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So Who is Going to the Wildside Reunion?

Later this month, on February 27, Wildside will reunite at the Roxy on the Sunset Strip. Even better, Wildside is playing the show with TUFF and Vains of Jenna. But seriously -- Wildside reunited! (In case you don't recall, Wildside released Under the Influence in 1992).

Lead singer Drew Hanna, guitarist Brent Woods, bassist Marc Simon and drummer Jimmy D are in for the reunion. That's four of the five original guys and I think this is very cool. If I was a betting woman, I'd say Wildside will play this year's Rocklahoma. Of course, the fest is adding modern bands, so it's hard to say who will show up.

I generally like living in Ohio - because basically it rules - but the winters suck and this year has already been supremely bad. This means I would literally do anything to be in California at the end of the month to see this show. Just me, the boys in Wildside and swaying palm trees.

I never got to see Wildside live. I've actually never seen TUFF either and they rule, too. I imagine this is going to be one very fun show. Raise your hand if you'll be at the big reunion!

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Reader Comments (30)

Holy Metalmania, Batman! (one of my idols, needless to say), this is one of my absolute fave bandz! I would kill to be out there in L.A. at the end of the month to see 'em play live.

And with Tuff and Vains of Jenna, to boot, on the bill, too! Did I just O.D. (not!) and go to Rock'n'Roll Heaven? Well, maybe if I play my cardz right, biz-wize (have to keep up the front, donchya know), I might just be able to pull this off!

Back on the Wildside of life, I've never seen 'em live, either, Al, geez!, what an opportunity! The reezun we haven't seen 'em is cuz they haven't been an entity for quite awhile. I'm frickin' flippin' out cuz you are absolutely killin' me with this info!

And the chance to see Tuff (how much of them will be orig, tho, and how much will be "scab"? At least look at Wildside. Four out of Five original members have reformed this incredible entity?).

And Vains of Jenna? I am not worthy and I'll kill Beavis to prove it! I was just jammin' on their cover of "Refugee" yesterday on my iPod. Unreal!

So, I would definitely fly out there for this one. So what if it's dawn patrol, I'm willin' to sleep walk to the airport, if that's what it's gonna take to afford a ticket out there.

I hate to destroy the Metalboy! Myth, but that's a little far to fly under my own power, so I'd probably take a red-eye -- and one when I get out there, too, just kiddin', hahaha!!!, Yikes, sorry for the cheap L.A. Sleaze/Trash/Glam Metal gutter jokes!

Hey, I know, so crude, but what the h*ll, we're talkin' primo Hair Metal "humor" here, in honor of one of The Greatest of Glam Metal bands ever, bar none!!! Wildside!

An absolute killer review of "Under The Influence" and the whole history of the band by noted entertainment writer, Logan Cromwell (regular contributor to Spin, Blender, Details and Premiere magazines), is on Amazon as a Customer Review when you go to buy it.

But you know how Amazon works, I would assume. Just punch in the band name and album title under "Music" and it will kick it right up. Cromwell's review is the first one you can click on after you click on "Customer Reviews" when you are looking over the album description.

If you are having an "Uh-Duh" experience right now, I get it, but remember you are dealing with Metalboy! here, idiot savant, par exemplar, who can also lift 200 Marshall stacks on a moments notice, but couldn't tell ya how to tie your mohair boots to save his life, and I didn't even know how to email until like 4 years ago and only figured out Amazon like less than two yearz ago, what can I tell ya.

I'd rather go overboard in the overcommunication department (ahahaha!!!, I really am killin' myself here!) and be totally redundomundo here, so that you really might check out this Cromwell review of "Wildside" on there.

I cannot overemphasize enuff that it's absolutely "Metal Must Reading", if you never have, indeed, read it. It may very well be the best customer review I've ever read on Amazon, in all semi-seriousness, no, but for real.

Also, there's another dude, this one who is a really prolific reviewer, and who has tonz of really great reviews about so many of our fave bandz, well, you will be diggin' his stuff, too! His name is Justin Gaines, Corporate Rocker (hahaha!!!)

This guy is a trip, I'm tellin' ya. So cut and dry in his reviews of so many of our faves, he's unintentionally hysterical, and mostly dead accurate in his reviews, too, actually.

Just click the "read all my reviews" button after lookin' up his review of, say, "Arcade", Steve Pearcy's band (I know, more "Uh-Duh" reactions).

