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Saxon, 'Wheels of Steel' (Live)

Last night I found an *awesome* clip of Saxon on YouTube. The band performed at Wacken Open Air in 2009. "Wheels of Steel" is one of my favorite Saxon songs and I really wanted to share this with you.

Saxon is on my "best-concert-experiences-ever" list. They have so much energy, three decades into their collective musical careers.

Check this out. I want to go to Wacken so bad. If this doesn't make you want to join me, nothing will.

And here's a bonus. "Crusader" from the 2007 Wacken show. My point-blank favorite Saxon tune, bar none.

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Yeah, they are playing Soundwave in Australia and are one of the main bands for me. I hope they do a side show.
October 24, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterChristian
One of my fave bands of all time.

I caught them in 1986 at Hammerjack's in Baltimore off the "Rock The Nations" album. Can you believe that was already their 8th album?

I was fortunate enough t catch 'em with the original line-up then as Steve Dawson was still on bass. Check him out in old clips on YouTube. He and Shearer's character in Spinal Tap look like twins separated at birth, except for Shearer's crazy hairdo.

It was great watching Graham Oliver and Paul Quinn battle axes, too! And Biff was in stellar form that night as well. They were so cool with their wireless antennas on top of their amps. Bad*ss!

Saxon is yet another example of an old school band putting out new stuff equally as good as their "hits" from back in the day, as Christian pointed out about Accept. For example, Saxon's recent song, "Live To Rock", from their "Into The Labrinth" album, is superb and right up there with their best material.

I know these guys are really known for their NWOBHM days but, personally, my fave album is "Destiny" ("When The Lightning Strikes" is THE track, though it's all good, especially their killariously deadpan cover of Christopher Cross' "Ride Like The Wind"), though, like you, Al, my ex-lead guitarist, who will be gracing us with his presence on Shiprocked, likes the song "Crusader" the best.

And come to think of it, I'm partial to "Princess Of The Night", myself and scored that as an original press picture sleeve 45 when I was in London in 2001 (argh!)! Too long! I hope to be heading back over soon, probably this summer as I want to travel Europe and catch as many sites and bands as I can that I might not get to see as easily here.

Who knows, maybe I'll see Saxon when I'm over there.

Wow! What a weekend! I feel like it was a double dose, double feature, two-fer cuz we got Accept on Saturday courtesy of Christian and Saxon today from The Glam Metal Queen, the one, the only, Allyson B. Crawford. Accept and Saxon on one weekend! Two of my all time faves! I AM NOT WORTHY!

p.s. Let's not forget Spinal Tap were modeled after Saxon, as Christopher Guest and Harry Shearer followed Saxon on tour for months to get material for their movie, "This Is Spinal Tap"!
October 24, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
I got to see WASP {The Electric Circus Tour}, with Special Guest: SAXON & RAVEN {1987 - this tour had 'WACKO' on drums} at Nowhere City, Syracuse, NY. AMAZING SHOW!! I took a few pictures. I have posted the RAVEN photos on My Space quite a while ago.
Fantastic Albums that I still play:
The Eagle Has Landed, Wheels of Steel, Strong Arm of the Law, & Metalhead - which I listened to over the weekend.
October 25, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterRoy
I have seen Saxon maybe a dozen times between the mid 80's & last year. Never seen a bad show from Biff & the boys (even if most of the boys have changed over the years!).
Best memory? Hanging out in Newcastle City Hall bar with the band before the gig - Nigel Durham was a bit pissed (that means drunk over here), but it did not affect his playing that night.
October 25, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTony
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