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Bad City - The Saviors of American Glam?

Bad City, signed to Atlantic Records, just might bring back glam. The band isn't afraid to mix infectious hooks with some awesome lyrics to create one hell of a music party. In fact, my first impression of the band was to think "Man, this is the American Crashdiet!" Everyone knows I love Crashdiet, so to find an American counterpart is very exciting.

Bad City formed in 2008 and their major label debut Welcome to the Wasteland came out in August. Listen to the songs below and let me know what you think. I should probably interview these guys, right? I'd love to see them in concert.

"Take Me for a Ride"

"Wildlife" (audio only)

Reader Comments (17)

There pretty good. I'm sure after I get the album and spin it a few times I will like it even more.

In support of the US Glam movement I will probably buy a few copies to pass out as Xmas presents.
November 2, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterreptileblvd
To give you an idea of how much I like this band, I'm flying from Orlando to Chicago to see 'em December 11th at The House Of Blues.

It sure would be great to see some of you Midwestern Glametaloidz there. I think this is the first of something like only three dates they are scheduled to play for the rest of the year.

p.s. Metalboy! will be flying commercial. It's a little nippy up there that time of year and my cape tends to get frozen.
November 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
absolutely loved it. great song and vid.
November 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBrian L
Entire CD is good. Didn't think it was quite to the Crashdiet level, but damn good nonetheless. Check out Mama Kin - In The City for another good release with similar flair.
November 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterHayseed
Not bad. Clearly they have talent. the dual guitar passages in Take Me for a Ride reminded me of old Boston which is never a bad thing. I think the lead vocals could be a little better, but that's a minor criticism compared to all the good things that are going on.
November 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBob
I heard snippets of a song from the album and passes, but now I think im gonna get it. These guys are really good and with them being signed to Atlantic Records maybe other labels will start signing glam bands again and make it popular once again. And if it does get popular again, I think bands like Poison and Crue will finally have the motivation to write a great great glam record. I think thats why they havent been the same since the 80s, glam hasnt been huge since the late 80s and if it comes back maybe itll give some glam bands more motivation to make kick ass records. And I also first heard this and though American Crashdiet. These guys are really good, I expect big things from them.

Also Hayseed, Mama Kin is a really great band as well
November 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMike
I agree with Hayseed. They have good tunes, but not ever close to the level of crashdiet. Mama Kin is more "hooky" in my opinion, but Bad City puts on one hell of a show. They absolutely killed it when I saw them. Hope they start getting some airplay on "rock radio",
November 2, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterspence
Hey, thats prety good. Going to have to find the CD. Thanks!
November 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMZip
I stumbled on these guys about a month ago. Missed 'em (because I didn't know who they were) when they played in Columbus with Smashing Pumpkins and Kill Hannah. I think the problem will be that they are going to tour with more modern artists (ala Hinder) instead of taking it to the few clubs that still cater to '80s hair metal.
November 2, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterchip
Definitely not bad, but not quite on the level of Crashdiet in my opinion. I can see them succeeding if they have a good marketing and promotions team behind them, and being signed to a major label certainly won't hurt. Too bad Crashdiet couldn't get that several years ago for the first album when Dave was still alive. "Rest in Sleaze" is in my top 10 all-time records.

But back to Bad City...they're good, and I wish them all the best.
November 3, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJT
November 4, 2010 | Unregistered Commentergnfr
Now, now, you jad*d as*hole, GNFR, did you listen to the whole record?

These boyz are the best thing out since your dearly over beloved God forsaken G'n'R, son.

Get with it!
November 5, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
metalboy i love gnr but have a million more influences and not just glam they suck awful case closed listen to 4 songs enough for me!
November 5, 2010 | Unregistered Commentergnfr
GNFR! That's ridiculous! You're not listening, man...

They're frickin' great!
November 5, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Is it just me or there's a lot of Boston in here?

A damn fine album for sure...
November 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterPablo
thought this cd is great, cept for a couple burps, really glad i purchased this one.
December 3, 2010 | Unregistered Commentert
Hey, didn't I text you about them from a show last year? I gotta check out the album.
January 16, 2011 | Unregistered CommenternirVrana

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