Anyway, tho every one of Justin's over 2,450 reviews are great, especially the Glam Metal ones but also his reviews of things like bathroom towel warmers (hahaha!!! -- Not kiddin', he even reviews that kinda stuff, too, even toddler's picture books, etc.), it really is Cromwell's single review of Wildside, "Under The Influence", that is the best on Amazon, without question...yadayadayada!!! Check it out!

It is one of the greatest reviews I've ever read about anything, really, as his background facts and the whole L.A. Strip scene descriptions of the time really make for a nice little time capsule about the music we all just absolutely cherish, with Wildside at the top of the heap as far as I'm concerned.

I just cannot say enuff about how great this band is, right up there with the Crue and Ratt and brace yourself, maybe even better!

That album, "Under The Influence", just absolutely killz like beyondo killer! And so duz Wildside! B*llz O' Steel!!! With a pair to spare!!!

"Hang On Lucy"!, here I come! L.A. Or Bust!
February 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
I had no clue this was going on... I'm gonna have to check it out.
February 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBlaine
I am all over this. A.C., you're welcome in my house 24 hours a day!
February 12, 2010 | Unregistered Commentergerry g
Yeah, but did you read Logan Crawford's review on the Amazon thingy for the album?

Read it.

It will not disappoint, I assure you. You can tell this dude, Cromwell, was there the first time around.

And it is actually a great document about the scene at the time, beyond just a really thorough overview of the arc of Wildside's career.

I'm actually tryin' to sell my car right now (what duz Metalboy! need a car for, anyway?!), to try and make this show, but I'm still hopin' for the lottery or one of these cockamamie biz dealz I got cookin' to go down.
February 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Luckily, Ive seen all 3 of these bands live. That show would be unreal! I wish I was going.
February 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKenny Ozz
wildside kick some major ass what a great first release too bad grunge killed them hopefully a tour ensues
February 12, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterglamrockerarchie
Yo! Kenny O, if you don't mind me askin', provided you are still checkin' here, obviously, when and where did you see these bands.

I'm cryin' I missed 'em. Look I know I'm sounding a little obsessive compulsive here (Who, me?, hahaha!!!), but you and Glamrockerarch and anyone else reading this should take the time to press five buttons to read the review from Cromwell on the Amazon offering of "Under The Influence", under "customer reviews".

And sorry I don't know how to set up the link, I'm an ingrate when it comes to stuff like that. Stopping an 18 wheeler full of Deep Purple's Amps, P.A.s, 100 Guitars, and 75 Marshall Stacks with one bare hand, no prob. Putting up a link on here? I'm useless.

I'm tellin' you, you will love the picture he paints of the whole scene these guys were in the middle of and he makes the reader feel like you're there, too!

Al, you'll also enjoy it, being a writer and all.

It's so wild (ouch) you put this up as I have just been jammin' away on their stuff recently, having come to the realization that they are vastly superior or for those who can't face reality (unlike myself, hahaha!!!), that they are on par with the big 5 -- Crue, Ratt, Scorps, Leppard and Cinderella.

Dudes, for real, they are right up there, at least in the studio. More on that in Cromwell's review on Amazon. How did they sound when you saw 'em, Kenny O? I guess pretty good since you are sayin' you wish you could go see 'em now.

I should start hitchin' right this minute...
February 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!

Tuff and Wildside did a small Metalsludge show in Cleveland a few years back on new years eve. I was there. ROCK! And Vains Of Jenna ive seen several times. They tour quite a bit. I was luck enough to even open up for them once with Wednesday 13 also on the bill.
February 13, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKenny Ozz
Kenny O, you must have a h*lluva band, as well, considering this is not the first time you have mentioned playing on the same bill with some really cool acts.

Would it be okay for you to provide us the name of your band, if you don't mind?

You ROCK, Bro!

p.s. Just listenin' to Danger, Danger, man. Any other bands along these lines I might need to check out?
February 13, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
My band is called Drugstore Valentine. We dont claim to be great, but were fun, and most importantly in this horrendous economy, we draw.

As for some diamonds in the rough, have you checked out Roxy Blue, Kingofthehill, Julliet, McQueen Street, or Southgang?
February 13, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKenny Ozz
Kenny O! Awesome! Got all thoze! You are so on it, dude! Of all of 'em, cheezemeisterz extraordinaire, Juilliet (their first a total Pop Metal confection) are my faves and then, Southgang's first, executive produced by none other than hitmeister, Desmond Child, with some of his co-writing thrown in, awesome! Saw McQueen Street and Kingofthehill at the Cat Club back in the day, when they came out.

