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RATT, 'Eat Me Up Alive' -- New Video

So RATT has a new video for "Eat Me Up Alive" from Infestation. I'm surprised the band even released a new video at this point, although "Eat Me Up Alive" is a great song. The video isn't anything special per se -- it's a live clip basically -- but Warren DeMartini looks adorable and you really do get the RATT vibe. So what do you think? Come on, yep!

If you don't yet own Infestation, add it to your holiday list or give as a gift - it really is a great album!

Reader Comments (4)

I HEART RATT N ROLL!!! Pearcy RULZ! DeMartini is the epitome of COOLNESS! Carlos is an asset to this band! Robbie ROCKS, gives off killer energy! And well, Blotzer is...BLAAAAHHH! So I HEART RATT (minus Blotzer)....Love this tune! Love the live video and all it does is make me CRAVE MORE RATT N ROLL!

Everyone should learn to speak Pearcy, C'mon Yep!
November 18, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterkari
Classic Ratt and Roll!!! Too bad they are having probleme. This is really a bounce back album for them.
November 18, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJeff
I wonder if Pearcy's and Blotzer's ego's have their own tour bus? What a shame, this was a really good comeback record...
November 21, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGary
"SHARE" on this vid does not work. And I *want* to share it!!
December 15, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDave

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