Livin' On A Prayer", AOR at it's finest, hahaha!!!) excepted (tho it was a good thing Swift wisely got Nicks to back her up, since her own voice is so weed thin -- and great guitar lead by Waddy Wachtel or whoever the hell that was), so far Lady Gaga wins handsdown especially with the cool twist on Glam being that she looked like one giant lipstick smudge (and same with her ace-in-the hole, Elton John) at the end.

Gotta say, this chick has talent just oozing out of every pore of her hotness. She just exudes Glam! Maybe not Glam Metal (Beyonce's actually come closest to that so far tonight, at least until AOR-ists Bon Anchovy show up).

It sure as h*ll ain't Lady Cerrebellum and anyone on here that likes this crap, well, there'z simply no hope for you and I'll never have to worry about being outbid on any of these real Rock and Roll demos being auctioned off out there.

And Bashster, I will check out Skin. The name alone just sounds cool. I'm gonna listen to it now and if I like it, I'll BUY it! Once again, yet another great tip from yet another great Bringbackglammster!

So, c'mon! Rock and Roll People! People, let's Rock and Roll! Yow!!!

p.s. Hard to believe Jamie Foxx is a graduate of Julliard and a classically trained pianist when you consider tonight's grammy performance. Hey, kidz, here we go again... Can you say, "Sell Out!"? Oops, no wait! Holy Sh*t! Slash to the rescue, OMG! Tell you what else is frickin' unintentionally hilarious, is the fact that Green Day won over AC/DC in the best Rock Album category cuz it actually keeps AC/DC more legit since they have never won a Grammy, yet have outsold clowns like Green Day ten times over, thus proving simultaneously that the Grammy's are generally a crock and actually legitimize someone if they don't win! And Leon Russell is frickin' cool no matter what crap he's willing to put himself through. I'll never forget seein' him at the Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett, NY, when, right before the show, he goes out to his tricked-out, maxed-out tour bus and pulls out his "janitor's keys" that were attached to his side front pocket to lock the bus seconds before he rolled in the front door of this dive to then sit down in front of his baby grand and proceed to burn the house down. Now that's frickin' Rock and Roll, People!
January 31, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
hey MB: don't go to M3. come to my home and babysit for me instead...but bring your clearances!
February 1, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterfletch
is it me or is someone crazy..I thought so.
Better shut down this site as all forms of good music are dead according to MB
February 1, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterlooksthatkill
Must say i have got to say my loyalties in rock lay in Sweden and Finland with the likes of Hardcore superstar who to me are the best sleaze rock band of the last decade Crazy lixx, crashdiet and the amazing balls to the wall metal(remember accept)of Bullet add ace british bands like Heavens Basement new song on their myspace page by the way and Dear Superstar my love of this music isnt waning.
rock on metalboy
February 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBASHSTER
Fletch... Come and Fetch, boy. I'll see you down front in VIP so you can interview me at M3! I'll be there, son. I'll be wearing a Cinderella shirt, reflective chrome Ray Ban aviators (Ray Ban Trivia: this particular model of sunglasses are the one accessory both Keith Richards and NYPD have in common other than handcuffs),a sh*t eating grin on my face and doing my fare share of windmills and Glam Metal guitar poses, most likely leaping off my chair more than once before security asks me to stop. Oh, and as far as babysitting is concerned, based on your passive aggressive vigilante overtones, I think it best if I avoid your home. I've seen "Silence of the Lambs" one too many times.

So, don't forget to pack your portable polygraph for M3, dude.

The truth is Rock'n'Roll, and I believe in Rock'n'Roll!

But, nevertheless, I'm amused by the poseurs like most of the headline acts we're going to see (guess which one is the real deal, btw?), too, being one myself. I wouldn't miss this Retro - Glam Metal Train Wreck known as M3, for anything in the world. I'm just sorry, we won't get to see Herman Rarebell or Donnie Purnell playin' with their former bands we'll be seein' there.