Lemme have a think and I'll get back with a couple. How 'bout Kane Robert's first album, bro. I think you'd like that and did you read that review of Wildside, "Under The Influence"?

It's on Amazon when you bring up the album, go to "customer's reviews" where it's the first one, and it's by noted entertainment writer, Logan Cromwell.

Check it out, bro... I'll get back with some other stuff you might dig, have or want to get. I think I've got your M.O. on your thang, boss...
February 13, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Whoa! Kenny O! Just checked out yer MySpace for Drugstore Valentine (great band name by the way) and your performances with your band as well as some of yer solo stuff and guest appearances. You are the real deal and you so ROKK, dude!

That Cincinnati Scene sure looks like fun!

Yer probably out there tearin' it up right now.

And I see yer openin' for Bang Tango comin' up and I see you've got Kenny Ozz-Fest III comin' up in December, too. Hahaha!!! You are too much, bro. And you know yer frickin' Metal. And your guitarist killz on lead, man.

I'm workin' with my ex-lead guitarist's nephew gettin' him set up with his first band kinda in a managerial capacity but writin' tunez with him, too!

Keep Rockin', Bro!!!

Y'know, quick on Wildside, you know what I think sets 'em apart more than anything, as I'm sure you'll agree, being a strong vocalist yourself, is their lead vocalist's sheer b*llz of steel in his voice.

Unreal. So much stronger than a lot of our faves. Had Grunge (remember, I don't blame Nirvana, just all the stuff out of Seattle that Cobain thought sucked, too... Olivegarden -- stole that from Don on That Metal Show tonight -- and Pearl Scam...) not come along and killed the whole L.A. thing, et al., they woulda been at the top of the heap!

Anyway, here's some stuff I was checkin' in my iTunes vaults I thought you'd dig. Just based on yer comments over the last several months I wouldn't be surprised if you have more than a few of theez but here ya go...

Jillson -- Dude, this one's rare but see if you can't find it somewhere (hint, hint) if you can't spring for it on Ebay. Totally killer indy out of Vegas from back in the day, so superior to so much of the mass released stuff of many of our faves actually. They will be an inspiration if you haven't heard 'em already. Get the first album, "Deadly Girl".

Sleez Beez, Sweet Cheater (amazing and never signed but live on with iTunes), Tin Drum, Shy or Shy England, Gotthard, Cold Sweat (stellar!)...

RoughHouse! Dude, right up yer alley, if you don't have this one! It blows away our faves Danger Danger, Southgang, etc. STG!

...Valentine (Hugo gives Matejevic a run for his $$$ assuming he made any), LeMans (killer, check this guy's voice, too!), Good King Rat, Vinnie Vincent Invasion (my current obsession along with Wildside), Beau Nasty (you'll love 'em), Vamp (killer!), Black'n'Blue, Treat, Lion, Dirty Blonde...

Bang Gang! Dude! Check 'em. They'll kill ya!... barely escaped Seattle but had like five minutes in the sun in L.A. until the Grunge Zombies (hey, man, there's a name of a band for ya!) from their own hometown ate 'em alive when they went home for Xmas, never too return again!...

...Vice, Lancia (you'll love 'em, man! Cheeze, par exemplar!), Trouble Tribe, The Throbs (okay, they grew on me, Al), Accept (one of my top 5, both vocalists, and now their comin' out with a new one with a third singer, that dude from T.T. Quick!)...

Dude, this has to be one of yer faves...

Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction! Killariously Klassic! Every crunch chord guitar riff and every word out of that singer's mouth...

...Four Horsemen (killer mean, the coolest!), WW III (hahaha!!!), Stuttering John (can't remember if it was you or who it was who reminded me about this... NirVana (where they been at?), Babylon A.D., Sweet F.A....

TNT, but really just their overlooked classic album, "Realized Fantasies", the rest of the stuff just duzn't hold a candle to anything on this one, don't know why, really. You'll love gettin' this if you didn't already...

...Jailhouse (so cheeze, but hey I always order xtra cheez on my Pizza), Silent Rage (whoa, so cheeze!), Nitro (Glamorrific!), D'Molls (love 'em!)...

