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Lynam, 'Thank You Good Night!' -- Album Review

Not so long ago I made a side note comment that Lynam were releasing a new album. The live record, called Thank You Good Night! is Lynam's final record but the band says they "Are not breaking up."

Regardless of semantics, Thank You Good Night! is a fun record filled with Lynam's best known songs. Recorded live in Birmingham, Alabama over a series of shows, the album opens with "Tanis" and ends with "Leave Me Alone."

Lead singer Jacob Lynam doesn't always hit every not perfectly. After all, this is a real live record. It hasn't been retouched to high hell with ProTools. In fact, the listener actually goes away knowing what Lynam sounds like live - and that's pretty damn good.

Lynam is a very fun concert band. For the life of me, I don't know why they haven't made it big. Then again, not many new rock bands do make it big anymore. There are bands that write catchy songs and there are bands that write great lyrics. Lynam does both.

Now, Thank You Good Night! isn't without its flaws. My favorite "Losing Venus" is missing but thankfully "Just Say Anything" made the cut. I can do without the stage banter, but that's because I've heard it all before and generally, I despise all pithy comments from the lead singer mid-show. At any rate, I can't wait to see Lynam live again on Shiprocked in just one day!

Thank You Good Night! track listing:

1. Tanis
2. Better
3. Disco King
4. Save My Soul
5. White Trash Superstar
6. By Your Side
7. Waste My Life
8. Porn Star
9. Lindsay Says
10. Just Say Anything
11. It's All In Your Head
12. Leave Me Alone

As if I need to spell it out for you: buy this album! Thank You Good Night! is produced by Jason Elgin on the New Ocean Media imprint. Order the album now.



Reader Comments (1)

Great review. I just got my CD in the mail yesterday, downloaded it to my iPod and listened to it straight away, as I was packing for the Shiprocked cruise. As always, I enjoyed the music and lyrics, and agree with you about how unbelievable it is that these guys have not "made it big"... they are AMAZING on so many levels, and they NEVER disappoint live! But, I have to be honest and say that I am NOT going to let my kids listen to this CD. They LOVE Lynam like we do, but we are going to stick to the studio CDs for them.

[Guys... if you happen to read this, I'd like to offer just a little opinion from a humble fan: You are too talented to resort to needless proliferation of "F Bombs" just distracts from your awesomeness.]

I only wish they would figure out a way to play "Is This A Heartbreak Or A Loaded Gun" LIVE!!!

Looking forward to seeing them again soon... LOOK OUT Ft. Lauderdale, Nassau & Coco Cay Bay - Lynam is enroute!

\m/ ||||| \m/
November 9, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterHRosaV

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