But it duz look like Cinderella will have their original line-up. Let's hope Kiefer shows up with his original voice, too!

Besides, I'm the one needing the babysitting (canchya tell?), which will be done in-the-moment during the show by the two chix I'll most likely have with me who are more than half my age, unless they blow me off by then for being so brutally honest to their faces.

As far as clearances, you don't have to worry, the CIA and the FBI have both offered me jobs more than once and I'm sure they have cross referenced files on me a mile long. And I guess I'll be able to recognize you because you are a dead ringer for A-list actor and incredible Hollywood talent, Jim Belushi?

Look, I'll see ya there, if youz can handle it, and we'll raise a glass to "all forms of 'good' music", supposedly declared dead by moi, according to looksthatkill, and something I never said.

Botha youz need to bust outta your safe little "Rock & Roll" worlds and really dip into the new like BASHTER here, and also the old and undiscovered, as Al sometimes showcases here, as you seem to be reluctant to allow us to help save your Moribund Metal Life from total redundancy. This is your chance to save yourselves! Don't pass it up, Dudes! "Dare" to be different. Try somethin' new before you reach a state of permanent overplayedness!

Yeah, lookyloosthatkill, howz 'bout we shut down the site so we don't have to see mischaracterassasinations like yours entered here. Read what I wrote above Sketch's entry again. Nowhere in it do I say "all forms of good music are dead". I'm here as Metalboy!, tryin' to save people like you with Real Rock & Roll! But you know what they say about savin' people who don't want to be saved?

Oh, yeah, and... uh, looksthatbore, as far as me being crazy, you only just noticed that now? Now, who's frickin' crazy? But you are right, even if it took you nearly a year to catch on. I'll admit it... I am a METAL MANIAC! So you better get back to shinin' your Pentangles and pretend this never happened (unless you want to have yer frickin' face rocked off like never before with all the greatest Glam Metal stuff you've never even heard of before!).

Just funnin' ya, kid. Hope to see ya at M3, "Looks", as we'll raise a glass to all Bringbackglammerz! who will make it to the show.

You boyz really are quite mildly amusing. Ya gotta remember, Metalboy! is made of 100% pure Teflon-coated Titanium! Keep 'em comin', sonz...

Oh, and, hey, Bashter, thanx for risin' above the fray. Like to say I was up there with ya, but I gotta roll around in the Metal Mudd with these clownz myself, bein' that I'm one of 'em really, unfortunately. But you're on the right track, boyo, I gots all those bandz you listed and they all frickin' METALOUT!

"And my brother's back at home
with his Beatles and his Stones.
We never got it off
on that revolution stuff.
What a drag. Too many snags."

- David Bowie, 1972
February 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
MB: you obviously peruse regularly as you can point out (aptly so) the difference between bullshit and authentic shit. I made the offer about babysitting (not that I would ever let you near my children) because I'm intrigued about your presumed genuineness.

I mean it's one thing to talk a good game- as you so eloquently do, but it is a far cry from living it. In my 'profession', most people I've encountered exploit idealism, yet expect everyone to live idealistically, but 'behind the music' (pun intended) their personal lives are in shambles- multiple marriages, infidelity, drinking, drugging, domestic violence, hiding their homosexuality behind a sham marriage, racism, sexism, homophobia...the list is endless. but they point their fingers mightier and stronger.

In my profession, I have been offered supervisory positions, top-level administrative positions, law enforcement positions...but unlike EVERY ONE of my counterparts who were offered the same deal...I turned every opportunity down. I didn't want to be the one to point fingers. I relied on their 'knowledge" to send my out to the wolves and do their finger pointing for them! I'll lived as their puppet and took all of their blame. (not every one, but most of 'em). Hey, it's only rock and roll, but I like it!

The silence of the lambs reference was cute. i even laughed out loud when I read it, but sadly, that is part of the price to pay...when even Metalboy! who seems (or at least writes) a cut above the rest; passes judgement...I thought high school was over and that's why we rock!
February 3, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterfletch

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