220 Volt (dude, "Eye To Eye"! Right up yer alley, but be prepared when you get that xtra cheeze when you open the CD case)...

...Y&T ("Black Tiger"), Unruly Child (cheezorama but what a vox! Mark Free aka Marcie Free), Signal (ditto), Saxon (Destiny album), Celebrity Skin (ever heard their cover of Abba's "S.O.S."? Killer!)...

Life Sex & Death (L.S.D.) Dude! Saw 'em at CBGB's back in '92! You checked 'em out? Killer Killer! YouTube 'em. You will laff yer a*s off at their gimmick and the contrast of how great their music is... Killer interviews with 'em on YouTube, too...

McAuley Schenker Group! Dude, thoze first two albums! Beyond killer tunes and guitar and McAuley can really belt 'em and on the cover of the first one, sports the largest Mullet ever seen...

...Fate (cheezomatic but catchy as hell, at least to me. Check 'em if you haven't yet)...

...Joker (rare, American band but made it in Japan, kinda. Awesome!), Smashed Gladys (killer Sleaze with a chick singer), Bad Moon Rising (singer from Lion plus dudes from Hericane Alice), Hericane Alice!, American Angel, Razormaid, Raven...

...One unsigned rarity I think you would dig (realize production is ruff since it's a demo)... Lixx Array...

There's more and right now I'm plowin' through a lot of indy stuff I've just gotten... I didn't bother listing what I thought you might already have or Al kinda highlighted on her Posts on here (though there may be some overlap there on one or two that I listed, i.e. Hericane Alice)...

If there's anything totally killer from that heap, I'll fill ya in later when I see yer name showin' up again, bro!...

Keep Drugstore Valentine goin', man! I hope you guys are playin' on Valentine's Day. The chix will not only be throwin' their lingerie at you when yer up there on stage but probably just throw themselves up there, too... but just make sure they are not just "throwing up" on stage, tho, hahaha!!!!

'N don't forget to read that customer review of Wildside, "Under The Influence" by Logan Cromwell on Amazon. Dude, you and anyone else readin' this will love it, swear!...
February 14, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Metalboy, youre the man. I will check out some of the stuff you just listed for sure.
February 14, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKenny Ozz
Cool O, Kenny O, and I liked your addition of Tuff to the not so nice VDay list Al got us goin' on.

And don't forget to read Logan Cromwell's review of Wildside, "Under The Influence" on Amazon. Just punch in "Wildside Under The Influence" in the search bar, click on "customer reviews" when it pops up with the album cover and offers and pow, you're in... Cromwell's is the first review.

Dude, you and anyone else out there readin' this will love it. Did I subtly suggest people should read this review I keep mentioning with every Wildside comment entry on this Wildside post? READ IT, GLAMDAMMIT!!!

Oops, sorry, Kenny O, that was not directed to you, cuz I know you were goin' to read it. C'mon Kidz, get those Chip Z'nuff Glamadelic Lennon reading glasses out and take 3 minutes to read the coolest review about the coolest band ever written! Well, xcept for Al's reviews, of course!
February 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
I had the pleasure of seeing and meeting Wildside when they toured with Babylon A.D. and Roxy Blue in 1992. Would LOVE to see them again! It's a shame that Benny won't be with the band though :(

