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Cool Band Alert: Hansel

G'day from down under, Glam fans! Hansel is a relatively new, unsigned band from Australia and boy are they Glam! I'm pretty sure the guys in the band are serious but the video clip for "Murder 101" sort of has parody written all over it. I think it's that nu-Glam complexity of mixing modern Buckcherry with classic Dokken and coming out looking a little like Steel Panther. At any rate, the tunes on the band's debut Never Say Die are quite infectious - definitely something I know most - if not all - of you will dig.

The song names are crazy. In addition to "Murder 101" there are tunes like "The Whole Nine Yards," "Vampire" and "1-800-Pleasuretown" - yeah. I mean, does it get any better?

It seems like there's a lot of gloom and doom in metal these days and that's fine: life isn't all kittens and lollipops. Then again, there's not a damn thing wrong with being happy and I sure as heck would rather hear a party anthem than something lame, and this is where Hansel delivers. I'd love to attend a Hansel concert!

You know what else? While the song titles are cheesy they really have rhythm! Yes, there's rock here! If you check out Never Say Die and want some more Hansel, you can check out their EP, Mission to Rock released in 2008.

The track list for Never Say Die:

1. I Don’t Need Saving (All I Need Is Rock ‘N’ Roll)
2. Eruption
3. Rock City
4. On The Run
5. Wild Tonight
6. Rocketship of Love
7. Between A Rock and a Hard Place
8. Vampire
9. Murder 101
10. 1-800-Pleasuretown
11. The Whole Nine Yards

Did I mention I like Never Say Die? I do. Buy it.

Reader Comments (5)

Nice find Allyson. Just listened to some of their songs. Fast, pounding Metal as it's meant to be. Nice and raw, just how I like it.
February 19, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGreg
damn, is it 1984 again? they do give a Steel Panther vibe, but don't really seem to be a joke band. anyhow, sounds like fun stuff, so I may have to try and grab a copy.
February 19, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJack
Singer kind of reminds me of early Bon Jovi , Runaway era ?
February 19, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterScott
Totally Killer, Al!

This is one of your best finds yet!

I watched the vid and within 30 seconds bought "Never Say Die" on iTunes, without even bothering to listen to the rest of it, and Al is absolutely right! It is fantastic!

And so is Greg, with his solid and enthusiastic thumbs up.

Jack, I think you're kinda right, but believe it or not, it soundz more like '86 to me, hahaha!!!, but really, maybe cuz it's just got more of a vibe of a couple of years later, like is there any difference?

I suppose if you think about trix and trends of the genre from the songwriting, performance and recording standpoints, there is and how they were both consciously and unconsciously advanced with each passing year in that period, one of the greatest era's in Rock'n'Roll History ('80-'93)!

And to your point, Greg, about Hansel's similarity to Steel Panther, where I see Steel Panther as a tongue-in-cheek comedy act that also have great songs and how Steel Panther is kind of a spoof, I see these guys, Hansel as even goofin' on Steel Panther.

If you look closely, Hansel wear the clothes Steel Panther does yet they are kind of ill fitting in spots and they don't all have long hair, almost like they can't quit their day jobs yet (which may very well be true!).

I't fun to speculate, but one thing's for sure, strip off the make-up and the clothes (well, actually, Metalboy! duzn't really need to see that. Crucified Barbara on the other hand!...)...

So, strip off the veneer of Hansel's image and what you have is just awesome genuine homage to mid-to late 80's era that's just inventive enough to make you hear it as something fresh, especially in the world of Daltry and Daltry sound-a-likes who are really kinda Vedder sound-a-likes who unequivocally fail to Rock, regardless of what genre or subgenre of current Hard Rock or Metal we are talking about!

Where Steel Panther is pure spoof, Hansel's for real, almost like they are a bunch of punks who quickly through on the trappings of Hair and Glam to throw everyone off with an "Image Over Substance" approach, almost as a dare to the audience to look past it and really embrace the music.

I other words, these guys are saying, "Hey look at my 80's Glam Metal make-up, spandex and acid-wash, our totally 80's Glam Metal stagecraft and guitar shapes and then close your eyes and listen to how great we are!

And whether we're wearing these goofball get-ups, tuxes or frickin' burlap bags, we're still gonna rock your a*ses off with some authentic Glamdam Rock and Roll Songs!

Weareas Steel Panther is like, "Here are our clownish 80's Glam Metal outfits with some spoof songs that sound more like a series of nothing more than a bunch of comedy records, Hansel is delivering songs that have got it all. Yes, they are homage to the genre, but at the same time, deliver wit, humor, intelligence, irony, class (?), and originality.

And Steel Panther don't really deliver anything except bathroom humor served up with some derivitive 80's Hair Metal.

Hansel delivers the goods!

And hey, Hansel, where the hell's Gretel? The way these guyz look, particularly the drummer, they are actually wolves in Hair Metal clothing who ate her for lunch and that ain't part of the story, natch.

Standout trax for me are: "On The Run", "Wild Tonight", Rocketship Of Love", "Vampire", "1800 Pleasuretown" and the standout of standouts, "Murder 101"!

I'm so blown away.

Now I've got a new album to fry out over the next few weeks. "Murder 101" is my fave song of the "Nu Metal" since "Can't Get Enough" by Miss Crazy which came out in August of '07, if that gives you an idea of how picky I am, right or wrong, as I've pretty much heard it all since then.

Hats off to Justin Hawkins of The Darkness, British Whale and Hot Leg fame for paving the way for this kinda stuff to have a resurgence.

And, of course, our guiding light, the one, the only, Glamistress, Miss Allyson, who I owe the deepest gratitude for not only having the best and coolest site on the planet, but proving once again, maybe even more now than ever, with this incredible DISCovery, Hansel, "Never Say Die", that along with bands themselves like this one, no one else can Bring Back Glam better than she does!

p.s. And, Scott, I do hear a little early Bon Jovi influence in that Hansen dude's voice, as well as the band's arrangements, performance, tunes and especially, the over-the-top choreography with all the jumps off the drum risers, etc, which is a realy more of a spoof of the entire genre and, like Al sez, "FUN"! It's like they are toying with us visually and then just being absolutely killer with their tunes. I'm not even really that crazy about Bon Anchovy xcept for 3 songs, as some of you may recall so that really tells you how much I love this band. It overrides my anti-Bon Anchovy tendencies. Theez boyz ROKK! Anybody got anything new along theez lines they want to share? I "Can't Get Enough"!
February 19, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Okay, I have just listened to the Hansel song "Murder 101" like 15 times since my last post, just puttin' my iPod on "repeat" and drivin' around doing errands, etc.

I now dare say, Hansel's "Murder 101" will have my vote when considering what is the best song of 2K10 at the end of the year and here I am proclaiming this now and it's only mid-February!

In fact, if Rock and Roll Radio was still really Rock and Roll, I dare say "Murder 101" would be a #1 hit!
February 19, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!

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