Saw Tuff Open For Lita in 1991 they were Awesome in concert as well! Had a blast hanging out with them that night!
February 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterEddie
This is my first time posting on this site , and have to say really cool to be here.....I have to agree Wildside is a great band and if they were to get back together what would it sound like would they stay with the music that made them one of the best hair metal bands out there or would they go with there self titled one , wow to me that was there fall from grace . But at least they gave us Under The Influence .......Here are some kick ass indie bands : Concrete Jungle , Kidd Wikkid , Cream House , Sweet Lips , Crazy Sweeper , Street Kidz ,Friction , Inside Out ,Fire Dept ,Midnight Angel , Barbed Wire kick ass german indie , Czakan another brilliant indie Germany issed CD , Paddle Rocks , Riddler , Kid Cyote ,Edison , Home Run , Assassins reminds me of Percy , Za Za , Joker , Rock Candy - Sucker for a pretty face brilliant indie band from the Buffalo area , Theatre , Platinum , White Eagle Puzzleview , Bourbon (when I can get it ) Pharaoh , Night Reign , Foxx , Intense , Da-Ja-Vu , Distant Thunder , Cadillac Bratz Cleavage very cool glam , Cherry Rain , April Foolz , Bad Fashion , Black Maple , Backseat Romeo , Bronz Zoo kick ass to say the least indie ,Phoenix , Double D , Hot City smokin' hot indie ,Kc Rose ,Syder , Purple heart , Prowler ,Rock Boulevard , Rockabye , Topaz , Mata Hari , Brass Kitten , and of course what rocker metalboy said JILLSON the best ever indie !!!
February 16, 2010 | Unregistered Commentercrazydischunter
I wish the whole 5 piece original band would get it together. 4/5 of the WildSide band is great, but why not ALL of them? Why is Benny Rhynedance not doing this?? He was the other guitar player with all the blonde hair and muscles.
February 20, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJulianne Thomason
The Amazon review is very close, and that guy must be an insider (Benny was credited with a few too many items??). Anyway, fairly accurate account of what happened, spare a few embellishments. The current, real lineup for the Roxy show is actually 4 of 4 from Under The Influence. Brent is the only guitar player you hear on that record. Benny was a good background vocalist and enjoyed posing for photos. The guest rhythm guitarist will fill in with great vocals and actual kick ass guitar. Current state of Real Wildside:
Drew: Successful top exec at largest adult entertainment firm on the planet for many years now (not doing background music). Still writing new music...release TBD.
Brent: Never kicked out of Vince's band (he bailed on the douche bag). Playing music non-stop since Wildside and Vince with the likes of Billy Idol, Chris Slade from AC/DC, Jani Lane, numerous session recordings, as well a producing artists (including Vains Of Jenna's new album). Better than ever.
Marc: Yes, top of the ticket broker food chain (he'll get you front row at the Oscars) and races cars in his spare time. Solid as ever on his Bass.
Jimmy: X wife had flower shop 14 years ago. He worked internationally in the special effects and animation industry (I.L.M, Warner Bros., Disney, Pixar) for 13 of those years, mostly in Europe. Large real estate investor/developer now with property throughout U.S. Still playing studio drum gigs regularly (see DW drums web site). Mostly motion picture (not xxx) original scores and actually did a couple of records with Brent over past few years.
The Roxy show is going to kick serious ass. Don't miss it!!!
February 21, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterin the know
Crazy: Roxy show will be Under The Influence songs with a couple of surprises.
Julianne: Again, you've NEVER heard Benny play guitar on a Wildside record, which is one reason why he's not doing the show. He did have nice hair, and those "muscles" were actually strings hanging from his sleeves:) Come on down to the Roxy and see for yourself.
Everyone else: nice comments. Big props.
February 21, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterin the know

Well, finally we get to see and hear almost all of the original Wildside band! I don't exactly know who was or wasn't there band member-wise, but it was a big night, and a long one at that. I only went for Wildside and curiosity of Tuff. Here's my review:

The Roxy is small and quite loud. The sound system got better throughout the night as I'm sure the sound people made adjustments. Earlier the bass was lacking.

Wildside hit the stage and played with enthusiasm! It was fun to see this. At first the crowd was into it. Overall, the music sounded pretty on. Brent Woods guitar was way too loud, Hannon's vocals were too low for the first 2 songs, and the level of backing vocals were too low. Not exactly like the UTI record, but what band ever does sound like it, except Blink 182.

Now for the bad part of my review. I have to be honest. Singer Drew Hannon sounded awful. At first, I wasn't sure he was even the same guy from the original band. He looked so different. Granted, they all look older and are mid to late 40's now, but Hannon was badly out of shape, kind of unrecognizable and could not sing the notes at all from the UTI record. There were no high screams like I expected, and alot of the times he was very flat, off key and just sort of yelling into the mic in a low tone. I thought maybe it was just the monitor things and it would get better, it happens, but it didn't. He just couldn't sing anymore. This was a big let down as I liked his sound of Axl and Ratt singers.

The rest of the band was good. Woods has been around locally for a few years, so this was not a big deal I'm sure. The drummer sounded like Tommy Lee! Overall, I can't say it was that great. The hype way overshadowed the actual event.

The common gripe afterwards on the sidewalk out front was mostly about Hannon and also how hot it was inside. I feel bad for the guy. I'm sure it must be tough to not be able to sing very well any longer.

I will still play Under The Influence and enjoy it.
February 28, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterChris Schumacher SanPedro

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